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Fitness Party: Detox to Retox, Sweat, and Tone with Private Yoga & Pilates SessionsReviews

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Bridget F.

June 2022 • Bachelorette Party

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Jennifer S.

October 2021 • Bachelorette Party

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Jodi F.

October 2021 • Bachelorette Party

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Lauren K.

April 2021 • Bachelorette Party

Loved this!! It was so nice waking up and being able to walk downstairs to our own private yoga class. This was a great way to end the weekend with my girls!

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Jones S.

March 2021 • Bachelorette Party

Super fun class. Loved that the class came to us and we were able to do it in the Savannah Sun! It was the perfect workout to add to a crazy weekend- wasn’t too hard for my hungover girls 😂