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Sarah S.

Perfect activity for a Saturday afternoon during your BACH party weekend! Best way to day drink safely 🥂

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This was my favorite thing to do in Nashville. They let us put on our own playlist, gave us a cooler with all the cups we needed, and drove us around Nashville for hours while we partied and bar hopped

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Chelsea K.

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Alix K.

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Stephanie K.

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Kayla K.

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Madison D.

Such a fun group experience! It was one of our favorite things we did in Nashville !

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Amanda H.

Amazing amazing!!! This was the best night during our bachlorette! Driver and bartender made it enjoyable lots of laughs and dance moves riding around the city!

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Kaysie H.

Would absolutely do the party express bus 100X over. Shoutout to Macy and Don for being the bomb.com!

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Ella H.

We had so much fun! Definitely a highlight of our trip!

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Alyssa D.

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Courtney S.

My group and I had the absolute best time on our party bus! Jake our host, and Jamie our driver, were the ABSOLUTE best and we would request them again if we ever did a party bus in Nashville again. Only complaint is I wish it was 3 hours instead of just 2, 2 just didn’t feel like enough time. Overall would highly recommend!!

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Lily l.

We has a short weekend bachelorette party. Honky tonk was our first scheduled event, but they didn’t let us on the bus because either the vendor overbooked, never rescheduled us, or there was just poor communication between the vendor and bach app. I had 2 confirmation emails, so clearly something went wrong on their end, and they only had 2 private buses leaving and we were a public group. Since no one could rectify the situation the same night, it left a sour impression. Not happy..

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Katherine C.

This is a MUST for all bachelorette trips. We had a great time ! I would recommend booking the private party so your bride and her party can enjoy the bus to themselves. We booked the private and we're so glad we did!

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Madison N.

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Jesica S.

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Jordan G.

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Kira M.

So much fun!!!!

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Chelsea p.

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Jennifer V.

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Kelsey R.

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AnaKarla A.

Excellent for pregame. Do it at night so you don’t get sunburn!

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Sarah S.

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Cassidy m.

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Jessica M.

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Jaylee H.

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Tia B.

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Michelle G.

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Maryssa D.

This was a must do in Nashville! Easy to book and accommodating with multiple buses leaving at a time for parties. They drove us through downtown and stopped off at a fun little bar midway. We brought our drinks but they offer multiple options in their store before heading out. We had Ms. Angie and Ms. Key, they were the best duo! Our honky tonk was during the day in sweltering heat and we basically forgot about it because we had so much fun! Highly recommend.

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Alexis M.

If you are even considering doing this, do it! Best part of the trip

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Mariah K.

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Klaira M.

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Renee R.

Really fun! This is a must do when in Nashville

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Vanya F.

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Amber S.

Our experience was incredible!! We loved our driver, host, the stops, everything was planned well with the tour! We got amazing photos and videos thanks to our guy of our entire group which is so appreciated when traveling and celebrating!!!!

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Emily P.

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Sarah V.

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Aubrie S.

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Jennifer S.

Overall it was a fun experience but I was disappointed that there is apparently a maybe new noise ordinance in Nashville so there were parts of our tour that we literally couldn’t hear the song playing so it kind of killed the mood at points and we passed by so many other buses that were playing music very loud so it was strange. They also brought us back to the meeting spot over 20 minutes early so I feel like we missed out on part of our 2 hours since we didn’t start early.

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Melissa W.

Super fun. We went on a public tour which was a bit crowded but really liked the energy everyone brought to the bus!

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Maria F.

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Gina S.

This bus was so fun! Was there for a bachelorette trip with seven girls. The staff was very friendly and attentive to make it the best experience

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Hailley C.

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Alyssa C.

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Holly L.

So much fun!!!

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Karissa B.

Definitely a must for a Bach. Such a fun time. The bartender was amazing. She took song requests. There’s a bar/store at the pickup location to buy stuff. Will do again next time!

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Hanna W.

This was SO MUCH fun. Our crew was fantastic and made the whole experience a lot of fun. These are very popular and now I understand why.

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Maria C.

This was definitely the most fun event we did! Was very hot thought during the day so I would suggest going later in the day if it’s a summer month

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Helena R.

Great bartender and driver! Amazing views of downtown celebrating with friends!

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Sarah R.

The store at the bus stop is fun! I had a great time, but I wish the music was a little louder. The stop at the bar was nice but careful with the moonshine! It’s strong!!

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Alivia D.

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Jessica D.

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Maria C.

We loved this! This is a must if your planning a bachelorette party!

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roya a.

THE BEST THING EVER !! BOOKK THIS !! pay the extra money to get your own bus — it’s totally worth it! our bartender was HILARIOUS and honestly made it a lot more fun for us. it was the best thing to end our trip with!

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Madeline D.

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Michelle S.

SO MUCH FUN! Definitely recommend starting your trip with this ride!

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Brandi J.

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Alyssa G.

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Mackenzie B.

SO MUCH FUN! This was everyone’s favorite part of our trip! Definitely do this while you’re here!

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Brittney S.

If you’re the girl who sits down in the club this isn’t for you. (I mean, it could be considering there is a bench but cmon). Got paired up with a bachelor party (idk/idr if that was in the details/fine print) but we didn’t care! They were so fun and we danced the entire time! Bring water LOL & Ask for Brittany!!

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Jayme F.

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jenna a.

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Alex h.

Doesn’t let you bring hard liquor on bus - you have to bring your own alcohol

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Kaitlyn L.

BEST PART OF OUR TRIP. I highly recommend doing this no matter the size of your group.

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The vibe check was on point. I think any kind of Bach Parties would love this Party bus. If your thinking about it, this is it! We had a small group so we were paired with three other groups. So much fun 🤩 I feel like it was the highlight of our Bach trip.

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Sarah B.

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Shelby S.

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Autumn C.

So fun!! They also have a store there before you get on the bus- has all sorts of party favors and alcohol to purchase.

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Liz P.

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Amanda C.

THE BEST THING WE DID!!!!! great service and an amazing time

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Chelsea L.

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Kalarina M.

Literally the best time of all time! I highly recommend!

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Loren L.

So much fun! A must !! Definitely made the trip

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Kelly R.

We did this on our first night in Nashville and it was the perfect way to start off our trip! Our bartender Ally was so amazing- she got us all hyped up and played such fun music!

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Madison V.

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Katelyn V.

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Anna B.

We loved our ride

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Logan Q.

SO MUCH FUN! I would definitely recommend doing this as a daytime experience so you can actually see everything you drive by. They accommodated our large group of 18 well & we used their shuttle service throughout our entire trip!

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Morgan H.

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Regan W.

DO THIS! The highlight of our trip! So much fun and worth every penny!

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Molly P.

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Nicole G.

This was one of the highlights of our trip! The staff was so sweet and accommodating! Highly recommend!

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Amelia B.


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Alli D.

Amazing! Athena our bartender/party starter was incredible! Had the most fun! Best way to see and experience Nashville! Our bus driver was also the best!!

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Leslie B.

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Madeline G.

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Jess B.

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Jenn R.

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McKenna S.

So easy to book through the app & even easier to check in at the actual bus barn area. The whole process is very smooth & it was a great time.

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Mariah C.

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Tori R.

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Brittaney Z.

Loved it so much fun!

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Malgorzata J.

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Miranda W.

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Chelsea B.

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carlee c.

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Maggie T.

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Maci G.

FIVE STARS MUST DO if you’re coming on a party trip!!!!

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Deanna C.

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Maya K.

Such a fun time to dance with the girls and drive down broadway! The DJ/bartender was so much fun to have and makes your experience worth it!!

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Molly M.

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Melissa H.

This was by far our favorite thing we did in Nashville! We had Austin as our DJ/bartender and Angela as our driver and they were both the best! We didn’t have a playlist, but Austin still took our requests and had a playlist made as well! We should’ve made a playlist to help him out though bc there’s spots with little to no service. We had an absolute blast. Must do.

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Faith W.

10/10 AMAZING EXPERIENCE. Our bartender on the bus was a HOOT and had a great personality! Do not be weary of the area you go through before arriving.

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Laure H.

Even in the freezing cold, our group had a blast! Was the best experience we did.

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Rachel M.

People were pretty responsive. Trista was amazing!our group had so much fun and this was the highlight of our trip! Even our non-party peeps let loose and we're dancing and had so much fun! The checkin area was super cute with lots of photo ops and cute merch. We totally wanted to book this again with Trista for the next night! Our driver was the sweetest too! Definitely a must!!!

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Madeline F.

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Zoe G.

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Reagan E.

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Ashley D.

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Leigh S.

This was soooo much fun!

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Sienna G.

super fun for a combined bach party! i wish we could have played more music we liked - she took song suggestions but didn’t always play them & i didn’t know quite few of the songs. with that being said we still had a blast & would book again!

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Jordan W.

This was probably the most fun we had on our trip! Our bartender, Kristie was great and we truly had a blast dancing and singing all around the city

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Jenna D.

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Melanie M.

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Kenzie M.

Best experience ever! Highly recommend

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Angelica R.

Fantastic experience! This was everyone’s favorite activity for the weekend! A must do!

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Lauren E.

Our guides were so much fun! We had such a blast cruising around on the honey tiny express! Highly recommend!!

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Adelyne L.

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Atiana M.

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Kasey M.

Such a fun time. We had some ID issues on our part and the team was so amazing to help up solve it and allow everyone to have a good time!

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Bri W.

Loved this bus! It was so much fun and our bartender Corbin and bus driver Jenn were so nice and fun!

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Monica B.

This was so much fun! Definitely worth it to dance with your best girls.

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Izzy D.

We had the best time riding around dancing and drinking

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Shelby W.

Amazing experience we had so much fun!! Will definitely be booking again next time in Nashville 💓

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Ashley A.

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Hannah W.

This was by far some of the most fun our group had in Nashville over the weekend! Our bartender was awesome as well as the driver! Would 100% recommend to anyone!

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Marisa R.

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Cindy W.

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You have to this with a large group! Lots of fun for 2 hours of dancing and living it up on the streets of Nashville

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Allison W.

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Rehka S.

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Emily M.

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McKenna M.

This was one of the highlights of our trips! Due to cancellations of OTHER reservations, the honky tonk party express was soooo accommodating and helpful! the driver and bartender were both so incredibly nice and created such a fun time for us to enjoy! Friendly reminder: please make sure you tip them! the other group we were with did not and for the amount of fun we had it was sad to see! amazingly nice people and loved every second of it (felt like we were there for 5 minutes) totally worth it

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Kensley W.

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kassidy f.

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Kristina B.

This was by far the best experience our Bach group had! There’s a bartender on the bus that serves everyone their drinks, and also DJs for you. 10/10 experience. A must for any Bach party!

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Kristen S.

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Katie F.

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Breleigh L.

The Honky Tonk Party Bus was seriously so much fun! Our bartender Kayla definitely matched our energy and kept the music going the entire ride. Absolutely recommend! You won’t regret it!

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Lexy G.

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Marissa G.

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Allison K.

All bach parties should do this! So much fun.

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Jordan C.

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Bethany F.

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Megan B.

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Brittney R.

Our host was amazing

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Courtney K.

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Kristyn M.

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Kendall M.

This was a great experience if you want to drive around town dancing on the bus with your group. The selfie stations before getting on the bus were a great touch too!

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Morgan M.

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Cathlyn M.

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Amy V.

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Julie V.

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Gracyn L.

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Holly A.

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Allison B.

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Amanda B.

Best part of our trip

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KatyEllen K.

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Rachel M.

If you’re coming to Nash for you Bach party you HAVE to do this!! It is so much fun! One of my favorite activities we did.

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Georgia O.

Highly recommend! We had a group of 15 women and this was a really great way for all of us to party together on broadway saving money on drinks and not worrying about the lines and staying together

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Maria M.

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Lilly C.

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Julie O.

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Andrea V.

We had the BEST time on our bach trip with the Honkey tonk!! Highly recommend this really gets the party started

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Bailey S.

10/10 recommend

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Emily E.

Bartender Trista was AMAZING!!! Driver Tom was AMAZING! The highlight of our trip by far SOOOOO MUCH FUN

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Becca Y.

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Megan K.

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Ashley A.

This was our favorite thing we did! Will do again!!!!!

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Hannah G.

Amazing time ! Worth it !

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Summer G.

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Rachel L.

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Meghan M.

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Heather G.

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Rachel M.

The best time!!

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Melissa R.

This was the best activity we booked on our trip! We had an amazing time singing and dancing to music on the bus and people on the street. Our bartender Kayla was amazing, and played a great playlist of 90’s/2000’s throwbacks that kept us jamming! We got a nice breeze on bus. It was a cloudy day when we did it, so it wasn’t too hot. We booked a 10:30am slot. It was worth waking up early to start the day on the party bus!

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Shawna B.

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Kali E.

Our driver and bartender was top notch! Such a blast.

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Cathy C.

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Summer G.

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Kiani D.

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Janelle B.

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Aubri C.

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Jennifer L.

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Sara B.

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Jessica S.

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Haley N.

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Kristin C.

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Katie L.

This was so much fun! Definitely a must for Nashville!

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Bachelorette party’s are a must. We had the most amazing experience and it was awesome to be up and down broadway on the bus blasting music and dancing. We would highly recommend doing this while in Nashville.

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Carrie R.

The party bus itself was a blast! We loved our driver and our bartender. We were on a public bus with a few other bachelorette parties, and the vibe was amazing. Arrive to the venue early! There was a long line to checkin and the staff was overwhelmed and not friendly. When we arrived at the venue it was very disorganized. No signs for parking, no staff available to help. The staff were very overwhelmed, there were a lot of people trying to check in with no organization.

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Katelynn O.

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Carlie A.

Perfect for large and small groups. Our bartender Trista kept everything upbeat and fun even though we only had 4 people on the entire bus (we booked private bus tour). Great atmosphere and so much fun dancing and singing while take a ride down Broadway!

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Chloe B.

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Mikenna E.

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Rachel P.

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Sally N.

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Kelsey H.

Seriously, such a fun time! We shut down our Nash trip with this final tour and it was such a blast! Bartender played music, and made sure no one was empty handed 🍹 Tour dropped is off in downtown so we could bar hop afterwards!