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Let's Go Girls Bachelorette Private Boat CruiseReviews


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Sam L.

March 2024 • bachelorette Party

Jake was the man! Fun ride and good recs, brought us to dope bars and had a great time. Bikes were awesome. Helmets were dope. Jake rocks.


Megh D.

February 2024 • bachelorette Party

Jake’s tour kicked ass! He was super chill and very friendly. Stops were awesome and informative! Jake is the way to go if you want a tour of Austin!


Austin L.

February 2024 • group-trip Party

The experience was marvelous - Jake was a fantastic guide & did a great job through the whole tour. Highly recommend to anyone visiting Austin!


Katy L.

February 2024 • girls-trip Party

Such a fantastic way to get a lay out of Austin and see some of the sights you might otherwise miss (street murals, etc). Our guide was fantastic, showed us some highlights that we went back to enjoy again. Cannot recommend it enough.


Vivian (.

February 2024 • good-time Party

Amazing boat party !! We had a great time ! Worth it ! Alberto was awesome !


Julie P.

February 2024 • group-trip Party

We loved this booze cruise !! Open bar and great vibes ! Awesome skyline of Miami !!!!


Tamika B.

February 2024 • good-time Party

This was the best time of our vacation ! Highly recommended! Staff was amazing


Joly Y.

January 2024 • group-trip Party

Best booze cruise in town ! We had a great time !! Open bar and music on point ! We will be back!!


Abbi T.

December 2023 • birthday Party

An incredibly enjoyable adventure, the brewery stops were both distinctive and delightful, offering a fresh perspective on a unique side of Austin. Although the bike ride duration was relatively brief, we thoroughly enjoyed exploring lesser-known aspects of the city. Colt, our engaging tour guide, shared captivating stories and historical insights, making the experience all the more memorable. I would definitely consider booking this tour again.


Sarah M.

December 2023 • bachelorette Party

We really enjoyed our tour with Jakub! We biked around the downtown area and tried local breweries and cuisine. Had a great time and would definitely do again!


Nikhil J.

December 2023 • guys-trip Party

Trey was an amazing tour guide with so much great info and some super cool and interesting stories. He even got some great reviews from pedestrians while on our tour that were impressed with him! He took such great care of my group on the streets! I’d give him 6 out of 5 stars if I could…great tour and tour guide that I would recommend to anyone visiting Austin!


Toni J.

November 2023 • good-time Party

The best boat ride ever!! Lots of good people, music and a whole lot of fun!! Recommend it for anybody coming to Miami!!!


Gavin E.

November 2023 • group-trip Party

What a fantastic way to experience the best of Austin's culture, history, food and beer! Thanks so much to our guide Trey who perfectly brought the city to life. A definite 'must do' if you are in Austin.


JohnLewis E.

October 2023 • good-time Party

Miami Boat Experience was a vibe, good people, responsive, and they try to make everybody is having a good time. Glad we booked for a good night on the vacation.


Sheccid L.

October 2023 • girls-trip Party

Best deal in miami ! we had such a great time !!! unlimited drinks and snacks included in the package!! worth all your money !!


Jensy G.

September 2023 • girls-trip Party

Best boat party ever !!! Open bar and music on point !! My friend and I had so much fun, the staff is all so sweet. 😊 They even have hookah !!


Lisa R.

September 2023 • girls-trip Party

We had the best time touring Austin with Trey!! Excellent story teller, introduced us to the art world of Austin, and stopped at some killer breweries. Excellent way to start our Austin trip!!


Brooke B.

August 2023 • girls-trip Party

Had an awesome experience on The Miami Experience Boat Party! Alberto was the best bartender, and the crew made sure we had fun and we’re comfortable and accommodated. Would definitely do it again!


Nya T.

July 2023 • girls-trip Party

We had a great time on our girls trip!! 10/10 would recommend. Great music & the service is really good. Multiple food options & the staff is very friendly :)


Chris D.

November 2022 • birthday Party

An amazing afternoon out. We had Colt take us for the day and from the start he brought some great energy for the tour. He stopped at some cool spots along the way and shared some local knowledge which was really interesting to learn. The bike riding was very relaxed and safe the whole time. Most people of all fitness levels should have no issues with enjoying the day. The beers along the way were really amazing. Personally I really enjoyed Blue Owl Brewing’s range of sours. Must try is the pickle sour. Highly recommend this to anybody visiting Austin.