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Naughty Waffles with Happy Ending Tequila Shots — Unique Adult Themed Desserts for Your PartyReviews


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Stefani M.

March 2024 • Bachelorette Party

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Tina B.

November 2023 • Bachelorette Party

The bride and girls loved this addition to our morning. So much fun and tasty too!

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Sabrina M.

October 2023 • Bachelorette Party

These were so good and the perfect addition to my bachelorette party!

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Brianna M.

August 2023 • Bachelorette Party

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August 2023 • Bachelorette Party

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Taylor S.

August 2023 • Bachelorette Party

These waffles tasted so good! And the vendor was very good with communication!

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Paige k.

August 2023 • Bachelorette Party

Great addition to the morning!

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Mariluz D.

June 2023 • Bachelorette Party

Everything was great about the waffles. From communication, delivery service, and taste! We enjoyed them so much.

Zenia's profile picture

Zenia R.

June 2023 • Bachelorette Party

Very reliable vendor who will work with you to accommodate your needs for your BACH party’s customized order. Order arrived on time and our group enjoyed it!

Taylor's profile picture

Taylor U.

June 2023 • Bachelorette Party

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Lili M.

May 2023 • Bachelorette Party

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Eli M.

May 2023 • Bachelorette Party

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May 2023 • Bachelorette Party

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Ruby E.

March 2023 • Bachelorette Party

Mary's profile picture

Mary G.

February 2023 • Bachelorette Party

This is a MUST for any group that wants a laugh in the morning. On top of the look the taste is outstandinggggggggg. Just get them.

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Julia S.

December 2022 • Bachelorette Party

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Navya k.

September 2022 • Bachelorette Party


Michelle J.

September 2022 • Bachelorette Party

We loved the waffles! The service was great - the provider was timely and communicative. The waffles were super good. We wished we had ordered more!


Samantha B.

September 2022 • Bachelorette Party

Naughty Waffles was great for our bachelorette! Customer service was fantastic and they really made sure we got exactly what we wanted. Our bride to be was so surprised and excited when they arrived - would definitely recommend!

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Rylee w.

September 2022 • Bachelorette Party

Very disappointed with this. I booked this vendor 3 months in advance for the bride. 15 min after what was supposed to be the arrival time I called the vendor and ask for an ETA. It took calling 3 times for anyone to pick up. I talked to a woman who I am assuming is the owner. Saying that she did not know i had an order, even though I had booked it months prior. She said she was immediately canceling my order. Was not apologetic at all. Said she wasn’t even in town that weekend. Do not book.

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Vanity S.

August 2022 • Bachelorette Party


Christina A.

August 2022 • Bachelorette Party

I loved the experience from Naughty Waffles because the owner was super helpful. She was great with communication and on time! The waffles were fresh and delicious! The bride loved them !


Kisha H.

July 2022 • Bachelorette Party

This vendor contributed to an amazing Bach experience! She was nice, on time, and the treats were a mouthful . Great over all and would use again!

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Justeen J.

July 2022 • Bachelorette Party

Omggg!!! The waffles were soooo good..I made breakfast for the bridal party and when they woke up they were soooo surprised and the bride was soooo loving hers!!! It was definitely the talk of the weekend!! Delivery and communication was on point and on time…thank you again!! Xoxo

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Kiona D.

July 2022 • Bachelorette Party

Did not properly give out instructions


Jeanette R.

June 2022 • Bachelorette Party

I found Tasty Temptations through the Bach app which was super convenient. They had great communication and were able to get our treats to us promptly. The owner was able to meet me at our hotel in Miami to drop off the treats. It was such a smooth process and the bride and bachelorette crew loved the waffles! They were delicious and so fun to use as a photo prop! Such a hit for our bachelorette weekend! I would definitely recommend this business! They were so kind and hospitable!



June 2022 • Bachelorette Party

I had an absolutely amazing interaction with the naughty waffles vendor, they were very responsive, accommodated my preferences, and were prompt in their delivery. The bachelorette girls absolutely loved them, thought they were hilarious, and they were delicious! I posted them on Instagram and tagged the company also to show my support and like for their company.


Korina R.

May 2022 • Bachelorette Party

The naughty waffles were a perfect touch to my bachelorette party! They tasted delicious, and the designs were so much fun for all the girls. Highly recommend Naughty Waffles for that extra touch to a bachelorette party snack table.


Baitul C.

May 2022 • Bachelorette Party

I loved the tasty temptations dessert because it was such a great surprise for my friends bachelorette party. Not to mention, the treats were delicious and all the girls enjoyed!