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October 2, 2023

It’s all fun and games when everyone gets to play. Trust us when we say joint bachelor and bachelorette parties are a trend worth checking out. Besides the bonus of saving money, less planning for the bride and groom, and easy travel for out-of-town guests, there is nothing like having close friends and family members in the same room for the pre-wedding excitement. 

What better way to shake up the festivities than games? Why? Everyone can partake, and your attendees will love them. Check out 12 ideas that can take your party up a notch. 

Competitive Games: Battle of the Sexes

Tug of Love

Did you ever play Tug of War in elementary? Divide guests into teams and engage in a friendly tug of war, pitting the bridesmaids against the groomsmen. Pull with all your might: who knew you could turn a party into a workout?

Couples Trivia Challenge

Alright, folks, it's pop quiz time. Test how well couples know each other through a series of questions, with the bride and groom participating. Inside jokes? Quirks? Be prepared for some laughter (and air your dirty laundry in public)

Wedding Relay Race

Design a relay race with various wedding-themed tasks involving teamwork and friendly competition between mixed teams. Some fun ideas include wedding cake decorating, a bouquet toss, and our personal veil relay. Participants must wear a wedding veil, run to the turnaround point, and return to their team to pass it on to the next member. The veil must be securely worn on each participant's head throughout the leg of their run.


Romantic Games: Love is in the Air

Newlywed Game

Do you want an activity that guarantees laughter and amusement for guests? The Newlywed Game is a classic where the engaged couple answers questions about each other with hilarious and heartwarming results. Everyone can learn more about their relationship while bringing a sense of togetherness among attendees.

Romantic Scavenger Hunt

Create a joint scavenger hunt where the bride and groom search for items or complete tasks together, celebrating their love. Are there items that remind them where they first met? What about hiding a champagne bottle to celebrate their love? This is the perfect activity to take the edge off wedding planning stress, allowing them to relax and enjoy each other's company before the big day. 

Love Song Lip Sync Battle

What better icebreaker than making people perform in front of an audience? Split guests into teams and have them perform lip-synced renditions of romantic songs, competing for the title of best performance. "You're beautiful just the way you are." - Thanks, Bruno Mars.

Artistic Group Games: Creative Connections

Couples' DIY Photo Booth

As the camera flashes, the magic begins. Set up a photo booth with props and costumes, encouraging couples to strike fun and creative poses together. Not only is it cost-effective, but when guests are dressed up in goofy glasses, oversized bow ties, and feather boas, everyone can let loose and be themselves.

Collaborative Painting

Calling all artists of love! Provide a large canvas or mural, and have couples work together to create a masterpiece, symbolizing unity. And here's the best part: you don't need to be professional artists. There are no rules; there's no right or wrong. It's about marking a day to remember on canvas and creating something you can hang in your home.

Wedding-Themed Charades

Couples team up to act out wedding-related words or phrases in this delightful twist on classic charades. From "the cutting of the Cake" to memorable attempts at acting out the unforgettable "Bridezilla," our guess is this game will be a hit. 

Dance and Music Games: Shake and Move


Are you ready to turn up the heat and take your party up a notch? Host a dance-off between the bridesmaids and groomsmen, showcasing their best moves. It's like a friendly rivalry with a dash of playful competitiveness – everyone cheers for their favorite team, making everyone in the wedding party feel included.

Karaoke Showdown

Let the showdown begin! Create a karaoke competition where couples duet on romantic or fun songs, showcasing their singing talent. Ultimately, everyone goes home a winner, each couple taking home memories and (overcoming their fear of stage fright). 

Choreographed First Dance

Challenge the engaged couple to learn and perform a special choreographed first dance together. Picture this: the lights dim, the music starts, and all eyes are on the couple as they step onto the dance floor. Little do the guests know that they are about to witness a performance that will leave them speechless (or laughing). 

Comedy and Entertainment Games: Laugh Your Ass Off

Comedy Roast

Allow close friends and family members to lovingly roast the bride and groom with funny anecdotes and playful jokes. Ready, set as the roasters take their positions, armed with witty one-liners and hilarious stories. 

Celebrity Couple Match-Up

Create a game where guests match famous celebrity couples, testing their knowledge of iconic romances. It's a delightful mix of wit, pop culture, and a touch of romance, making it a hit for everyone, from movie buffs to celebrity enthusiasts.

Improv Games

Let's get everyone involved and laugh with fun improvisation games! One is "Party Quirks," where one person acts as the party host, and the other guests are secretly given funny and unique character traits. The host's job is to determine who each guest is by observing their quirky behavior and mannerisms. It's a blast watching the host try to guess the funny identities.

Another game perfect for your joint bachelor/bachelorette party is "Three Word Story." Each person takes turns adding just three words to a story, building on what the previous players said. It's a fantastic way to get everyone interacting and having a great time together!

Bachelor/bachelorette party games work their magic in more ways than one! They create a laid-back and fun atmosphere and have the incredible ability to bring everyone closer together, united in cheering and supporting their favorite couple. Plus, these games are ultra customizable and something you can get creative with to tailor to the couple's personalities and interests. Whether you are a team groom or team bride, games are great icebreakers, can be family-friendly, and, most importantly, a perfect way to get everyone to socialize in the same room. 

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