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Welcome to the top party planning platform for groups—we’re thrilled you’ve joined the party! Get your celebration started with this complete guide (hello Type A’s!) to our app.

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Tips in this guide

Setting Up the Party

Party Details

Choose the dates and location for your party. You can even designate a fun party hashtag for your event. Not sure of these details yet? You can skip for now and collaborate with your crew using our chat and polling features. Read our City Guides to explore popular destinations like Nashville, Scottsdale, Miami, Austin, Las Vegas, and several others.

Party Countdown & Checklists

The countdown feature will keep your group updated on how many days are left until the party! We even provide planning checklists based on your trip timeline to keep you on top of what you’ll need.

Planning Checklist

Inviting Guests

You can invite guests from your phone’s contact list, or add new contacts by entering their name and phone number or email address. They’ll receive a special link to download Batch and join in on the fun! You can always find your party’s unique join code at the top of your app settings, in case you need it.

Guest Roles

People attending the party can be designated as one of the following 3 roles:

  • The Guest(s) of Honor
  • Planner
  • Guest

Guest of Honor & Planner App Permissions

As the Guest of Honor (GOH)or member of the party planning team, you have control over certain party settings.

Only guests designated as the GOH or Planner can do the following:

  • Change background photo
  • Change party dates or location
  • Change guest’s role
  • Post announcements
  • View the checklist
  • Make itinerary private (Planning Mode)
  • Control guests permissions
  • Delete polls
  • Delete or deactivate party

Planners can also create secret events hidden from the GOH or the rest of the party.


Guest Profiles

When guests complete their profiles, you’ll know everyone’s email address, phone number, Venmo handles, and birthday. They can even shout out how they know the Guest of Honor and make recommendations for the city you’re visiting.


Building the Shared Itinerary

Travel, Itinerary, and Accommodations Information

At the top of your itinerary, each guest can enter in their flight or other travel information, making it simple to keep track of who arrives when, where, and how. Planners and the Guest of Honor can choose when the itinerary is visible to all guests and determine whether or not all guests can add events.

You can enter in the group’s home rental or hotel information, including the address and check-in and check-out times. You can also add additional information such as check-in instructions or the WIFI password.



Now for the fun stuff! You can enter all of your party’s events into the shared itinerary, and everyone will be able to keep up with the latest happenings. Add a custom image to each event to add to the excitement!


Collaborating on Plans


Use our chat feature to create conversations with one or more party members! No need for endless email threads, Facebook messages, or a group message with annoying green bubbles. Create a conversation with only the party planners or send a direct message to coordinate with another party member.

Use the Everyone conversation to communicate with all party guests collectively. Share your favorite pics of the Guest of Honor and get the party started early.


Launching Polls

Use the polling feature to ask the group their preferences on dates, location, home rentals, restaurant recommendations, events, budgets, or any other topic in which you’d like their opinion. You can even choose whether or not the results are anonymous.

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Booking Batch Experiences

Explore the Batch Marketplace

Tap the Explore tab at the bottom of the screen to access a list of all bookable experiences and services available in your destination. You can search our marketplace for experiences that match what you’re looking for. Or, if you want some inspiration you can filter experiences by our predefined tags.

Explore Group Experiences

Pick the Right Experience for Your Party

When you tap an experience you can view more information such as pricing, details about what your group will do, info about the vendor, and different package options. You can also swipe through additional images of the experience and read reviews from other bachelorette parties.

Favoriting and Sharing Experiences

Guests can tap the heart icon on an experience to favorite it. This will send the activity to the group chat, where everyone can share their thoughts on the idea. You also have the option to share the activity via SMS text messaging or copying/pasting a link.


Booking Experiences

When you book an experience through Batch, your reservation is either instantly booked or our customer service team will complete your reservation with our partner, and send you an email confirming your reservation details usually within 24 hours or less.

Explore Experiences

Refunds and Cancellations

Our experience partners are able to choose from 3 cancellation options to offer your group when booking:

Generous Cancellation

This experience partner offers a full refund on cancellations with 7+ days notice. No refund within 7 day window.

Moderate Cancellation

This experience partner offers a 50% refund on cancellations with 7+ days notice. No refund within 7 day window.

Strict Cancellation

This experience partner offers no refunds once the reservation is confirmed.

You can always ask us specific questions about an experience by emailing

No Additional Fees

Batch has built a network of experience hosts, operators, and vendors that are excited to host your bachelorette party. We make it easy to see all the best ideas and provide an easy platform to book activities for your party. We never add additional fees to our vendor’s prices, so you can plan at ease knowing you’re booking a Batch favorite experience at no extra cost. If you do spot a lower price, just let us know at and we’ll match it! When booked, your experience will automatically be added to the shared itinerary for your group.

Tracking Expenses


The Batch app does not handle actual payments within your group—instead, view our expenses feature more as a tab or ledger. You can log payments made through other methods to keep your group’s ledger updated. This is your own personal group calculator to stay updated on who owes what.

Your Tab

At the top of the Expenses page, you’ll see an overview of how much you owe, how much you are owed, and your current balance. This balance is a current tally of what you’ll have left after the tab is all settled.

Adding Expenses

You can add two expense types: an expense accrued from an event on your itinerary, or a custom new expenses. Entering an expense pulled from an itinerary event preloads some information for you already, while adding a custom expense gives you a blank slate (think, a round of drinks or an Uber ride). You can choose to make an expense private by tapping that switch on the details page.

Marking an Expense as Paid

The person that created the expense can mark it as paid once they’ve received a payment outside the app.

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