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Louisiana Swamp Tours: Explore the Beauty of the Bayous in Gator Country on an Airboat TourReviews


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Mariah O.

April 2024 • Bachelorette Party

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Morgan L.

October 2023 • Bachelorette Party

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Hayley M.

August 2023 • Bachelorette Party

It was fun! Definitely wear sunscreen! Unfortunately there weren’t many gators out on our tour but we still enjoyed ourselves!

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Katie H.

August 2023 • Bachelorette Party

100% recommend! We saw 7 gators and raccoons!

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Emily r.

April 2023 • Bachelorette Party

So fun! They have boooozy drinks when you first get there and they are so yummy. The guide was so fun and we saw 8 gators!!!

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Courtney T.

March 2023 • Bachelorette Party

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Lexy D.

September 2022 • Bachelorette Party

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Tyler J.

June 2022 • Bachelorette Party

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Breezy J.

March 2022 • Bachelorette Party

Do not book through the BACH app. Never received confirmation details, never told us the bus was scheduled to leave earlier than the time listed on the app. I chased them for two weeks on updates to this reservation and was assured that it was booked. No mention of any early departure. This is the second reservation made through this app that got messed up this weekend. Very unimpressed.

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October 2021 • Bachelorette Party

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Joley F.

October 2021 • Bachelorette Party

This was one of the best parts of our trip, our tour guide was great and stopped to let us get a closer look at everything! So fun! I definitely recommend booking this next time you’re in NOLA! 😊

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Katrina P.

June 2021 • Bachelorette Party

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Lauren G.

June 2021 • Bachelorette Party

Being June, we saw lots of gators, it was great!

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Dara-Ann B.

May 2021 • Bachelorette Party

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Casandra P.

May 2021 • Bachelorette Party

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Tara K.

May 2021 • Bachelorette Party