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Bride Vibe Yoga's Custom Yoga Class with Fun Playlists, Mimosa Add-Ons, and Cold Lavender Eye TowelsReviews


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Liz H.

March 2024 • Bachelorette Party

Bianca was amazing! She made a playlist of music just for us and was able to adjust the poses for people who were more or less advanced.

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Lauren S.

March 2024 • Bachelorette Party

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Jennifer C.

July 2023

This was the perfect way to start the day! Colette was our instructor who popped off the party with some champagne, guided us through a perfect flow and then did a special tarot card reading for the bride. They were so responsive and so accomodating to our song requests

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April 2023 • Bachelorette Party

Amazing!! We had the most relaxing time doing yoga to kick off our bachelorette weekend. It helped everyone be able to forget their worries for the weekend and focus on being together. Even though we were not able to practice in a park due to weather, we were able to do so under a covered patio and the falling rain made it so relaxing. Highly recommend!

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Victoria G.

November 2022 • Bachelorette Party

We absolutely had so much fun during this class!! They tailor to whatever you request and make it amazing!

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Katelyn R.

September 2022 • Bachelorette Party

This was a phenomenal start to our festivities for the day! Our instructor Jacquelyn was great, and really made it amazing!


Greta A.

June 2022 • Bachelorette Party

Bride vibe yoga was exactly what we needed to relax after our travel the previous day. Our instructor was on time and made sure that everyone was able to participate regardless of experience! So thankful that the Bach app connected us to her!

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Chandler M.

April 2022 • Bachelorette Party

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Chelsea L.

March 2022 • Bachelorette Party

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Kait O.

March 2022 • Bachelorette Party

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November 2021 • Bachelorette Party

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Kaitlyn F.

September 2021 • Bachelorette Party

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Kyle S.

August 2021 • Bachelorette Party

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Kailyn S.

August 2021 • Bachelorette Party

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Morgan B.

July 2021 • Bachelorette Party

Collette with Bride Vibe Yoga was incredible! We absolutely loved working with her and the fact that she knew all of our names without being introduced. We would highly recommend booking in the morning when you know it’s going to be warm. Ours was at 8:30am in Austin, TX and it was WARM, it would have been way too hot if we waited any longer. However, the cool lavender towel at the end of our session made all the difference!

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July 2021 • Bachelorette Party

They were able to meet us at our lake Travis location for a minimal sur charge. Instructor picked up that we wanted a more chill vibe. Would have liked a little more instruction for those in our group that were beginners