Keeping Your Cool While Being Housebound

How are you holding up, BACH planners? Whether you’re on day 1 or day 10 of quarantine, we can all agree we’re having a hard time remembering if we showered today and that’s it’s totally acceptable to open a bottle of rosé at noon. Hey, we’re not judging. All joking aside, it’s important to stay healthy and focus on your well being while you’re housebound these next few weeks. We have 5 tips to keep your life right on track during this time of uncertainty.

1. Maintain a routine
We get it. Your world is turned upside down right now and your daily Starbucks run is a distant memory. It’s time to establish a new normal by creating a daily routine. Maintain a daily wakeup time and eat a healthy, balanced breakfast—this sets the tone for your day and creates a sense of normalcy. The same goes for lunch, dinner, and bedtime. Determine set working hours as best you can and set a time to unplug and log off.

2. Get outside and exercise
Take a minute to get outside. This can be as easy as a walk around the block to get some fresh air, while maintaining distance from others, of course. If you can’t get outside, try doing 30 minutes of yoga or even a few minutes of stretching for a quick physical and mental break. Try to stretch when you wake up and in the afternoon to break up your day. Maybe even add in a pampering moment here with a face mask.

3. Don’t be afraid to disconnect
It’s easy to fall into the trap of not separating work life and home life when you’re WFH. Do not be afraid to walk away, work can wait. Even if it’s for 10 minutes, make the effort to consciously step away from your computer and make a Google Cal invite to inform your team you’re away. They’ll survive, we promise.

3. Don’t be afraid to disconnect
As we said before, in order to rise and grind from home, you have to eat healthily. This goes for lunch, dinner, and snacks throughout the day. If you’re out of ideas for a healthy snack or maybe you’re just afraid to battle the crowds at the store, our friends at Zigii are here to help keep your immune system healthy—just use promo code THEBACH15 when you order, and you’ll save 15%.

Their Stay Well Bundle is filled with snacks like an Eat Your Coffee Bar for a clean energy jolt and a SuperFat Nut Butter Pouch, packed with plant protein to keep your hunger at bay.

5. Create a working space
Separation between home life and work life is key. Your headspace is often a reflection of your physical space. Set up a working space that’s well lit, away from your bed (don’t want to be tempted to nap), and conducive to productivity with a supportive chair.

And lastly, think of this as a time to get your life together. It’s officially spring, so why not finally do a deep clean, throw out that dress you haven’t worn since college, and reorganize your closet?  We’re all in this together so take time to call friends or family you haven’t spoken to in a while. Or even lighten the mood with some polls in your BACH group chat. And most importantly, stay healthy, BACH goers, and we’ll see your healthy self when it’s time to party again.

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