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LaBare Miami Male Revue: The Ultimate Club for the LadiesReviews


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Joseph's profile picture

Joseph A.

December 2023 • Bachelorette Party

Great selection of men and good atmosphere, but isn’t LGBTQIA+ accepting

Asa's profile picture

Asa S.

September 2023 • Bachelorette Party

Taylor's profile picture

Taylor S.

August 2023 • Bachelorette Party

Tiesha's profile picture

Tiesha A.

May 2023 • Bachelorette Party

We were there for a bachelorette party and it was so much fun! The package is so worth getting! The staff is so sweet and amazing. All the guys are so nice and attractive, lol!

Navya's profile picture

Navya k.

September 2022 • Bachelorette Party

Natalie's profile picture

Natalie H.

September 2022 • Bachelorette Party

Penny's profile picture

Penny D.

August 2022 • Bachelorette Party

Amazing show. Hot guys. They were very accommodating. We had a BLAST!!!

Audrey's profile picture

Audrey B.

July 2022 • Bachelorette Party

Not a wide variety in men but not to bad.

Google's profile picture

Google R.

May 2022 • Bachelorette Party

Absolutely Amazing time!!!! Went for Bachelorette party and the performances for the brides are extra entertaining! These men are sexy and really know how to dance and put on a great show! If you are iffy about a male strip club trust me this one is classy, professional and sooooo entertaining & Fun!!!!! We felt super safe and all of us left turned on 😉


Octavier T.

April 2022 • Bachelorette Party

It was the best experience for my best friend's bachelorette. I would definitely do this again for my bachelorette party coming up in the next few months.