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Haunted Savannah Open-Container Pub CrawlReviews


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Ansley P.

March 2024 • Bachelorette Party

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Nicole R.

February 2024 • Bachelorette Party

Our batch had a great time on this tour!! It was a bit more walking that we predicted (yes it tells you how far, we just didn’t register what thst actually meant) we came in Scooby Doo themed costumes and our Daphne had to take off her high heeled boots, but everyone else in flats and sneakers were fine. Our guide was great and showed us non-touristy watering holes. We had a great time!!

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Katie B.

August 2023 • Bachelorette Party

Neil is awesome! Just had a fabulous time!! Highly recommend!!

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Sarah S.

July 2023 • Bachelorette Party

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Rebecca K.

July 2023 • Bachelorette Party

Neal was very self-referential in his story telling and made some uncomfortable and questionable comments at times. We did not learn much about the historical hauntings of Savannah which is what we were looking for from this experience. The tour was advertised as being 2.5 hours, 8-10:30 PM, but we only got to the third (out of four) bar at 10:30 PM and chose to exit at that time. Overall, there was a lack of respect for our time and energy.

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Lexi P.

July 2023 • Bachelorette Party

Neil was so great! We had the best time and he spent over 3 hours with us!! Way better than booking a tour with a big company!

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Amy L.

June 2023 • Bachelorette Party

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Abby S.

June 2023 • Bachelorette Party

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Kristin L.

May 2023 • Bachelorette Party

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Britney B.

November 2022 • Bachelorette Party

We had so much fun on this tour & loved all the stories and stops along the way!

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Katelyn W.

November 2022 • Bachelorette Party

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Courtney T.

October 2022 • Bachelorette Party

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Kayla P.

September 2022 • Bachelorette Party

Amazing time! Our tour guide was amazing and really loved the history and stories. As we were walking around we saw tours with 20 people and we only had our group (9 people) which was ideal and he really created a personal experience for us. The bars we went to were cool and not ones we would have picked out during research. HIGHLY recommend!

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Chloe P.

August 2022 • Bachelorette Party

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Ana L.

August 2022 • Bachelorette Party

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Rebecca J.

July 2022 • Bachelorette Party

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Sarah R.

June 2022 • Bachelorette Party

I was so disappointed because we were told no ghost stories!! We ended up leaving early.

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Cortney H.

May 2022 • Bachelorette Party

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May 2022 • Bachelorette Party

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Jillian A.

March 2022 • Bachelorette Party

So much fun!!! Neil took us to the best places, which we never would have thought to go ourselves and told amazing stories. Really enjoyed that it was a small group of people. Highly recommend!

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Rebekah V.

February 2022 • Bachelorette Party

This was the best part of our night! Neal is very kind and very accommodating. Could not have picked a better host for our night!

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Justina R.

February 2022 • Bachelorette Party

This was so much fun!! Neil was so funny and kind and made the experience wonderful!!

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Tara R.

October 2021 • Bachelorette Party

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August 2021 • Bachelorette Party

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Amber G.

July 2021 • Bachelorette Party

Neil is amazing!

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Jack S.

July 2021 • Bachelorette Party

This was so much fun. Savannah at night is amazing. We loved the spookiness of it and the area we explored. The bars were also so fun.

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July 2021 • Bachelorette Party

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Taylor L.

July 2021 • Bachelorette Party

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Meghan E.

June 2021 • Bachelorette Party

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Tess F.

May 2021 • Bachelorette Party

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Gabrielle S.

May 2021 • Bachelorette Party

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Ginny H.

May 2021 • Bachelorette Party

This was such a fun experience! Our guide was so knowledgeable about Savannah’s history and made our trip exciting. I would definitely recommend this experience.

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Elizabeth P.

May 2021 • Bachelorette Party