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Draft Like a Pro: Your Ultimate Guide to a Fantasy Football Draft Party 

Planning and Budgeting
Things to Do
September 6, 2023

It's that magical time of year again: Fantasy football season! Imagine hosting an epic draft party that gets your league off to the start it deserves. Ready to be the MVP of your league before the season even starts? We’ve got you. 

From transforming your living room into the draft party hall of fame to taking your draft on the road and planning a draft that will be the envy of all your buddies, we’ve got the perfet gameplan for you. 

The perfect picks deserve the perfect draft party—so let's get the action started.

Pregame Prep

Like all good teams, the work you put in before the season starts is how you go from good to great. Here are the things you should sort out before the draft, so, come draftday, you can focus on the making picks and spitting chirps.

Picking draft day

Picking the perfect draft date is crucial. It’s like choosing your starting lineup. You have to make sure everyone shows up—and is ready do damage. 

But, well, life can get in the way. We’re not professional fantasy footballers. Yet, anyway. Between work meetings and family commitments, it can be hard to find a time when everyone’s free. Here’s where technology is your friend. Send a group text or email out to your league with a list of available times. Then let the crew respond back with what works for them.

PROTIP: Doodle, Google Polls, and other online poll generators make it a breeze to track when people are free and easily find a time that works for the whole group. Don’t drop the ball and end up with a no show. No one wants to deal with a false start.

Finding the perfect venue

Is your living room the new draft stage? Local sports bar calling your league's name? Maybe a chill virtual Zoom gathering? Or maybe this is the year you go big and do a Destination Draft. From casual and comfy to busy and bussin, you have to set the right vibe for your draft. Just make sure you get everyone on board. Nothing’s worse than that one team picking on Auto Draft and taking a kicker in the 4th round.

PROTIP: Count on BATCH to help you find a venue that screams, we’re taking this season seriously...but not *too* seriously.

Setting the Draft order

Sure, you could go tried and true, and just use last year’s results to set the draft order. But what fun is that? Here the only limit is your imagination. Competing for draft order puts an end to tanking, adds even more fun to your league, and gives your crew another reason to get together. 

Here are some of the favorite ways we’ve heard BATCH members set their draft order:

  • Draft lottery (give bonus ping pong balls for teams that complete certain feats like most lopsided result, most points in Week 18, etc)
  • Mock scouting combine
  • Wonderlic or other test results
  • Golf, bowling, or other sporting event
  • Use Cameo and let a celebrity decide

Get creative and make setting the draft order another must-do event each season.

Adding in a rewards or punishments

Sure, the bragging rights and monetary rewards (we’re not watching) have their own appeal. But the best leagues have set honors (or dishonor) for the winners and losers. Much like picking your draft order, your options here are limitless. Coming up with your own rewards and punishments can best almost as much fun as seeing them brought to life. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Wear their worst
  • Last place has a bumpersticker, window cling, or clothing declaring their ineptitude)
  • Hosting duties
  • Make the last place finisher plan next year’s draft or host it at their house
  • Public shaming
  • Make the last placer finisher hold a lemonade stand, serve as paintball target, etc.
  • Your wish is my command
  • The last place finisher has to serve the winner (or everyone!) when the group gathers next
  • Draft your fate
  • Put all the ideas in a hat and winner or loser draws to see what the future holds

Winning the tech game

Check that Wi-Fi strength like it’s your star player’s injury report. Set up your draft software in advance, and test the setup with a mock draft. Tech troubles on draft day are like unexpected fumbles—you just don’t want them.

Gameday Operations

All right, fans. The big day is here. Make sure you have everything set and sorted ahead of time, so you can focus on what matters: drafting, dining, and drinking. 

Getting your grub on

When it come to eats, the options are as limitless as your team’s potential. Here are some of our favorite nosh options.

PROTIP: Skip the stress and book these experience on BATCH. 

The Hibachi touchdown

Picture this: a hibachi chef right in your backyard, putting on a fiery show that's almost as intense as your draft strategy. Sizzling steak, succulent shrimp, and veggies flipped right onto your plate. It's a food performance that'll have your league mates talking until next season.

Pick a private chef

No soggy nachos here. Our private chefs can whip up a gourmet spread that Tom Brady himself would envy. Custom menus? Dietary restrictions? They've got you covered, like a pro offensive line guarding their quarterback.

Pizza palooza

Pizza is the universal sign for “party time.” Go classic or gourmet—margherita, buffalo chicken, vegan delight; the options are endless. It’s comfort food that comforts the soul after a risky third-round pick.

BBQ Blitz

Picture slow-cooked brisket and smoked ribs, with a side of draft drama. Our BBQ caterers serve up plates that are *almost* as satisfying as stealing your friend’s sleeper pick right before their turn.

Adding in those extras

Now that you’ve got the food squared away, it’s time to sort out the other elements that ensure you’re Draft Day reaches it’s epic potential. 

Party Host Helpers

A party host might sound a little extra. But host helpers are the unsung heroes of your draft party. They'll handle setup, serving, and cleaning up, so you can stay glued to your draft board and the trash talk.

Elevate the Spirits: Bartenders/Mobile Bar Setups

Imagine your living room transforming into the coolest sports bar in town, complete with a professional bartender. Mojitos, margaritas, mocktails—craft a signature cocktail that’s as unique as your draft strategy.

Fill the Fridge

No more pausing the draft for a snack run. From craft beers to artisan sodas and gourmet cheeses, our ‘Fill the Fridge’ service ensures you won't miss a beat (or a pick) all night.


Your draft party is more than just picking players; it’s about creating a memorable start to the football season with friends and family. It's the kickoff celebration, the ‘we survived the offseason’ bash. Make it one for the books, and remember that BATCH is your go-to squad for planning and booking everything you need for an unforgettable draft party experience! 

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