Things to Do

Fun things to do outside for your BATCH

Things to Do
September 23, 2020

I know a lot of us are bummed that we won’t be dancing in crowded clubs, spilling vodka sodas on our bride-to-be sashes. But if the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that there are many other creative ways to celebrate our friendships.

Here’s a quick list of outdoor activities that will keep your BATCH in protocol friendly territory.


Pack a cute blanket, find a scenic location, and plan a few bride-themed games that your group can play while you’re relaxing and sharing fun stories of the bachelorette. Bonus points: fill a piñata with the bride’s favorite treats and maybe even some inside jokes or truth-or-dare prompts written on slips of paper that the winner must complete or read aloud to the group.


What are your favorite pandemic-friendly activities? Let us know in the comments! @livviedix + @jazmin.scheitel 💕

♬ Backyard Boy - Claire Rosinkranz

Hiking tours

Find a trail that your group can hike together during the day. After months of being shut inside, many of your guests will most likely be ready to spend a day with Mother Nature. Do a little research before your trip to find the best spots (and by spots, we of course mean photo-ops).

Red Rock Canyon Hiking Tour, bookable in the BATCH app for Las Vegas parties


When was the last time you strapped on a pair of skates? Rollerblades or skates are a fun blast from the past to keep your group moving and enjoying the outdoors. If your BATCH is later in the year, you might even be lucky enough to find an outdoor ice skating rink for your crew.

Fun on the water

Paddle boards, canoes, kayaks, sailboats, pontoons...the list goes on and on. If you really want to go all out, you can even charter a yacht for a private party. Just don’t forget your captain’s hat for those sunny selfies. Not your speed? You might be surprised how many in your group would be down for a casual day fishing at the lake.

Open-air party buses

Our most booked activity (even before covid) is the Honky Tonk Party Express in Nashville. With no roof and protocols put into place, it’s one of the safer options for seeing the city while dancing to the bachelorette’s favorite bangers. You can book the same kind of tour in Miami with our Rumbachiva Party Bus in the app, or check out your options if you’re going to another city. Many “transpotainment” options have large open sides and/or no roof so the air keeps circulating while your feet keep moving.


The volume inside of this **bus** is ##astronomical!🤠💘 Download the BACH app to book your ##nashvilleparty bus! @bethakneezinthetrap @lakenfitch_

♬ DJ Yames Mashup 6 - Dj_yames

Grill n’ Games

Many of you told us you’re including yard games at your wedding to keep your non-dancing guests occupied. Why not start practicing now with cornhole, giant Jenga, horseshoes, and other games at your outdoor BATCH party? Bring some fun finger foods or fire up the grill at your AirBNB and you’ve got an afternoon filled in on the itinerary.

BATCH Tip: If you’re heading to Nashville for your party, 6th and Peabody is a great place to hang with local brews, Nashville hot chicken, and all the yard games you can imagine.

Movie Night

Okay, the outdoor screen might be a bit of a flex, but if you can’t afford the projection setup, just pick a couple of the bride’s favorite flicks, grab some Milk Duds, and laugh along for an epic slumber-party-style movie night at the AirBNB!

Pool Party

No explanation needed for this one, right? We all know how to throw an epic pool party—adorable floaties, swimsuit selfies, and Claws for days. Splurge for that home rental that keeps you away from crowds yet keeps the party going all weekend.

Private Chef

No, you’re not just watching another episode of Real Housewives, you’re celebrating a once-in-a-lifetime BATCH party with your besties. Impress them with a private brunch or dinner, prepared by a local chef, while you use the extra time to decorate the dining room or outdoor patio to make things extra special. To make this easier, several of our destinations like Charleston and Scottsdale have private chefs bookable in our app!

BATCH Tip: If your BATCH is in Charleston, choose these delicious short ribs from Chef Deljuan Murphy’s private menu 🤤


If your group is more outdoorsy than the average bear, you can set up camp with your crew and enjoy a full weekend of nature...and s’mores of course. If you take it a few steps further and hit “glamping” status, we definitely want to see those pics!

Dare we say...sports?

Never rule out the fun to be had during a softball game or tennis match...especially after sippin’ a few seltzers. Keep it casual or split your group into Bride vs MOH teams for volleyball. Find a fun go-kart track or paintball field, or maybe even show off your Katniss-inspired braid while shooting some arrows. Golf, batting cages, axe throwing, surfing...see what the group is into and let the battles begin!

Photoshoots/Mural Tours

A new trend that was taking off before the pandemic (and really took off after) are photoshoots and photography tours. In many of our destinations like Nashville and Scottsdale, you can book a professional photographer to guide you to the top photo-ops like colorful murals and local landmarks for wedding-album-quality shots of you with your friends. You picked this group to celebrate with you for a reason, so why not capture memories with them now, and not just during the scramble of the wedding day shoot?


Some of the best murals in AUSTIN, TX thanks to @rachel_prochnow ! ⭐️

♬ Bad girls_Smac McCreanor - Smac


If your BATCH is taking place in a destination like Vegas or Scottsdale, you won’t want to miss the scenery that only an off-road tour can provide. Drive through the desert dunes and take in the view as you kick your BATCH up a notch and enjoy a day with the badass bride-to-be. These machines are way easier to drive than they appear, but you can group up into 4-passenger vehicles if some of your crew is just along for the ride.

Paint & Sip

Painting while drinking wine has become a staple for group date nights, but no one ever said a roof is required to enjoy this experience. Set up easels, grab some solo cups, and start mixing your’s time to create with your crew!

BATCH Tip: Want to make things a little more bachelorette-y? You can book nude male drawing classes in several of our cities right in the app!

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