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Colorful Chaos: Splatter Bash with Party Room, Canvases & GearReviews


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Andre J.

April 2024 • birthday Party

This was sooo much fun! You know how as a child you have been told at least once by your parents, “be careful, don’t jus splatter stuff everywhere”, well… Splatter Studio, I was able to listen to my impulsive thoughts and be a big Grown kid and splatter stuff EVERYWHERE. It’s so therapeutic! I was able to let my guard down and sling paint everywhere on my canvas turn it into Art😁


Julia V.

April 2024 • good-time Party

I HIGHLY recommend The Splatter Studio! My coworkers and I rented private studio time at the Virginia Highland location as a team bonding activity. We had such a fun time. The instructors were very friendly and helpful. They even played our favorite music while we painted (mostly Beyonce and Taylor Swift), and taught us some fun painting techniques. It's a great spot for team bonding or just a fun activity out with friends. Thank you, Splatter Studio!


Mikayla T.

April 2024 • birthday Party

Went here for my 18th birthday with 2 of my friends. Absolutely worth it! They blasted really fun music, so I was rocking out while throwing paint on a canvas. By the time I was done I was covered in paint. I had also lost my earrings while there, fortunately a worker found them and held onto them until I could come grab them. 10/10 I already wanna go again


Hailey W.

April 2024 • group-trip Party

Our team had an absolute blast at Splatter Studio! It was like Picasso meets a paintball warzone—a hilarious mix of creativity and chaos. It was a fantastic team bonding activity that we'll remember for a long time. Thanks to Kay, our amazing guide, we left with many masterpieces on canvas and even collaborated and made a large painting as a team. Kay made the whole experience enjoyable and memorable. Thank you, Kay!!!


Amy W.

April 2024 • bachelorette Party

Our experience at the Splatter Studio was so much fun! Great atmosphere to get crazy with paint and create. No actual talent required! The staff is very friendly and helpful and it is an inviting environment. I plan to do it again!


Dion W.

March 2024 • good-time Party

Went here this weekend with a group of friends and we had a GREAT time! This is such a cool experience and worth the money for sure. The staff is super friendly and helpful and played good music while we painted. This location is BYOB which is also pretty cool. Highly recommend!


Stacy F.

February 2024 • group-trip Party

Our group had such a great time today! Jack was awesome making it a fun experience for everyone, and the members of our center cannot wait to come back!! (They even loved the music in the studio! lol)


Channing H.

February 2024 • birthday Party

What an amazing experience! We went as a part of my birthday weekend this past weekend and we had such a great time. The staff is so knowledgeable, helpful and fun! We enjoyed the music they played in the background and they gave great tips on how to enhance our good time. Definitely recommend it to everyone!!!


Jamie C.

January 2024 • group-trip Party

SO. MUCH. FUN!!! Our team visited the Splatter Studio yesterday for our company holiday party and had a GREAT time. The instruction/tips were very helpful and the (pretty much) anything goes painting is quite liberating. Brush the paint, fling the paint, use a squirt bottle, use a pool water cannon, put a blob on your canvas and spin in a circle, whatever you can imagine! Highly recommend this place for anything from a couple's night out to a large party of family/friends/coworkers that don't mind getting messy. Well done Splatter Studio!


Meredith M.

January 2024 • other Party

My husband and I went to The Splatter Studio to celebrate our first wedding anniversary. We chose the "Date and Create" experience, and had an AWESOME time. The staff was extremely helpful, explained things clearly, and made sure we had a great time. The session was an hour long - plenty of time to collaborate and create. The tools, paint colors, and painting environment were fantastic. I'm so excited to pick up our finished piece and have this memory of our first anniversary! We loved it so much I'm hoping to bring friends for my birthday celebration next year. Thank you, Splatter Studio, for an amazing experience.


Lauren L.

January 2024 • bachelorette Party

Kelis was amazing and informative! We had a blast! Would def recommend and would def do this again! The music was also upbeat and fun! 10/10!


Patti B.

December 2023 • holiday Party

Experience was awesome. We went for our Staff Holiday party. The gals were very helpful and it was a way to release our individual creativity. I would highly recommend. Fun time for all👍


Whitney C.

December 2023 • holiday Party

Favorite family outing ever!!! My sister gifted us #SplatterStudio experience for Christmas. The staff was amazing and helpful with kids! They even customized paint colors for my girls! We can’t wait to hang out creations in our home where we will get to revisit this fun memory & experience everyday!


Kandice H.

December 2023 • girls-trip Party

I came here from Charlotte to release some stress and just create. Very first time I’ve been to a place like this. Staff was extremely accommodating and friendly, plus they gave us great tips to make our paintings cooler.


Erica R.

November 2023 • holiday Party

Space is huge. . . energy and vibe is on point. Brought our team and they had a great time doing individuals and a collab piece. The staff is amazing--their constant check-ins for support and encouragement were appreciated. We were able to pipe in our playlist and make the space feel very personal. The tutorial at the beginning gets you comfortable with the process and the tools. Highly recommend for team events, family, or date nights!!!


Christina C.

November 2023 • birthday Party

This was such an amazing way to spend my daughters birthday! Derrell was incredibly helpful from the minute the party started until the last guest left! I was so impressed with his attentiveness to our group and his friendly demeanor! He genuinely cared about our party and made sure we were all having a great time, kept the space clean and organized and was always nearby in case we needed assistance. All in all the Sandy springs location was a great birthday spot and we can’t wait to book again!!!


Anna T.

October 2023 • girls-trip Party

Had fun and nice kick of creativity with my friends. Music at the studio was on point for maintaining an uplifting mood and to have great time. Friendly, supportive and helpful staff made it an extra pleasant easy experience! Our masterpieces went into the box to bring home so it was a worry-free end of a great evening for our group! Highly recommended for individual sessions and partying with friends!


Jason M.

July 2023 • bachelor Party

Oh man! We had so much fun here! Went here on a date and my wife and I had a blast. The splatter painting was fun. The little class at the beginning was helpful to showcase different painting techniques. We started with the canvas painting and added on the shirt afterward. TIP: Take your time! Otherwise, you could be done quickly. Unlike those paint & party places where you're there for a couple hours, you could easily finish in less than 30 minutes here. Take your time. Enjoy it. Also, think about the color scheme you want to use before you arrive. It helps to have something in mind. I saw a few different folks starting over after making muddy brown when they were painting.


Jess K.

May 2023 • birthday Party

I booked a private party at the Virginia Highlands location for 15 people for my birthday. A few things to keep in mind: there are only 12 stations at this location so some people had to double up. They also don’t have a parking lot and on a Saturday night at 8pm, some of my friends had some trouble finding parking. The staff was awesome. They were kind and helpful. Painting with your whole body involved is really fun and all the women who came really loved it. Some are already talking about going back.



May 2023 • birthday Party

So much fun! Celebrated my birthday here with a group of friends. We all had a blast! Staff was really nice! They offered a brief rundown of the supplies and potential techniques then sent us to our stations to be creative! Felt truly free to express myself using the paints and canvas however I saw fit. Paintings are packaged up in a nice box to take home the same day. I'm waiting on mine to dry so I can hang it. Awesome experience very relaxing and super fun. I will definitely visit again!