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Fun Bachelorette Party Game Questions, Truths, & Dares

Things to Do
September 6, 2023

With the clock ticking down to the big day, it’s time to plan that memorable bachelorette bash that jump-starts the festivities. While decorations, matching outfits, and delicious drinks obviously make the checklist, everyone knows that the true heart and soul of any great party are games! From ice-breaking to getting a glimpse into everyone’s closet of skeletons, a great lineup of fun will promise a good time. 

Here are a few of our favorites to keep the bonding high and the laughter rolling:

Never Have I Ever

A classic drinking game with a Bachelorette twist. As you take turns posing questions, those who have done drink, and those who have not look on with laughter and maybe even some envy.

Here are some ideas to get those questions flowing:

  • -Never have I ever had a wedding Pinterest board before getting engaged.
  • -Never have I ever kissed a stranger.
  • -Never have I ever danced on a bar or table.
  • -Never have I ever tried on a wedding dress just for fun.
  • -Never have I ever flirted my way out of a traffic ticket.
  • -Never have I ever crashed a wedding.
  • -Never have I ever had a one-night stand.
  • -Never have I ever drunk dialed an ex.
  • -Never have I ever gone skinny dipping.
  • -Never have I ever danced in the rain with someone I liked.
  • -Never have I ever had a secret crush on someone in this room.
  • -Never have I ever re-gifted a wedding gift.
  • -Never have I ever flirted with the best man.
  • -Never have I ever fantasized about eloping.
  • -Never have I ever googled one of the bride's exes.
  • -Never have I ever been a bridesmaid more than three times.
  • -Never have I ever kissed two people in the same night.
  • -Never have I ever had a wardrobe malfunction at a wedding.
  • -Never have I ever danced without underwear on.
  • -Never have I ever had a bachelorette party regret.

Truth or Dare

Another classic that’s easily adaptable to a bachelorette theme. Just in case you need a reminder, take turns picking truth or dare while your other partygoers come up with your task. Just remember, this is meant to be fun, not land someone in jail or the hospital! And if you’re looking to add a twist, you can always write the truths and dares on Jenga blocks. 

Here are some example bachelorette-themed truth questions to build your ideas from:

  1. -Who was your first kiss, and how was it?
  2. -Have you ever had a crush on someone at this party?
  3. -When was the last time you cried, and why?
  4. -Which celebrity would want to be stuck on a desert island with?
  5. -If you could date anyone in this room, who would it be?
  6. -Share a secret about the bride that no one knows.
  7. -Describe your worst date ever.
  8. -How many people have you kissed?
  9. -Have you ever dreamt about another guest at this party?
  10. -If you could switch lives with the bride for a day, what would you do?

  Fun, but cheeky dare ideas:   

  1. -Call a random contact from your phone and sing "I Will Always Love You" by Whitney Houston.
  2. -Wear your underwear on the outside of your clothes for the next 10 minutes.
  3. -Ask the waiter/waitress for their phone number.
  4. -Post a silly selfie on social media with the caption, "Feeling my best self!"
  5. -Serenade the bride with a love song.
  6. -Do your best impression of the bride.
  7. -Take a shot without using your hands.
  8. -Do a dance in the middle of the room to no music.
  9. -Propose to a stranger.
  10. -Text your most recent ex with "Thinking about you."

Charades or Pictionary Bachelorette Style

Two beloved games from our childhoods that let your artistic skills shine (or lack thereof). Divide the crew into teams and take turns drawing bachelorette-themed clues you either act or draw out while the others try to name the madness. This is an easy way to find out who’s on the same wavelength!

A couple of thoughts to get your bachelorette clues flowing:

Movies & TV Shows:

  1. -Bridget Jones's Diary
  2. -The Bachelor(ette)
  3. -The Wedding Singer
  4. -Pride and Prejudice
  5. -Runaway Bride
  6. -27 Dresses
  7. -The Notebook
  8. -Sleepless in Seattle
  9. -Crazy, Stupid, Love
  10. -Say Yes to the Dress

Wedding-Related Actions & Terms:

  1. -Walking down the aisle
  2. -Tossing the bouquet
  3. -Cutting the cake
  4. -First dance
  5. -Proposing
  6. -Trying on a wedding dress
  7. -Going on a honeymoon
  8. -Writing vows
  9. -Catching the bouquet
  10. -Slipping on the wedding ring

Love & Relationship Terms:

  1. -Blind date
  2. -Falling in love
  3. -Breaking up
  4. -Kissing under the mistletoe
  5. -Double date
  6. -Long-distance relationship
  7. -Setting up a dating profile
  8. -Serenading
  9. -Dancing cheek to cheek
  10. -Having a picnic date

Two Truths and a Lie

Find out who the best liar in your group is with this simple game. Take turns sharing two truths and one convincing lie about yourself. The rest of the crew tries to tease out which of the three is the fib. Feel free to keep the truths and lies without structure to see where the night takes you, or theme them. Ideas can include adventures or memories with the bride, embarrassing moments, or romantic endeavors. 


  1. -I've been engaged twice.
  2. -I once dated someone I met on a plane.
  3. -My first date with my fiancé was at a beach.


  1. -I cried when I found my wedding dress.
  2. -My fiancé and I have matching tattoos.
  3. -I once caught a bouquet at a wedding but gave it to someone else.

Adventures with the Bride (for bridesmaids or close friends):

  1. -We once got stranded on a road trip with the bride-to-be.
  2. -The bride and I took a spontaneous trip to Vegas last summer.
  3. -We've been to 5 concerts together this year.

Embarrassing Moments:

  1. -I once sent a flirty text to my boss instead of my partner.
  2. -I tripped and fell during a first date.
  3. -I got stuck in a dress at a bridal store and had to be cut out.


  1. -I've kissed someone famous.
  2. -I once thought about becoming a wedding planner.
  3. -I've been on three blind dates, and all of them were disasters.

Bachelorette Twist: For a fun bachelorette game of "Two Truths and a Lie," keep your statements centered around the bride or shared memories within the bridal party. For example, tales from past girls' nights out or funny memories about the bride. This not only makes it harder for participants to spot the lie but also brings back fun memories. The trick? Craft a lie that's closely tied to the truth, making it a real challenge for the bridal crew!

Pictionary for a Bachelorette Party

Pictionary is a captivating game where players draw and guess prompts, making it perfect for lively gatherings. Spice it up with wedding and bachelorette-themed prompts for added fun. For larger groups, organize players into teams and rotate turns, ensuring everyone gets a chance to participate.

Wedding Prep & Items:

  1. -Wedding dress
  2. -Engagement ring
  3. -Bridal bouquet
  4. -Wedding cake
  5. -Garter
  6. -Veil
  7. -Tuxedo
  8. -Save the date
  9. -Wedding bells
  10. -Champagne toast
  11. -Wedding shoes
  12. -Bridesmaid dress
  13. -Honeymoon suitcase
  14. -Wedding arch

Bachelorette Party Elements: 

  1. -Tiara 
  2. -Party bus 
  3. -Sash 
  4. -Cocktail
  5. -Party balloons
  6. -Spa day
  7. -Karaoke
  8. -Limo ride
  9. -Nightclub dance floor 
  10. -Bachelorette party games
  11. -Maid of honor 
  12. -Stripper pole 
  13. -Hot tub

Romantic Elements: 

  1. Cupid 
  2. Heart-shaped box of chocolates 
  3. Serenade 
  4. Romantic dinner 
  5. Love letters 
  6. First dance 
  7. Kiss under the mistletoe 
  8. Breakfast in bed


  1. Proposal on one knee 
  2. "Just Married" car sign 
  3. Honeymoon beach 
  4. Bridal shower 
  5. Throwing the bouquet

Jenga with a Twist

Customized Jenga offers a unique twist for bachelorette parties, allowing personalized fun and interaction. The blocks can feature dares, questions, compliments, challenges, and other tasks to elevate the game. Always tailor challenges to fit attendees' comfort levels, ensuring an enjoyable experience for all.

What to Write on Jenga Blocks for a Bachelorette Party


  1. -Take a shot.
  2. -Swap an accessory with someone.
  3. -Do your best bride impression.
  4. -Text a cheesy pick-up line to the last person you messaged.
  5. -Share your most embarrassing date story.
  6. -Call the groom and tell him how much the bride loves him.
  7. -Dance on one leg for 30 seconds.
  8. -Serenade the bride.
  9. -Take a group selfie.
  10. -Do a runway walk.
  11. -Demonstrate how you think the bride and groom will dance at their wedding.

Questions to Answer: 

  1. -How did you meet the bride?
  2. -Guess the bride's honeymoon destination. 
  3. -What's the bride's favorite movie? 
  4. -Share a funny memory with the bride. 
  5. -Describe the bride in three words. 
  6. -What's your marriage advice? 
  7. -How long do you think the wedding ceremony will last? 
  8. -What was your first impression of the groom? 
  9. -Which song will surely get the bride on the dance floor?


  1. -Give a compliment to the person on your left. 
  2. -Say something you admire about the bride. 
  3. -Share what you love most about weddings.

Fun Challenges: 

  1. -Apply lipstick without using your hands. 
  2. -Wear your bra outside your shirt until your next turn. 
  3. -Create a wedding hashtag on the spot. 
  4. -Do the worm. 
  5. -Draw a mini bridal gown in 10 seconds. 
  6. -Propose to the bride. 
  7. -Mimic the bride and groom's first kiss (with the air). 
  8. -Do the chicken dance.


  1. -Choose two people to do a funny dance. 
  2. -Everyone drinks! 
  3. -Mimic a celebrity until someone guesses who it is. 
  4. -Get a piggyback ride from someone. 
  5. -Declare why you're the best bridesmaid. 
  6. -Talk in an accent until your next turn. 
  7. -Share a wedding superstition. 
  8. -Wear a veil (or makeshift one) until your next turn.

Remember, the ultimate goal of playing games at a bachelorette bash is to enhance the festivities, create unforgettable moments, strengthen friendships, and of course, have fun. So gather those ladies, let your hair down, and let the games begin! 

If you’re looking for more game inspiration, check out our dirty and clean game blogs. 

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