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Best Bachelorette Party Activities for a Night on the Town

Things to Do
August 15, 2023

She fell in love. She’s getting married. And she’s asked YOU to help plan the bachelorette party. This. Is. HUGE. You really want to get it right.

And we can help. This list is chock full of unique and exciting ideas for how to plan the perfect party, totally spoil the bride-to-be, and make memories you’ll all cherish forever.

Plan a bar crawl

A bar crawl is a fabulous way to paint the town red with your whole posse. And while the idea is simple—just hitting a handful of bars in a row—we’ve got some pro tips to make sure the event is a total smash.

  • Plan for a variety of bars with different atmospheres, drinks, and entertainment. It makes for a sense of adventure and keeps energy levels high.
  • Make it extra-special by choosing a theme and providing outfits, accessories, and decorations to go with it.
  • Chat with the bride and the rest of the group about timing. Do they want to go out for an all-nighter? Or is day drinking the preferred option?
  • Look at bar’s websites, social media, or even call them to find out if there are any drink specials or packages they can offer.
  • Once you picked the hottest spots in town, share the schedule and route with everyone in the party.
  • Safety first! Plan for transportation so nobody will be getting behind the wheel and implement a buddy system so nobody gets left behind.

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Dance the night away

Dust off your dancing shoes—it’s time to get out on the dance floor with your divas! Dancing is a perfect way to let loose, connect and bond with the girls, and release oodles of endorphins. And there are lots of ways to bust a move based on the bride’s comfort level, from going to a heart-pounding hot spot to shimmying and shaking at a salsa club to booking a private dance class for the whole group. Just make sure you wear comfortable shoes, stay hydrated, and take plenty of photos.


Karaoke is a perfect option for bachelorette parties because if you’re a good singer, that’s great. And if you can’t carry a tune in a bucket, that’s even better! There’s just something about belting out your favorite tunes at the top of your lungs that’s sure to get everyone feeling giddy, including the bride. For something a little more personal, look for dedicated karaoke venues that offer private karaoke rooms and check ahead of time that they have a song selection suited to the bride’s faves. You might even find venues that offer special packages or complimentary drinks for batch parties! To get everyone in the mood before the party even starts, have them submit some of their favorite songs so everyone gets a chance at the mic, and go the extra mile by infusing a theme throughout the night, like all ’90s music or a diva night. (You know you want to hear the bride trying to hit the high notes on a Mariah Carey song!)

Eat, drink, and be merry

For the foodie bride, consider a night that’s all about her fave hobby—eating! Gathering friends around a table is a simple (and totally delicious) way to enjoy time together while sampling the finest culinary offerings. Bonus: food and drinks lend themselves naturally to toasting, so it’s the perfect time to raise a glass (or three) to the bride-to-be. Look for restaurants that appeal to the bride’s palate first and foremost, but also bear in mind whether the location is ’gram ready, because you know you’ll be snapping tons of pics all night long. Rooftop bars, speakeasies, drag brunch, and themed restaurants are all great options to explore. Or you could even hire a personal chef to create a special meal for your girl. Just remember to make a reservation if you’re a large group, and opt for options that have a range of dietary options and price points so everyone will be able to dig in with gusto.

Book a group activity

Group activities are a memorable and unique way to mix up the typical party scene and are especially ideal when members of your group are still getting to know each other. After all, there’s nothing like giggling your way through an escape room together or smearing the competition in a round of mini golf to bring people together. And don’t forget about things like bowling, cooking classes, or scavenger hunts! You can even customize the event with a theme to make it extra-special for the bride.

See a live show

Taking in a live performance is always a one-of-a-kind event, and one your bride will be thrilled to share with all her besties. Is she a theater nerd? Find a musical or a play and get gussied up for a night on the town. Looking for laughs? Check out a local comedy venue. Does she live for live music? Party hard at a rock concert, or keep it low-key and sophisticated with tickets to the symphony. The options are endless.

Planning a bachelorette party can be a lot of responsibility. But it can also be tons of fun! The main thing is to always remember the most important thing: making sure the bride has the time of her light. And as long as you do that, you’re sure to throw her a party she’ll be talking about for years to come.

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Bachelorette party planning made easy.
BACH is the #1 app for bachelorette party planning and booking experiences.
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