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It started with her friend's hilarious idea to have everyone wear wedding dresses they found at Goodwill out on the town for her bachelorette party, and ended with a viral tweet celebrating the group's fun night out. We reached out to @heybritini to get the deets on how this unique adventure went down in Nashville.

How did your friend come up with this idea?
Brooke has never been one to shy away from a costume party or an opportunity to dress up. Anytime she gets people together, it's guaranteed that a theme is involved. For example, when she moved to Nashville, the going away party was "Cowboys & Rhinestones," where she wore a blue dress like the queen Dolly herself. So honestly, the fact that she wanted everyone to come to her BACH dressed up in old Goodwill wedding dresses and have a night out in her new hometown of Nashville wasn't a surprise.

What was your first reaction to hearing what she wanted to do?
When I first got the invite, I was way. Not happening. The thought of getting married terrifies me anyway because I'm not into being the center of attention. But Brooke has always had a way of making people comfortable even outside of their comfort zones, and she's just the kind of person you'd do this sort of thing for. It's funny because we ran into so many other bachelorette parties and just people in general who kept telling us they'd never do this for their friends. They just couldn't believe we all went for it. And trust me when I say we went for it hard. When girls come together and rally around other girls instead of tearing them down, I swear magic happens.

How did the search go at Goodwill? They must have gotten a kick out of your visit.
The search for a dress was surprisingly difficult. I'm pretty sure Brooke had her dress ready to go on Day 1, and some of the other girls found old wedding dresses worn by family members and others at Goodwill. One of them had a very lovely spray tan stain. I went to about 4 different Goodwill locations before one of the girls, Addison, who is actually an expert thrifter, found an extra dress at the one and only Goodwill in our area that I missed. She sent a picture to the group text so I was like, "YES, GET THAT FOR ME PLEASE." It ended up being perfect, despite not fitting. But for $25 we cut it up a little and made it work. Drunk strangers told me I looked beautiful in my dress all night and I definitely felt like a princess.

You guys definitely succeeded at standing out in a busy bachelorette scene. How did most people respond when seeing a group of brides?

The reactions were my absolute favorite. People kept coming up to us and taking pictures, and honestly, every single person that approached us was so excited about what we were doing. Seeing the smiles and looks on people's faces when we walked into a bar was so funny. Bands dedicated songs to us and had us on stage. Women came up to us saying how brave we were and swore that they wore the exact same dresses in their own wedding back in the 80s and 90s. People would steer out of our path and just ogle as we walked by with our long, beautiful, flowing dresses dragging along the filthy sidewalk.

Were there any particularly funny reactions that stood out to you that night?
I'm gonna go with the very first reaction. I made the mistake of going in the first Uber with 3 other girls, and we got to Broadway about 15 minutes before the second one. When we got on the strip, I couldn't believe how many freaking people were there. I'm talking shoulder-to-shoulder on all the sidewalks. And also huge buildings with rooftop bars and balconies full of people waving down. People. Everywhere. Now...all those people? Imagine all of their heads turning in your direction as you step out of your Uber. It was like a domino effect. I may have shit myself a little. We just kinda stood there frozen for a second feeling awkward as hell. And then people just started coming up to us. We took so many pictures. So many people told us how much they loved us. So many other bachelorette parties that were on the strip came up and took pictures with us, too. One bride was so excited that she flashed us, along with all the people through the window at the bar behind us. She was awesome. It was all so surreal to be honest. I felt like a celebrity. And all of that was before the bride even got there in the second Uber.

This is sure to be a unique memory for the bride. Was anyone expecting this to blow up on social media the way that it did?
Definitely not. Once my tweet got up to about 4,000 likes, I started freaking out a little and sent the group a text: " I have this secret Twitter account and I accidentally made us Twitter famous." And then it only got bigger from there. My post was being shared all over Twitter and Facebook and then I started getting tagged on Instagram, and the whole time I'm taking screenshots of every little thing and texting it to the group was just insane for a minute. We had so much fun reading what everyone had to say. SO many positive comments that were all about friendship and feeling empowered. I think we all just really liked that we got to continue our weekend in a way. People who saw us out started sending me pictures and videos that they had taken and it was so awesome to see what everyone shared. Once it got around to Facebook and Instagram, we all started reading all the comments from people. Strangers on the Internet will pick apart absolutely anything to try and find ways to ruin your fun. But for every mean comment we got, there were about 500 commenting back on why they were wrong. I love it when women empower women. It's so important.

Our first thought was that this is your ‘Monica, Rachel, and Phoebe moment.’ Did you scare any guys away the way that Rachel did?
I didn't necessarily scare him off, but I think I freaked my boyfriend out a little. I posted a picture of me in my dress on Instagram and some people actually thought that we got married. He had people coming up to him at work congratulating him and everything. But I'm more weirded out by the fact that people saw me in that old dress and thought that I chose it for my actual wedding, considering we had to cut the sleeves so my arms could even get in there and it had more than one suspicious stain.

Thanks for taking the time to tell us more about your fun night out in Nashville. Do you have any advice for groups heading to Music City for their BACH?
Yes! First, don't be afraid to have fun and think outside the box. I couldn't believe the amount of BACH parties that were out that night. But they all looked so similar! One bar gave us a standing ovation when we walked in. Then a bar owner came up to us and told us that of all the years she's been there, we had the best idea and that we win at bachelorette parties. That was the absolute coolest thing to hear. Secondly, don't be the bachelorette party that everyone hates. As in a group of loud, drunk, hot messes. Have fun, but don't be stupid. Thirdly, EAT. Either before you go out or during. Towards the end of the night we were all pretty hangry and I'm sure we looked like a pack of ravenous brides. We ended our adventure at a place called Jack's BBQ where people got to witness 9 brides shamelessly stuffing their faces. Last but not least, embrace that you'll be finding penis confetti in random places for the rest of your life.

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