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How To Bring Together Bachelorette Parties

Planning and Budgeting
Things to Do
September 6, 2023

If you’re organizing your bride’s BATCH party, you’re gonna be faced with the challenge of bringing all your guest of honor’s friends together. And if none of your bride’s besties know each other, the struggle is a whole new ballgame. But don’t get TOO anxious — this is a golden opportunity to create new connections in an inclusive atmosphere. Tips to help you turn this gathering into a memorable bonding experience for everyone involved? We’ve got tons. 

1. Icebreaker Introductions

Don’t underestimate their power to turn an awkward initial meeting into talk that will get you hyped for the rest of the weekend. Kick off the bachelorette bash with some simple introductions. Have each of your attendees share their name, where they’re from, and how they know the bride. It’s a simple activity, but it gets the conversations flowing and sets the stage for an amazing time together. 

2. Group Games and Activities

You always have to have games on hand at a bachelorette party, and some of our go-tos are made to be played with strangers.  Plan some interactive group activities that will get everyone involved, like “Two Truths and a Lie,” “Never Have I Ever,” or a good teamwork-focused scavenger hunt. They’ll get the laughter going and open the door to shared experiences you can all talk about later. 

Stuck on what to pick? Check out our lists of bachelorette party games for clean fun, spicy fun, and more!

3. Mix and Mingle Activities

Going for the hands-on approach might be your best bet if you wanna ensure a seamless transition into becoming besties with your fellow bridesmaids.  Arrange some mix and mingle activities that bring everyone together. A cocktail-making class, a group cooking session, or a DIY craft project are fantastic ways to bond while having a blast.

Now, here’s where things get super easy for you.  We’ve got a marketplace chalk-full of bookable experiences that are perfect for fostering group bonding.  Book our favorites now in top bachelorette cities across the country, or just get inspired:

  1. Paddywax Candle Making Class with Beer, Wine, & BYOB Options - Nashville
  2. Private Cocktail Classes and Bartending: Bring the Bar to You - Scottsdale
  3. Sip & Learn at a Wine Tasting Class with Cheese Pairing - Austin

4. Creating a Welcome Bag or Favor

Let’s make everyone feel warm and fuzzy, shall we? Preparing a small welcome bag for each attendee is the perfect way to create a sense of unity among the group. Small games, conversation starters  and personalized items are always a nice touch. Plus, your bride’s besties will LOVE your taste. 

5. Group Dinners or Meals

It’s a bachelorette party staple, and for good reason. Not only is a big group meal needed to keep the energy going, but it gives everyone a chance to sit down, chat, and get to know each other in more of a relaxed setting. Pro tip: Mix up the seating to ensure people from different friend groups get to know each other.

6. Plan Team-Building Activities

The saying “Teamwork makes the dream work” couldn’t ring more true. Engage in some team-building activities that require both collaboration and cooperation. Think escape rooms, outdoor adventure courses, or even a friendly mini-golf competition. They’re sure to foster connections among group members and might even lead to some hilarious memories. 

Need a place to get started? We’ve got the group classes you didn’t know you needed: 

  1. Escape Room Palm Springs
  2. Axe Throwing in Nashville: Bad Axe Nash
  3. Austin Group Scavenger Hunt Challenge by Alley Cat Adventures

7. Communication Channels

Let’s get connected before we party. Setting up a communication channel is always the first step to getting everything organized, and group chats or social media platforms are the best place to start a party. This allows attendees to connect and get to know each other beforehand, making it easier to break the ice in person. To make communication even simpler, check out the BATCH app and have one platform to organize it all.

8. Consider a Meet-and-Greet Event

If you’re looking for a gateway to make the initial meeting less awkward, consider a pre-party meet and greet event. A casual gathering will allow everyone to get acquainted in a low-key and low-pressure environment, making it a breeze to connect during the main event. Have  guests that all live in different places? Make the hang even lower stress by organizing a video call. 

9. Encourage Collaboration

Collaboration is KEY, and this doesn’t just come from party games and teamwork activities. Promote collaboration and inclusivity all throughout the BATCH party. Simple gestures like encouraging attendees to interact, share stories, and support each other always make a difference. Make sure to provide plenty of opportunities for individuals to engage with different people in your bride’s group. 

10. Be a Facilitator

Whether you’re the stunning bride of MOH, you’ve got a vital role to play in the pre-wedding festivities. Act as a pro facilitator who ensures everyone is welcome and included and you’ll be set. Go around introducing individuals to each other, initiating conversations, and help facilitate connections as the party goes on. Your enthusiasm and involvement sets the tone for the entire group (but no pressure!). 

At the end of the day, you’ve got one mission: Creating an epic, cozy vibe where everyone feels totally at home. Follow these simple guidelines, get some backup from our BATCH bookings, and  boom! You’ll rock it, bringing together an insanely awesome group of bachelorette party goers for an unforgettable celebration. You’ll leave  having new friendships and memories that’ll stick with you forever. 

Now don’t be shy, start making memories with your new besties using our huge variety of BATCH experiences.

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