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Diva Royale Drag Queen Shows: Chicago EditionReviews


14 Ratings

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Candice S.

April 2023 • good-time Party

What a marvelous time. Can't say enough about this place. It's a must-see if you're in Chicago. These girls do a superb job and the vibes were immaculate the whole time.


Linda L.

February 2023 • bachelorette Party

After getting engaged last year, I knew instantly I wanted to have my bachelorette party at Diva Royale. A year later I had my gathering, and let me tell you, I could not have made a better choice. They didn't disappoint.


Kristy J.

February 2023 • bachelorette Party

I went here for a friend's bachelorette party. We were seated right in the front in the middle and had the best view. Each performer was outstanding.


Doris H.

January 2023 • good-time Party

Really fun spot, a remarkable drag, and good drinks, I enjoyed the cocktails. The best spot to experience drag queens in Chicago, jaw dropping shows.


Karlie B.

December 2022 • good-time Party

This is one of my favorite places in Chicago. We had a splendid night, with awesome entertainment and lots of good people having fun in the crowd. The music is awesome after the show too.


Shirley C.

November 2022 • birthday Party

We had a great time. Celebrated my birthday! We sang and laughed all night and the food was freshly cooked. The plates were still hot when they came to the table.


Amelie S.

October 2022 • good-time Party

Love the place, the queens are amazing and the alcohol is cheap. Best drag show I've ever seen. Fantastic service, prepare to laugh.


Matthew T.

September 2022 • good-time Party

I had an amazing time this Saturday night. The shows were excellent and the music was outstanding. This place has a nice happy vibe to it.


Elisa C.

September 2022 • good-time Party

The club has an amazing atmosphere and the performers are always on point. I love that they have so many options including bachelorette party packages and birthday party packages. Definitely a great option for any occasion.


Ariana G.

September 2022 • good-time Party

Everyone needs to see their shows. It is such an amazing entertainer, so funny and beautiful. Every time I go there I have an amazing time. I think most of their shows are on Tuesdays but it's worth checking and booking a show.


Anne B.

June 2022 • good-time Party

We had the best time at the Diva Royale dinner. The food was great and the performance was tasty. It's a nice blend entertainment and humor.


Kathy H.

May 2022 • good-time Party

The queen is a lot of fun, the dynamic there is like no other and you can tell people are there to have an excellent judgment-free night. The service is fast and they have good drink specials. Make sure you bring cash because they don't take cards.


Marie W.

March 2022 • good-time Party

Wonderful place for a fabulous experience. Went there to see a special event night and was not disappointed. The crowd was nice, the queens were awesome and the show was fierce. 100% we will come back.


Leila M.

February 2020 • good-time Party

We had lots of fun! I know other people have complained about cancellations and venue changes, so I'll share my experience - the show that we originally bought tickets for was indeed cancelled, but someone contacted me about it far in advance and let me choose any other date I wanted. Then when we got to our rescheduled show, we discovered they had put us on the VIP list for free, so that was pretty nice. There was also a venue change for our show, but someone called me and left a voicemail about it and also texted tons of info, so that was really not an issue at all. The venue was cool. My only complaint about the show was that it was a little bride-heavy and they did a bit that was a little too long with all the brides who were there for bachelorette parties. But the drag queens were cool, and one in particular was the best - I don't remember her name but I think she did Vogue wearing a tie. I'd definitely do it again.