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Board & Brush DIY Wood Painting Creative WorkshopReviews


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Kenzie O.

March 2024 • bachelorette Party

I had such an amazing time at Board and Brush for my bachelorette party, such a unique and memorable experience! The atmosphere was so fun and lively and the instructors were super helpful. I highly recommend Board and Brush for any special occasion or just a fun night out with friends!


Kelly G.

March 2024 • bachelorette Party

Board and Brush is an amzing experience! My husband took me on a date night and we loved it so much we had our whole family do it before the wedding! Everyone had a blast even the most unexpecting!



March 2024 • bachelorette Party

I loved this workshop! The staff was so knowledgeable and helpful. They really made our bachelorette party the best. Such a fun experience!


Matthew T.

February 2024 • good-time Party

Had a great time team building with my colleagues here. The owners are super helpful and knowledgeable. They make it a great experience. There are so many options to choose from when picking your project. You get to participate in so much more than just painting.


Sara S.

March 2023 • group-trip Party

What an absolute blast! I loved the detailed instruction as you went along with Chelsea, the owner. She was detailed and patient with everyone as we can be a rowdy crowd. I loved to see the creativity and uniqueness shine through in the options of designs, details and colors for each project. She has two great spaces that can hold up to six at each table and three tables in each room. We are already looking to head back for a craftlorette weekend soon!


Dana G.

March 2023 • good-time Party

I had been wanting to go to Board & Brush, so I was really excited to attend this event! Right off the bat, things were well-organized. Our materials were waiting for us at assigned seats and the supplies that didn't require instruction were also waiting for us on the table. Chelsea took us through each step of the process - adding texture to our boards, staining, painting, sanding, and waxing. I really appreciated that she showed us different examples throughout the process. This was much more involved than a paint and sip, which was a really pleasant surprise! My friends and I host a rotating girls night, and I can't wait to bring them here when it's my turn to host.


Falin G.

March 2023 • other Party

This event was a lot of fun! I am not a crafty person at all and thought for sure I would end up messing up whatever I chose. Chelsea, the owner, broke it down in simple enough steps that even I couldn't mess it up. I liked that you essentially do one small step at a time so that everyone has a chance to complete it before moving on. There were so many different ways to make the project your own from the staining, to giving it some character, to the colors, etc. I will definitely be looking into the future events to see when I can come back!


Annika S.

March 2023 • group-trip Party

Such and incredibly fun event! Such a unique idea that appeals to literally everyone and every experience craft level. Love spending more time highlighting a woman-owned business. Chelsea made the whole process so user friendly and I love my finished product! Can't wait to come back!!


Mike H.

March 2023 • good-time Party

I was so excited for this event and even with my high expectations was definitely still impressed! Board & Brush was so much fun! Before we got there we chose which board / design we wanted to make (100's of options) and Chelsea the owner had everything prepped and ready! Once we arrived our boards were on the table with our designs ready. We had wine, seltzers, and snacks so very well prepared at this BYOB establishment. We then prepped our boards, chose our stain and colors (optional paint over stain), and then painted our designs. Very fun overall process and already saw a design I want to go back to make!


Kayla W.

February 2023 • good-time Party

Love this place! we always have the best time making fun cool projects! The owner and staff are so helpful and friendly! can't wait to go back!


Haylee M.

August 2022 • good-time Party

I've been to this location for many workshops and always have an awesome time! The staff are helpful and able to fix any problems you run into. I've made countless Christmas and fall boards, but they've also done special classes where I made my own charcuterie board and learned how to make a delicious board on my own! Highly recommend a workshop with friends, bachelorette party, or if you just want to feel creative without having to try too hard :)


Heidi C.

August 2022 • good-time Party

Love it! Laid back and fun! Definitely would go again!!


Elizabeth L.

March 2022 • good-time Party

I fell in love with Board and Brush in 2019 and am a very frequent customer (seriously I’ve had like 6 free classes I’ve been so much 😂 I love those reward points) I’ve given the projects as gifts and have several in my house and I LOVE THEM


Whitney H.

February 2020 • good-time Party

I've been to Board and Brush Nashville twice, and I have absolutely loved both experiences. I wasn't sure how I would like it because let's be honest, those paintings from other Sip and Paint end up in a random closet. The instructors are phenomenal! They explain and help you through every step. They offer suggestions on sanding, distressing, and even choosing the right paint colors. Unlike my other paintings from similar activities like this, I couldn't wait to hang these in my house. There are so many projects to choose from. They have seasonal, religious, kitchen, etc. It's great to go by yourself, on a date, or even with a large group! If you're looking for a fun activity, this is definitely the place. You will stay just about the full time depending on your piece, so be prepared. You will receive a piece of wood and a stencil. You will distress, sand, stain, and paint your project.


Tina G.

January 2020 • birthday Party

I love going to Board and Brush! The instructors are fabulous. They walk you through the project step by step. They even help you with tips and tricks.


Soraiyah C.

October 2019 • group-trip Party

Two thumbs WAY UP! First time coordinating a group outing for a project like this. Appreciate the fabulous folks at B&B taking such excellent care of us! Grace and Jordan were extremely helpful... walking us through the entire process step-by-step, patiently answering all of our questions (some several times), offering artistic advice, laughing with us, and creating a wonderfully fun, energetic atmosphere. We had a BLAST! Everyone was delighted with how their boards turned out. Thank you! We’ll definitely be back!