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Pole Dancing Party with Blacklight Body Paint Party and Gift Bag Add-onsReviews


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Ashlynn C.

February 2024 • bachelorette Party

Amy was an incredible instructor and made our time fun & welcoming. We attended a bachelorette and she made even the shy attendees comfortable. I highly recommend this experience for anyone in New Orleans. It was a great icebreaker too if you have a group who doesn't really know one another. We talked about how fun the experience was all weekend!

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Lexi B.

February 2024 • Bachelorette Party


Valerie J.

February 2024 • bachelorette Party

Booked this for a bachelorette party and we all had a blast! They were organized and easy to coordinate and communicate with. The class was a lot of fun and tailored to the requests we made for our bride. Many members of the group were outside of their comfort zone in the class but our instructor made it approachable and enjoyable to learn without anyone feeling pressured or awkward. It was certainly a highlight from our weekend and we highly recommend!

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Samantha r.

December 2023 • Bachelorette Party


Morgan H.

December 2023 • bachelorette Party

Had an AMAZING bachelorette pole party here. Our instructor Amy was fantastic and tailored the class to what we were interested in. It was a very comfortable, judgment-free class and everyone had a blast. We even got to try aerials at the end for a few moments. I was going back and forth between this place and another pole studio and SO glad we chose this one. Would highly recommend for everyone!!


Daisah R.

November 2023 • birthday Party

I had the best time celebrating my birthday here with my girls! The private class was fun from beginning to end. Our instructor was super supportive, and made sure we had a good time. Definitely added a special touch to this girls trip down in the Big Easy!


Jae H.

November 2023 • bachelorette Party

One of my Bachelorette Trip events and our session was EVERYTHING! Styx was phenomenal!!! He brought out the inner pole dancer out of us all! I highly recommend for any parties or special events!

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Shari T.

October 2023 • Bachelorette Party


LaCreisha K.

October 2023 • bachelorette Party

This place is amazing! The instructor was very personable, helpful and joyful during the class! We was here for bachelorette weekend and this was the best decision on the itinerary. Learning a dance routine was very scary but once the instructor calmed our nerves we all began to get loose and have fun. This place made us feel beautiful! Thanks to the whole team!!!!


Jessica D.

October 2023 • bachelorette Party

Booked a bachelorette party pole dancing class and all the girls had SO MUCH FUN! We learned a sexy chair routine before learning pole tricks and even aerials on the silks! Lauren A was an amazing instructor, I was actually surprised at how well we were all able to pick up the moves! Highly recommend!!


Anna C.

September 2023 • bachelorette Party

My friends and I came here for a bachelorette party and we had a wonderful experience. Our instructor was great and so patient with us. She allowed us to truly have fun with it. I would definitely recommend this place.


Meagan J.

September 2023 • bachelorette Party

I had a wonderful experience here for my bachelorette weekend. Our instructor, Michael, was encouraging, talented, and hilarious!!! We will be back.


Mallory M.

August 2023 • bachelorette Party

6 of my friends/bridesmaids and I went down to New Orleans for my bachelorette party in February, and we started the weekend off with a party at Awakenings NOLApole. It was AWESOME!!! We all had tons of fun and our teacher had fun music, games and taught us a routine and some basic tricks. Planning was super-easy...they just emailed me a handful of questions to find out music preferences and what I was looking for, so the party was even more fun than what I had in mind. Everyone had a blast and it set the tone for a great night. I look forward to returning to New Orleans and taking another class there, and would recommend any bride and her squad have a party there. THANK YOU!


Nicole F.

August 2023 • birthday Party

Establishing service with Jill and the establishment is superior straight from the inquiry. I am absolutely thrilled to celebrate my up and coming birthday with them and my Sisters and Friends. We are all excited! Thanks Jill for being such a jewel in making this be a memorable treasure.

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Raven M.

August 2023 • Bachelorette Party

Very fun experience and loved that they offered different activities to play around with and show your sexci side!

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Ryan H.

July 2023 • Bachelorette Party


Jennifer S.

July 2023 • bachelorette Party

I went here for a pole dancing class for my bachelorette party in February and me and my girls had so much fun! Jill was amazing! So friendly and fun! And she always made sure to take pics for of us in fun poses and climbed up the pole to get a shot of us lying on the floor! I wish she taught where I live in Florida because this would definitely be a part of my fitness regimen. I highly recommend this place and her.


Quo V.

June 2023 • bachelorette Party

I couldn’t have asked for a better experience!! Our bachelorette weekend started off with a rough start with flight issues as we were all coming from out of town, but they kindly rescheduled our party for a few hours later. It was a surprise for the bride and she really had a good time.


Chelsea P.

June 2023 • bachelorette Party

Hi! We reserved a 90-min time at the studio and had an absolute blast! One of the highlights for my bachelorette, especially for the girlies who enjoyed activities. Our instructor was Lauren and she was so good to us, making us comfortable but still getting us out of our comfort zone! She split up our time with a sexy chair dance routine, followed by pole and silk. She was incredible and so FIT and talented!! Thanks for having us, would definitely recommend!

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Elizabeth G.

April 2023 • Bachelorette Party

We had such a great time! Definitely not professional dancers but were able to let loose, have fun, and hype each other up! It was a fun and safe environment and a great workout!