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Drag Queen Shows at San Francisco's Diva RoyaleReviews


17 Ratings

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Alison H.

January 2023 • good-time Party

LOVED this show! We couldn't get enough of the MC for the show who also performed! All of the girls were so good and totally gave attention to each group. Would highly recommend and we can't wait to go back! It was a good time We want to keep the MC, btw💜 …


Fredda M.

January 2023 • good-time Party

Had a much fun! Bianca Simone is the best!


Evelyn F.

November 2022 • good-time Party

The drag show was quite entertaining, they are hilarious and the performers were fantastic. Also, the food was quite tasty and the staff friendly.


Terri B.

September 2022 • good-time Party

Hands down the best time. It’s a tight knit group that is also very friendly and welcoming. If you’re looking for a fun place to kick back this should be your go-to spot.


Nancy L.

September 2022 • good-time Party

Drinks are strong and cheap. Had probably one of the greatest nights of my life here. I love the atmosphere.


Pearl P.

September 2022 • good-time Party

Made a lot of good memories here recently. Every time I come it gets better and better. I plan to have my birthday party here this year.


Sharon H.

September 2022 • good-time Party

This is such a fantastic place to visit and they have a great drag queen brunch. The food was delicious and the show was fantastic. I highly recommend going.


Tabitha E.

September 2022 • good-time Party

I had a marvelous time at the drag show. The food was surprisingly delicious as well. Great place to go any time of day or any day of the week.


Patricia S.

September 2022 • good-time Party

I came here without knowing anyone and by the time I left I made several new friends as everyone is friendly and easy going here.


Sophia M.

August 2022 • good-time Party

Had a blast with my friends here. The show had tons of audience interaction and this location is awesome.


Emma Z.

August 2022 • good-time Party

Had a great time!! These girls were amazing❤️


Kierra E.

August 2022 • good-time Party

Diva Royale never fails to disappoint. How can you have a bad time? Sunday brunch with a sassy drag queen, what more could you ask for? The atmosphere is electric, the staff is friendly, and all the servers are attentive.


Naomi S.

August 2022 • good-time Party

Always fun for drinks, food and most importantly their drag shows. The servers are friendly and everyone is always smiling.


Linda S.

July 2022 • good-time Party

Not my usually night out but it was so fun regardless. I had some delicious drinks and the performers blew me away.


Ashley S.

April 2022 • good-time Party

Crazy fun weekend that ended up with us here. Great food and excellent entertainment. Love this place. They employ amazing staff that works tirelessly. Best drag show I've ever been to.


Kathleen L.

March 2022 • good-time Party

This is a high quality drag show with some of the nicest and hard working queens you could ask for. The entire evening we ate, drank and hung out having the best time.


Sofia P.

March 2022 • good-time Party

Where else can you get an awesome meal and see drag queens? Wonderful place for a fun time. Especially drag queen night female celebrity impersonation.