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Help a BATCH Out: Saving Big for the Big Day

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October 20, 2020

A bachelorette in the BATCH Fam reached out with a simple question: How can my fiancé and I save towards our 2022 wedding?

As always, you guys chimed in with your wonderful wedding wisdom and offered up some great advice. From silk bouquets to...selling plasma? Well, okay. Scroll below for helpful saving tips straight from your peers. 

Most given advice:

Stop eating out, and put aside a set amount of money per week or per paycheck into a savings account or separate wedding account.

Standout suggestion:

Saving on florals with Something Borrowed Blooms

Recommended apps:







All the advice:

My fiancé and I both put $150 a week in an account, plus some extra sometimes. We started 1 year ago and have $22k saved five weeks before our date!

Do a no-spend month with your fiancé. It can be fun when you do the challenge with someone!

Automatic monthly deposits into savings. Use the Mint app to stay within your weekly budget.

Start transferring $500 from checking to savings each month.

Put a portion of your paycheck back every time you get paid.

Cancel all subscriptions, stop buying on Amazon, find friends/family to help pay.

Budget!!!! We cancelled dining out/food delivery and cooked instead, and cancelled unnecessary subscriptions.

Budget & stick to it. Things add up so quickly, so what you save now will pay off later.

Don’t go out to eat. Save every spare penny. Don’t live above your means. DIY decor!!

Lower the budget. # of people at the wedding and don’t spend much on stationery.

Set a serious budget! Cut out extras. Mint is a really helpful app to track your spending.

Look on Facebook marketplace for deals on decor and signage.

Start by each putting $20 a week in a separate savings and up the amount as you see fit.

We put a set amount of money aside every paycheck — all extra cash flow went to the wedding.

You need 25-40% upfront for deposits so aim for that in the next 8 months. Lock it in!

Make a budget that will get you to your goal and stick to it.

Pay yourself first! Put $$ into savings directly from your paycheck.

Keep the guest list small.

Stop eating out!

Get side jobs and put ALL money earned into the fund.

Start a budget and TRACK YOUR SPENDING. EveryDollar is a great app to start with.

The Digit app!

Cut out takeout and going out to eat.

Small amounts make a big difference so find ways to cut back on the daily, but also in the wedding. Spend the money on things that are important to y’all. Then figure out alternatives for the other stuff. eSave the Dates. Buy your dress used. Spotify instead of a DJ. Small cake and Costco cake for the guests. AND ASK FRIENDS FOR HELP. You never know who was a florist in high school, or is an officiant, or can do ‘Day of Duty.’

When rando things come in (tax return, $20 from grandma, etc) put it in a separate wedding account.

Don’t eat out and drink at home!

No more eating out!

DIY! Research to find great vendors in your budget! Sample sales for dresses! Buy used decorations!


Don’t waste the money on a wedding!!

Sacrifice/prioritize. We scaled back on vacays, gift giving, and attending parties.

Plan things early and pay as you go, so you aren’t left owing a huge chunk of $$ right before the wedding.

STOP EATING OUT. Buy groceries and cook at home. Those five dollar meals add up at the end of the week.

Something Borrowed Blooms for flowers.

Donate plasma, drive for Uber and Lyft, cut costs for unnecessary stuff (pick ONE streaming service).

Acorns app.

Have your wedding on a weekday. Tends to be cheaper than a weekend.

Buy/sell pages for decor. I donate plasma and it all goes straight to the wedding.

Cut down on takeout and meal prep. Put that $ per week in savings instead.

Drink at home, not at bars. Vacations to Mexico instead of Hawaii. Make coffee at home.

Sit down together & budget out all the little things first (esp food and material items!)

Find as many sales for decor as possible at the end of wedding season in the fall

Every paycheck, set a certain amount aside, the day you get paid! Don’t wait.

Think of saving like a weekly/bi-weekly or monthly bill.

Something Borrowed Blooms! We’re using them for our flowers because it’s so cheap.

Decide on what’s important, which may mean you can’t “have it all.” Also, don’t invite acquaintances.

Don’t pay for meal prep companies, don’t get takeout but rather cook your own food!

DIY your bouquets and centerpieces. We saved so much money that way.

Stop getting your nails done.

Take out any unnecessary/frivolous expenses. $20 max a month to coffee out.

Pay vendors as you book them vs. waiting until 30 days before the wedding to pay everyone at once!

Wedding invitations from Party City! Same invites at a third of the cost.

Weekly automatic transfers from checking to savings. Save everything you don’t spend.

DIY whatever you possibly can; opt for a wedding package off offered by venue/microwedding.

Stop eating out for date night.

Take your budget and divide that up in the # of paychecks between now and the wedding.

Autosave does wonders!

Automate savings, take the amount and divide it by the months you have left, and have it go directly to savings.

Stop going out to eat. Stop eating fast food for lunch, etc. Stop buying coffee out. Coupon at the grocery store. Plan out your lunches/dinners you’re going to make AT HOME. Make coffee, lattes, iced coffee at home. Buy things on sale.

Save bottles/ helped me save $500 over the summer. Also keep a change jar.

Eating in!

Open up a joint savings account and deposit a set amount from each paycheck.

Every time you think about going out or buying something, save that amount in an account instead.

Choose 2-3 most important things to you about the wedding and spend your money there.

Do an auto-transfer to a savings account on a monthly basis.

Divide the total by the # of weeks and have it automatically go to savings.

Eat out less.

Cut out little non-essentials. I save $10-$20 every week just making coffee at home.

Qapital app will automatically save for you on top of budgeting for bills and saving the rest.

Agree how much each of you set aside from your paychecks into savings and do it!

Make a plan on how much you’d like to spend/allot for each vendor. Easier to reach goals.

Just do it. As soon as you get paid, move that set amount over. And don’t touch it.

Eat out as little as possible and put whatever money you save weekly into a wedding savings account!

Set up an emergency fund. Enroll in Financial Peace University from Dave Ramsey!

Put $100 a paycheck away. Biweekly that’s $2600 a year, each!

Keep the guest list small! Catering costs a fortune.

DIY centerpieces and pick bigger flowers to fill out your bouquet.

Track spending every month. Make a budget that you can stick to! Budgeting apps are your friend.

Don’t order out. Cook at home.

Set aside $250 each week. Eat out only 2x a month. Cook often. DON’T GO TO TARGET!

Get married on a Friday or Sunday! Don’t buy wedding favors!

Stop eating out and buying coffee out. Also, I strongly recommend getting a financial advisor!

Stop eating out. Stop drinking! You’ll save so much money!

It’s quarantine so hopefully you’re not going anywhere and can put extra in your savings?

Stop eating out.

Meal prep. Don’t go out as much. And only buy necessities for a while!

Cut things like cable, XM radio etc, esp if you have streaming services!

Don’t go anywhere and follow @thebudgetmom on Instagram.

Open a separate bank account and have a portion of your check deposited each month.

Don’t spend anything unless to live, eat, or breathe with it.

Toss a bridesmaid bouquet instead of paying extra for a toss bouquet.

Candelabras vs tall centerpieces.

Stop eating meals out. Saved us SO much money, plus helps with the wedding diet!

Keeping the guest list small will have the most impact on your budget.

Get a weekend job! I was a waitress on the weekends even though I have a really good job.

Qapital—it’s an app that will automatically put money aside and has different ways to save!

Every time you get paid, save 100-200. Even if it sounds like nothing, it’ll add up!

Plan all dinners/meals for the week before grocery shopping. It helps eliminate wasted spend!

Get the Cash app or a savings debit card. Also just plan to put back small amounts each week.

My fiancé and I are also getting married in 2022. We are saving 1k a month. Would also say use a high yield savings account! Also, it’s not worth going broke over. So please don’t get yourself in a credit card debt hole.

Use apps that round up your purchases and saves the change. It’s little but it adds up!

Select a set amount or % of your salary that’s directly deposited into a wedding savings account!

Qapital app.

Direct depositing into an account you don’t have easy access to and that yields interest.

Follow Dave Ramsey! Track money using his budget app!

Don’t use a florist!

Stop buying Starbucks. Seriously.

Good luck, BATCH Fam. Pinch those pennies now and you’ll be diving into dollars in no time. And if it helps to save 10% on your BATCH party activities, try using promo code BATCHBLOG when you checkout in the BATCH app. 😉

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