How to Stay Cool at Your Summer Bachelorette Party

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August 3, 2023

When it comes to celebrating your bride-to-be, sun-kissed days are tough to beat. However, when the warm glow turns to scorching hot, sometimes you need a little extra help to keep the party going without feeling the burn. Here are some simple ideas to beat the heat without sacrificing the bash, let’s jump in to see all the ways to stay cool and chic this summer!

Venue and Activity Choice

The obvious and easiest way to beat the heat is to plan for something indoors with AC. But, when the outdoors come calling, there are still ways to keep your cool. Think rooftop bar with misters, shaded picnic areas with an ocean breeze, lit cabanas, or incorporate water activities into your day. From pool parties and beach walks to kayaking and boating, the possibilities are endless. Pontoon Party at Devils Cove and Private Sailing Harbor Cruise are great examples of how to have a day and still stay cool.

bride floating in pool

Stay Hydrated

Booze and bachelorettes are tried and true combo. But they can dry you out quicker than a sponge soaking up your spilled drink. So when heading into a sun-filled day, make sure to encourage hydration. Throwing together a party pack with a water bottle and Liquid IV/electrolyte drinks is a great way to keep all your crew enjoying the party to the fullest! 

Dress Appropriately

Think airy when packing for your warm weather BATCH bash. Light, breathable, cotton and flowy is the way to go - so keep that in mind when making those matching outfits! Party favor bags with sun hats, sunglasses, and fans is another fun way to keep your crew looking chic and coordinated while also getting some much-needed relief from the rays. 

If you’re not as into the matchy-matchy, how about cooling accessories? Handheld misting fans, cooling towels, or mini handheld fans will instantly relieve the heat, keep the party spirit alive, and make a great addition to any party favor bag.

Smart Scheduling

Planning what you will do is almost as important as when to do it. When heat is likely a companion for your party, plan all your outdoor activities (not on the water) for the mornings or evenings to avoid those intense daytime highs. In addition to keeping everyone more comfortable, it gives you a great way to break your day up. Consider planning some inside activities during the hottest part of the day, like Wreck Rooms, Splatter Bash, or In-Home Massages, to keep the entertainment factor at an all-time high. Or duck into a museum, gallery, or boutique to get some respite from the heat. 

Shade and Treats

It’s Hot Girl Summer in more ways than one. That sun can really take a lot out of your crew. Here’s where shade is your friend. Whether under a canopy of trees, an umbrella, or a tent, anywhere to get out of direct sunlight will make a difference. And, if you throw out some comfy pillows or chairs and get people sitting and mingling, the heat of the day will be the last thought on their minds. 

nene leakes bring on the shade

Once everyone is kicking it in a shaded, chic spot, it’s time for drinks and refreshing treats. Fresh fruits and veggie spreads help keep you hydrated in a fun way, ice cream and popsicles are always a W, and of course, what’s a party without a frozen cocktail/mocktail?

Stay Fresh and Protected

A word to the wise, some of us sweat more than others or tan like a tomato. So when throwing together those goodie bags, maybe consider adding sunscreen and Carpe products to keep everyone looking and feeling their best. Believe me; your peeps will thank you. 

With this list of ideas, you should be well on your way to an epic bachelorette party, no matter how much heat the sun throws your way. From activity choices and scheduling and ways to stay hydrated and looking great to heat-beating hacks, you can keep the party hot in only the right ways. Cheers to an unforgettable summer bash!

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