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Scottsdale Cabana Boys: Hand-picked Gentlemen for Your Pool Day or At-home PartyReviews


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Helen H.

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Ivonne O.

Awesome experience. Great at getting the party started!!

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Samantha B.

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Xiomara A.

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Savannah B.

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Jennie H.

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Vivienne L.

Had enough fun to extend them for an additional hour! The drinks were strong and they were very respectful and matched the bride’s vibe right away

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Alex L.

We absolutely loved Cole and AJ. They facilitated fun games and kept the flow of the party going seamlessly. Hands down, this was the best decision to have the Cabana Boys for our party! I also have a new favorite drink that they made!

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Phoebe B.

We had Gabe & Johnathan. The boys were wonderful! The perfect combination of fun & professional. Made our party really fun and made us comfortable. Perfect hype men!

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Kendra G.

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Mykaela L.

Gabe and Chase were soooo much fun they are the perfect addition to your pool day! They will keep you& your girls busy with games, drinks etc. If you and your group are debating on whether to book DO IT!!!

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Kristina G.

Super fun way to kick up the vibe at your Bach! Guys are cool and will totally match whatever vibe you want.

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Caroline M.

So much fun! They helped us group of hungover girls rally and we had a blast! Highly recommend!

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Julie H.

Great experience with our guys! They had fun games and great music too!

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Maria S.

The girls and I had so much fun. We didn’t know what to expect and were very nervous but as soon as the boys got there we immediately felt comfortable with them. It’s a very fun experience and much needed if you plan a pool party. They make great drinks for you too!

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Sydney D.

AMAZING!!! These men really BROUGHT THE PARTY!!! They made delicious drinks and lead super fun games!!! All the girls had the best time with them!!!! Everyone was feeling a little low energy after our fist night out so they really PUMPED IT UP!! Highly recommend!!! Very kind and respectful!!!

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Michelle P.

These guys really made our party special. They organized games, got us together for photos, served drinks, cleaned up and were genuinely enjoyable company. Would highly recommend!!

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Arielle L.

A MUST HAVE!!! We couldn’t stop laughing the entire party!!!

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Kayla W.

The Cabana boys were a great add to our weekend! They prepped drinks for us, reffed our drinking games, applied sunscreen lol, and showered us with champagne. We all had a blast!

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Catherine A.

The Cabana Boys were so fun!! They were the perfect start to our pool party day - just the right amount of hype & fun. Def recommend

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Megan C.

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Jessica R.

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Kayleigh R.

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Quincy E.

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Lauren H.

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Erin S.

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Tara A.

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Makenzie M.

I can’t not express enough of how great these guys were. They were so fun and charming! truly the best part of our weekend!

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Kaitlin T.

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Morgan B.

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Sadie H.

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Paige W.

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Allix R.

We LOVED Chris and Jeremy. They came in with great energy and helped make a shy bride have fun. Great time!

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Shannon D.

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Angela E.

Devon and Will were great! They had great conversation and the party flowed really nicely! Hire them! 👍🏽

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Natalie R.

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Ally D.

If you’re down to drink, play drinking games, have some good music, have hype men, socialize, photo op… this is for you.

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Avery J.

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Olivia P.

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Kristen G.

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Alex B.

This was hands down the best part of the bach party!! The boys were so polite and so fun. We had the best time !!!!

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Leighton F.

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Karsyn W.

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Kelly H.

Guys were awesome !!!!

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Meryl W.

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Kris Y.

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Rachele R.


Sumih C.

The boys were so much fun, they cleaned the house, made us drinks, served us and also even hosted some games. They were so fun and I highly recommend this for any large group. The bride loved the surprise!

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Michelle O.

Chase was so great, made us feel so comfortable and read the room to make sure we were having fun! AND he helped take out the garbage! Thank you, Chase!

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Heather G.

Chase was amazing! He made us delicious drinks and went above and beyond to help clean the house. If you have the chance to hire Chase I 100% recomment.

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Emma S.

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Kylee S.

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Stefani S.

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Bri D.

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Ashley S.

Honestly better than expected! we had a bunch of Bach games they more than helped jump in to make work. They kept the drinks flowing! And of course became the perfect Instagram boyfriends 🤗. Highly recommend!

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Erika R.

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Ali M.

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Kaylyn S.

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Ashley G.

Omg these boys were honestly the best. We had Riley and Josh and they were a blast. They made us feel so comfortable, made the best drinks, and were just an overall good time. Couldn’t recommend them enough!

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Gabriella G.

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Arielle M.

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Kayleigh G.

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Kristin G.

The Cabana Boys are a MUST! We surprised the bride and girls with the cabana boys for our pregame and Devon and Josh knew exactly how to get the party started. They made awesome drinks, hosted fun drinking games, took great photos and even helped clean! My group was a little bit more wild so we wanted to dance and party and they did an awesome job of matching our vibes. All of the girls were raving about them and it was def a highlight to an already amazing weekend.

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Emily H.

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Alyssa B.

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Brady P.

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Elise K.

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Brie M.

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Audrey M.

This was AMAZING!!! Highly recommend! Such a great way to relax and have fun in a unique way!!! We also got some amazing pictures from the photographer we also booked for this! Would do this again in a heartbeat, except next time I’d book the boys for longer!

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Stormie K.

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Alexa W.

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Emily B.

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Kara M.

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Amanda S.