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January 5, 2021

Hey BATCH Fam! As you all get ready for your 2021 parties, we wanted to recommend our favorite games to play during your bachelorette weekend. 

Of course, you’ll have lots of fun and boozy activities planned for the bride during your trip. But you’ll also have some quality downtime at your BATCH pad. The following games are perfect for synching up the squad while celebrating the bride-to-be at home.  

Most importantly, remember to give each game a personal touch to make the bride feel special. The details and the small things can make a huge difference! Here goes:

How well do you know the bride?

How to play: The maid of honor comes up with a list of questions to ask the BATCH party and see who knows the bride best! We love this as an ice-breaker for those who don’t know each other all that well yet. 

Pro-tip: This shouldn’t be a roast, BATCH Fam (unless that’s what the bride is into). Use your own judgment, you know her best! When in doubt, stick with funny stories and endearingly embarrassing childhood memories.

How long it takes to play: 20-30 minutes

What you’ll need:
A maid of honor willing to do the expansive research required to come up with a list of 50+ questions about the bride-to-be. These questions should be sourced from a variety of sources: childhood friends, sorority sisters, parents, siblings, teachers, coaches, and anyone else who will help you craft a surprising, versatile, and delightful list of questions.

Pin the kiss on the Gosling

How to play: Blindfold the attendees, spin ‘em around, then nudge them in the direction of a poster of the bride’s celeb crush or a print-out of the groom!  Watch as they attempt to plant a lips sticker somewhere close to the mouth (though most likely ending up smooching a right ear). 

This also works with other stickers, too, for a racier version of the game. 

How long it takes to play: 15 minutes

What you’ll need:
A blindfold, a poster of the bride’s Hollywood crush, dozens of lips stickers, and world-class balance. 

The Newlywed Game (BATCH version)

How to play: Quiz the bride about how well she knows her future husband -- everything from his favorite cocktail to the moment he first fell in love. See if the bride can guess what the groom said! And feel free to FaceTime the groom for this activity; it’s always fun to see the partner’s reaction. 

How long it takes to play: Anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes. It totally depends on how many questions y’all included and whether you might have any additional activities involved (physical challenges, re-enactments, etc).

Want to raise the stakes? Of course you do. Make the bride-to-be drink her White Claw or take a shot for every question she answers incorrectly.

What you’ll need:
A list of starkly original questions and a stealthy BATCH journalist to pump the groom for answers ahead of time. 

Prosecco Pong

How to play: Once your crew is loosened up with ice breakers and trivia, throw it back to college with a game of pong. But since your crew is all grown up and veritably dripping with class these days, let the prosecco flow like the Keystone used to. 

How long it takes: You could play this game all day or night long. Split up into teams of two and let the prosecco pong tournament commence. 

What you’ll need:
Let’s be real, you already know ;)

Slap cup and flip cup are fun, nostalgic college games that will have the whole gang turning up.

Lingerie Guessing Game

How you play: Everyone brings a new piece of lingerie that reminds them of the bride. Then, the bride is presented with each piece of underthings -- you can decorate a room with all of them  -- and she has to guess to whom each one belongs. We love this as a fun, creative way to gift the bride!

How long it takes: 20 minutes

What you’ll need:
Let all the attendees know ahead of time to select a piece of lingerie, and be sure to leave time for decorating the room! Supply the BATCH with a notepad to jot down who she thinks brought what. Again, there’s always the option to make the BATCH drink for each incorrect guess. 

Saran Wrap BATCH ball

How to play: This is about as no-frills as it gets. Wrap multiple treasures -- candy bars, gift cards, an airplane bottle of fireball, weed gummy, Smirnoff Ice, coal -- into a saran wrap ball. When it’s your turn, be sure to unwrap as fast as you can, since there’s a time limit! The person to your left will be rolling two dice, trying to get doubles. Continue unwrapping the saran ball until they roll doubles on the dice. 

The BATCH gets dibs on unwrapping first, obviously.

How long it takes to play: 15-30 minutes.

What you’ll need:
An unlimited amount of saran wrap, two dice, dozens of alcoholic and non-alcoholic treasures and trinkets, and a maid of honor with strong wrists and plenty of time on her hands. 

Dirty Minds 

How to play: Purchase this list of naughty riddles for $3 bucks, print them out, and hand one to each attendee. Remember: a creatively inappropriate answer is worth way more points than the right answer. 

How long it takes to play: 20 minutes

What you’ll need:
Print-outs, pens, and at least one thoroughly, wonderfully filthy mind. 

Heads Up

How to play: Pick a category, then a word will appear on the top of your screen (which you can’t see), and you’ll have to guess the words using your friends’ clues.

How long it takes to play:
15 minutes to an hour

What you’ll need:
One working cell phone, the Heads Up App, and many, many White Claws. 

Now, dance the (late) night away 

Enough said. Hit the lights, play the BATCH’s favorite songs, and cut a rug with your best friends  💃  If you need some bachelorette party playlists, we’ve got you covered!

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