Tips for Postponing your BACH Party

The truth of the matter is, no one knows when this episode will fully be over. So it’s merely impossible for our team to suggest a date that is safe to plan around. We understand that your wedding date is probably also on your mind, so our first tip is to plan around that.

If you’re having to move your wedding date back, then you can push it back far enough to fit your originally planned BACH party in there, too. How’s that for a silver lining?

If you’re lucky enough to leave your wedding date intact, but you’re having to postpone, or worse yet cancel your BACH party, then we suggest breaking tradition. Who says your BACH has to occur before the wedding? There are plenty of things to celebrate two, three, maybe even six months after your wedding. You can still grab your friends and throw an all-girls (or all-guys) party...just nix the stripper. 

Or you can throw one hell of a post-wedding, co-ed super BACH that includes everyone in your wedding party, plus a few special guests from both sides of the aisle. If you’re committing to this, you have to remember you’ll be married at this point, so do you really want to wonder how your spouse’s bachelor/ette party is going after you’ve promised your complete love and dedication to them in front of everyone that’s important to you? Plus, you get to super charge all the awkward wedding party hookups by putting everyone together for a weekend. Except this time, you get to party with them instead of making the rounds among your 500 wedding guests. So, call up your all-star party planners (aka the Maid of Honor and Best Man) because we have just a few ideas to get the party started.

Here are our favorite ideas for breaking tradition, for both a full-on bachelorette party, and for a co-ed super BACH:


Post-Wedding Bachelorette Parties
They say you only wear your wedding dress once, but we’re all about breaking the rules. You (or your parents) spent a life savings on the dress so why not rewear it? Relive your wedding night and take the time to enjoy it by throwing a “casual” dinner party with those guests who mean the most to you. Invite your bridal party to put on their best wedding looks and enjoy a dinner party without all those wedding nerves...all while looking your best!

Or take up this hilarious trend and get your friends in on the wedding dress action.

Consider adding a photoshoot package to your itinerary and expand your wedding album. Capture amazing shots of your bridesmaids and favorite friends. Perk for them—they get to choose the dresses this time.

Co-ed Super BACH
Think engagement party, but bigger and with the excitement of having survived a wedding AND a pandemic. And when you pool everyone’s money together, your half day yacht charter becomes a full blown Big Willie Style Miami bash.

Hey, your BACH party has already been postponed so don’t rush it! Now you can shoot for a 2021 date and take the time to book activities you really want to do. Even better, save those pennies throughout the next few months so you can splurge later. No more wedding expenses means no holding back on planning the best BACH ever! If your friends REALLY love you, maybe they’ll chip in on a sweet suite for just the two of you. Hello second honeymoon...and maybe the pre-game room.

You have the whole squad together so why not get the best of both worlds? Keep some of the bachelorette/bachelor party vibes and start the party by doing your own thing. In the morning, the girls can hit the spa or a workout class while the guys can hit the course...or whatever it is guys do. The real party starts later when everyone gets together for a night of shenanigans.

If you just couldn’t get enough of your wedding photos, hire a photog to capture even more photos of the bridal party in non-wedding looks. Chances are, no offense, they will be more entertaining than the cheesy, overly posed pics.

So now that we’ve sold you into the idea of a co-ed party, let’s cut to the chase on how you’re going to celebrate. Keep reading for some of our stellar party ideas:

Camp No Counselors
What better way to celebrate the end of a worldwide pandemic than letting loose with your best friends and acting like a kid again, but without the rules and fake ID. Campfires, slip ‘n slides, and beer pong? This is one camp experience that definitely won’t take you back to your 8-year-old self.

Hit the Slopes
Think of the cabin you could rent if 20 of you are splitting the bill. You’re gonna want to add another night to that trip. Now is the perfect time to get ahead of ski destinations for next season. Apres ski? Yes please!

Wine and Dine
Keep it classy and head to wine country: the perfect boozy outing for everyone. Rent a van to escort you around Napa from winery to winery while you live your best lives eating cheese and looking for the most buttery Chardonnay. When you’re not pretending to be a sommelier, take a break and get a massage or facial at one of the valley’s spas.

Bachelor/Bachelorette Throwdown
Plan a trip around the couple’s favorite sports team and have a day at the stadium and splurge for a glamorous tailgate. Hot dogs, burgers, and beer will keep everyone happy while they snap those Instagrams fieldside.

Jet Setting
Nashville - Spend the day playing cornhole, arcade style basketball, and lawn games at 6th and Peabody. Not only do they have games but also a distillery tour, moonshine tastings, live music, and a Nashville hot chicken food truck. Long story short, you’ll never want to leave this place! If day drinking isn’t your thing, spend a night out on Broadway with bottle service at Whiskey Row.

Austin - Head to the land of breakfast tacos and BBQ where you can hit the bars or relax on the lake. Rainey street boasts renovated houses have been transformed into bungalow bars, while Dirty 6th is full of bars with a bit more grit. For an epic spring break status party go to Devil’s Cove on Lake Travis. Chances are you’ll make some new friends as boats literally come together to form a massive floating rager right on the lake. Pack the booze, throw on your best bikini, and party the day away like you’re back in college.

Miami - Nightclubs, chartered yachts, and drag brunch—Miami has something for everyone. Start the day by taking the guys to a famous drag brunch and watch them get roasted while you eat rainbow pancakes. Keep the party going and cruise around the crystal clear Miami waters on a chartered yacht.

Vegas - There’s more to Vegas than pool parties and nightclubs, although you definitely want to include those on the agenda. For the girls, start the day off with boozy brunch while the guys shoot zombies at Apocalypse Vegas. Once you join back up, venture off the Strip and rent desert dune buggies or rent a ballpark for a friendly guys versus girls game of softball. Who knew there was more to Vegas than the Strip?!

Scottsdale - Scottsdale is home to some of the best golf courses and spas in the country aka it’s ideal for a co-ed party. While the guys hit the links, the girls can pamper themselves. Together you can hike Camelback Mountain then hit Old Town for a round of margs.

New Orleans - Visit the Big Easy and take a tour where you’ll be immersed in the wildlife and mossy swamp lands of Louisiana. Get to the boozing on Bourbon Street and make it interesting by having the guys start on one end and girls on the other. Join in the middle for an epic night of drinking with your krewe.

Charleston - Wedding photos take 2! Hire a photographer for a Friends-status photoshoot in front of the Fountain at Forsyth Park.

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