A Different Kind of Rock

Photo: @thydney

We had to hear the story behind this bad ass BACH as soon as we saw the photo. Here's what Amanda tells us about her party:

My BACH party was in Big Bear, California. My Maid of Honor / Bestie planned it. I’ve been an avid rock climber for 3 years now, so I told her I wanted to be in the mountains and I wanted to climb! My bridal party all took off for the weekend to an adorable BnB with an epic view. We spent that night dancing, playing games, and drinking special homemade kombucha made by one of my bridesmaid's fiancé called “Boochelorette.”

The next day, we took off on our climbing adventure. I initially was hesitant to climb with this huge veil, but my girls had no shame! They insisted. Climbing with my veil flowing through the wind was the most epic experience. One of my bridesmaids belayed next, while the other was suspended on a rope, climbing next to me and taking photos. We all got a little emotional. The higher I climbed, the closer I got to starting my new life and my new family.

We all wore monochrome outfits—me in white, of course. We ended the day with a jacuzzi session in a windstorm. It was my first ever BACH party, as the bride or an attendee, and it was the most magical weekend of my life.

Shoutout: my Maid of Honor really went all out. She planned "Kiss the Kris (my fiancé)"  and Bridal Jeopardy, and brought penis squishies, glowing LED balloons, and split the expenses between all the girls! She planned it all, and it was PERFECT. (Thank you, Somer!)

Thanks for sharing your BACH with us, Amanda! The photos are stunning, and now we'll all expect a little more from our friends when snapping our selfies. Now there's only one problem: can the wedding top this?

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