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Insta-Worthy Rolled Ice-Cream DIY Crafting & Munching Party for Sweet Tooth FoodiesReviews


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February 2024 • group-trip Party

It was amazing experience! One of my favorite on trip in Nashville. I had fun and it was great to experience how to make the ice cream! Highly recommended!



February 2024 • good-time Party

The ice cream was delicious and fun to make. The host was very knowledgeable and friendly, and she was also able to accomodate my girlfriend who is gluten intolerant. Overall a great time and I would highly recommend!



January 2024 • birthday Party

This was an amazing experience! I took my daughter & her friends for her 13th birthday and they’ve been talking about it ever since! It was clean, cheerful, engaging, fun, insightful and all around awesome! Maliyah was the best host and teacher and shared a little of their story with me, I loved all of it! I am eager to take my other kiddos back to experience it too! I can’t recommend it enough!



January 2024 • good-time Party

We had so much fun making our own rolled ice cream. She gave us good instructions and helped us practice. Lastly, we made our own flavor of ice cream. Mine was ‘The oreo explosion’. We really enjoyed it!



December 2023 • holiday Party

We gifted our kids the ice cream class for Christmas, and they loved it!! They were so excited to make their own flavors and that they did it all by themselves.



December 2023 • good-time Party

I would recommend this experience for folks visiting or if you’re a local. This was very fun and worth the price. You get to make 3 different flavors. The host was super sweet and an amazing teacher!



October 2023 • good-time Party

This was a fun experience for ages 7 to 16, everyone had a blast. The parents did have to step in and help the 7 and 9 year olds a bit but overall everyone enjoyed it including the 2 year old and 6 month old that got to taste test alllll the ice cream 😊😊 I’m not sure if this is listed but we didn’t realize you get a practice run with just ice cream, a practice run with a topping and then a final run with your “specific ice cream concoction” you create. Soooo well worth it and it was only about 5 minutes from my airbnb. Please do it and support this experience!



October 2023 • group-trip Party

We had a lot of fun! We were on a team building work trip and it was interactive, learned a lot and want a rolled ice cream machine at our office now! Definitely recommend and would go again!



September 2023 • good-time Party

Super fun experience. We really loved the great start up story of the owners. Highly recommend this experience to anyone looking for some unusual fun.



September 2023 • good-time Party

Such a great experience! A must do if your in Nashville. Our entire family had a wonderful time making our rolled iced cream.



September 2023 • good-time Party

This was such a fun activity. Maliyah was SO nice and put on a great class. Our class consisted of us and 1 other couple and we took turns learning and creating our ice cream. I would absolutely do this class again and I would recommend it to others looking for an activity in Nashville.



September 2023 • good-time Party

Maliyah was very personable. she addressed us by name and was very helpful with any questions we have. She was very patient with us throughout the learning process. she even took pictures and videos. i highly recommend giving it try!



August 2023 • good-time Party

This rolled ice cream experience was so perfect, we’ll bring more friends back. Additionally, the flavors are some of the best in town. I definitely recommend it.



August 2023 • good-time Party

This was a fun class learning how rolled ice cream is made. The ones behind the counter certainly make it look easier than it is. So fun to get to learn the ropes and make our very own batch.



August 2023 • good-time Party

This was such a fun experience. We started by practicing making a plain chocolate ice cream, then a vanilla Oreo mix, and ended by making our own fully customized treat. The instructions were clear, the ice cream was great, and Maliyah was the perfect host. It was exactly as described, and we would recommend it to anyone!



August 2023 • good-time Party

This class was kid friendly and easy to follow instructions.. Maliyah was kind, patient and a great instructor!! Definitely enjoy going to Rolled4Ever Ice Cream never disappoints.. Keep up the Good Work🙂



August 2023 • good-time Party

we really enjoyed this. the ice cream was so good. I thought I was going to be a lot worse but I did it. she made it easy and fun. we had a class Friday. we came back on Sunday for more ice cream.



August 2023 • other Party

We had a blast doing this! It was our 8 year anniversary and we wanted something fun and different to do and this was just that! We will def be taking our kids back to do it!



July 2023 • good-time Party

My 10 year old had recently asked about making rolled ice cream, so finding this class was awesome! He loved the experience, and so did my husband! We really enjoyed the experience!


Tim A.

June 2023 • group-trip Party

This was such a fun experience! I was a bit apprehensive going in initially, because I was worried I wouldn’t know what to do. We were given to trial runs before we actually made our own rolled ice cream. The instruction was great, the company was great, and the ice cream was fantastic.