BACH Party Playlists

How are y’all doing, BACH fam? 

If you’re anything like us, you’re currently cuddled up on the couch in your PJs and counting down the minutes until your next conference call. And possibly reaching for that pack of Milanos, listening to “So Yesterday” by Hillary Duff. Anyone??

Today we’re dropping in to brighten up your quarantine life with a BIG announcement: BACH Party Playlists have arrived!

From Sheryl Crowe to Lizzo -- from the honky-tonks of Nashville to the Avicii “Levels” poolside vibes of Scottsdale -- we’ve whipped up playlists for just about every BACH destination and mindset.  

🎧 Click the playlist that fits your mood or ❤️ the one that matches your destination in Spotify to save it for later! Let the music take you away to a happier, fist-pumping, pandemic-less place.

🙌 🙌 🙌

Pregame for the Last Game

Party Pregame
Relive your favorite nights out for your bachelorette weekend with this soundtrack for your shot-roulette moments.

Ladies Night & the Group Chat’s Right

Girls Night In
Whether you’re having a house party or a FaceTime party, we’ve made a playlist for you and your bachelorette squad to play from planning to right before your walk down the aisle.

Quarantine & Plan

Planning During the Pandemic
Stuck inside with a wedding to plan? We’ve got your back. These COVID-19 themed quarantine tracks will help you get through that guest list in no time.

Love in the Time of Corona

60s, 70s, + 80s Quarantine-themed Playlist
A playlist for when you’re home alone going through your fiance’s recommendations for honeymoon activities for the 800th time—and need to remember why you love them.

Definitely a Nashville Party

The perfect mix of Shania, Taylor, and a little bit of everything to perfect the mood for your last hoorah as a single lady.

Bienvenidos a mi Bachelorette

This bachelorette party playlist is SO Miami.

The Last Hangover in Vegas

We won’t tell what happens at your Las Vegas bachelorette party if you don’t.

Lone Star Bachelorette

For when you’re ready to keep Austin and your bachelorette party weird.

Last Ride in the Dirty South

Classy, trashy, and everything in between. This playlist will make your bachelorette weekend one to remember.

Bach by the Sea

A blend of familiar favorites and top-40 hits for your beachy bachelorette party.

Bach in the Big Easy

New Orleans
Take your bachelorette party down to NOLA with some bounce music and a few all-time favorites.

Desert Divas

A poolside-appropriate bachelorette playlist made for brides with a thing for the sun.

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