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Nashville Bachelorette Party Themes

Trends & Inspo
October 2, 2023

There's no denying it—Nashville is the ultimate destination for a bachelorette party. Known as "Music City," this vibrant city is renowned for its honky-tonk bars, live music venues, mouthwatering cuisine, and rich history. The popular strip "Lower Broadway" is a haven for pre-wedding fun, lined with numerous bars, restaurants, and shops that guarantee an unforgettable experience. Add to this the unique charm of themed parties, and you're all set for a celebration that's both fun and memorable.

Nashville Bachelorette Party Themes: Rock Your Celebration in Music City

Cowgirl Up Before the Ring

Saddle up, ladies! It's time to take the bride on a wild Western whirlwind before she says, "I do." With the spirit of Nashville's cowboy culture and the glamour of its modern vibes, this bachelorette theme blends old-world charm with contemporary chic. Let the bride channel her inner cowgirl one last time before she ties the knot.

Decor Ideas

  1. Saloon-style swinging doors at the entrance of the party venue.
  2. Lanterns and fairy lights strung across rustic wooden beams.
  3. Vintage horseshoe decorations adorned with flowers.
  4. Centerpieces with cacti, desert flowers, and cowboy boot vases.
  5. Western-themed photo booth props like lassos, sheriff badges, and oversized cowboy hats.

What to Wear

  1. Denim jackets customized with names or "Bride Squad" for the bridal party.
  2. Cowgirl boots paired with cute sundresses.
  3. Braided hairdos with wildflower accents.
  4. Vintage brooches or pins, echoing Nashville's old-town charm.
  5. Leather belts paired with fringe skirts or dresses.


  1. Mechanical bull riding competition with a fun prize for the longest ride.
  2. A Western-themed scavenger hunt in the heart of Music City.
  3. DIY bandana crafting session, letting guests personalize their own.
  4. Visit to a cowboy hat shop, letting the bride pick out a special hat.
  5. Country-themed trivia night, spotlighting Nashville's legendary music history.

NashVegas Nights

What happens in Nashville, stays in Nashville! Think neon lights, cowboy boots, and maybe even a little Elvis. Experience Nashville's lively nightlife. Dress up, hit the dance floor, and soak in the electrifying atmosphere of the city's clubs and bars.

Decor Ideas

  1. Casino Corners: Set up casino-style game tables with poker, blackjack, and roulette.
  2. Country Glam: Combine glitzy tablecloths with rustic centerpieces (think Mason jar fairy lights).
  3. Neon Signs: Borrow from Vegas with neon signs saying things like "NashVegas Nights" or "Bet on the Bride".
  4. Cowboy Hat & Feather Boa Combo: For table centerpieces or wall decor.
  5. Gold & Glitter: Sequined table runners, gold vases, and glittery hanging decors.
  6. Country Record Wall: Hang vintage country records interspersed with glitzy Vegas symbols.
  7. Boots & Dice: Integrate cowboy boots filled with flowers, surrounded by large foam dice.
  8. String Lights: To recreate the starry Vegas strip vibe.

What to Wear

  1. Glam Cowboy Hats: Think sequins, glitter, and bold colors.
  2. Feather Boas: Bring in the Vegas showgirl vibe.
  3. Denim & Diamonds: Rhinestone-studded denim jackets or shirts.
  4. High Heel Cowboy Boots: Perfect mix of country and couture.
  5. Glittery Dresses: With a country flair, like fringed or with cowboy belt accessories.
  6. Vegas Showgirl Headpieces: With a Nashville twist, perhaps integrated with a cowboy hat.
  7. Statement Jewelry: Big, bold, and sparkling.


  1. Country Karaoke: Add in some Vegas pop hits to the mix.
  2. Dance-Off: Half line dancing, half glitzy Vegas numbers.
  3. Casino Games: With faux money, perhaps branded with the bride's face.
  4. Cowboy Boot & Slipper Relay: A race where you switch from boots to glam heels.
  5. Honky-Tonk Bar Hop: If you're actually in Nashville, visit bars but with a glam Vegas dress code.
  6. Photo Booth: With props from both worlds: guitars, dice, cowboy hats, and feather boas.
  7. Guitar & Glam: A craft station where attendees can decorate small guitars with glitz and glam.
  8. NashVegas Quiz Night: Questions about Nashville, Vegas, and the bride-to-be.
  9. Jackpot Jenga: A game of Jenga where certain blocks correspond to dares or prizes.
two girls in front of pink bus one in sa pink jeweled hat and a white jacket that says nash vegas and the other with a green hat and denim jacket that says wife of the party

NashBash: Last Solo in Music City

As the saying goes, there's no party like a NashBash, especially when it's celebrating the bride's final solo gig in Music City. Embrace the symphony of sounds, sights, and southern charm that Nashville has to offer, ensuring the bride's final days as a single lady strike the perfect chord.

Decor Ideas

  1. Vinyl record table centerpieces with bride’s favorite songs.
  2. Nashville skyline murals for photo opportunities.
  3. Music-themed fairy lights.
  4. Sipping Pretty in Music City banner
  5. Signature cocktail menus designed like concert tickets.

What to Wear

  1. Custom shirts highlighting the bride's "tour dates" (important dates leading up to the wedding).
  2. Vintage bandanas with music-themed prints.
  3. Cowboy boots accessorized with musical charms.
  4. Temporary tattoos of iconic Nashville symbols.
  5. Denim jackets with "Last Solo in Music City" patches.


  1. Karaoke night at a renowned Nashville bar.
  2. Private guitar or banjo lessons.
  3. Group tour of iconic music landmarks, from the Ryman Auditorium to Music Row.
  4. Themed scavenger hunt around the city's famous music spots.
  5. Reserved seating at a live honky-tonk bar for dancing and music.

Rhinestones & Rendezvous

Dazzle and glimmer set the tone as you immerse in an evening of sparkling celebrations and mysterious meetings. Channel the glamour of Nashville's stars, sprinkled with a touch of intrigue.

Decor Ideas

  1. Tables with rhinestone-studded cloths.
  2. Cowboy hats encrusted with jewels.
  3. Luminous candelabras draped in beads.
  4. Crystal curtain backdrops.
  5. Sparkling masks for a hint of mystery.

What to Wear

  1. Dresses glinting with sequins and rhinestones.
  2. Jewel-encrusted cowboy boots.
  3. Glamorous masquerade masks.
  4. Crystal-studded leather jackets.
  5. Feathered and bedazzled accessories.


  1. Jewel crafting workshop.
  2. VIP entry to a glitzy Nashville club.
  3. Rhinestone makeup and makeover session.
  4. Mystery game night.
  5. Star-studded dance-off.

Bride's Last Ride in Music City

The bride is saddling up for her final Nashville hurrah before embarking on her matrimonial journey. Celebrate in pure Nashvillian style, fusing the city's musical heart with its rustic charm.

Decor Ideas

  1. Western boots and music note fusion centerpieces.
  2. Hay bales paired with guitars for seating.
  3. Disco balls with cowboy hat cups.
  4. Saloon-style photo booth.
  5. Rustic signs with musical quotes.

What to Wear

  1. Denim and lace combination outfits.
  2. Guitars as purses or bags.
  3. Cowboy boots with musical note details.
  4. Rustic belts with music-themed buckles.
  5. Sashes with musical puns.


  1. Horseback riding to a country tune.
  2. Songwriting session with a local artist.
  3. Square dancing lessons.
  4. Campfire session with country songs.
  5. Music City landmark tour on horse-drawn wagons.

Country Queen Before the Big Scene

The buzz of the neon lights, the twang of a guitar, and the promise of an unforgettable night – this is the allure of Nashville for our "Country Queen". Before she takes her bow to a new chapter, it's time for one more hootin' and hollerin' night on the town. For the bride who's always been the queen of country, let's make sure she celebrates in pure Nashville style before her big scene.

Decor Ideas

  1. Rustic wooden signs with classic country song lyrics.
  2. Mason jar centerpieces filled with daisies and baby's breath.
  3. Barn-style photo booth complete with hay bales and a checkered backdrop.
  4. Cowgirl hat and boot balloon arrangements.
  5. Table settings with bandana napkins and wooden cutlery.

What to Wear

  1. "Country Queen" sashes for the bride and "Royal Court" for the bridesmaids.
  2. Fringe vests or jackets for an extra touch of country flair.
  3. Cowboy boots adorned with personalized charms.
  4. Gingham accessories, from headbands to belts.
  5. Pearl snap shirts or dresses that echo classic country style.


  1. Line dancing lesson at a local country dance hall.
  2. Country karaoke showdown with a fun prize for the best performer.
  3. Tasting tour of Nashville's best Southern comfort food joints.
  4. Sunset horseback ride around scenic trails.
  5. Evening at a live country music venue, with a special song dedication to the bride.

Southern Sirens

Southern charm meets bridal beauty in the "Southern Sirens" theme, beckoning a world of sweet tea, magnolia blooms, and honeyed sunsets. It's about embracing the elegance of the South with a touch of mystery and allure. Step into a setting where sultry meets sophisticated, and the stories whispered among the southern belle bachelorettes are as timeless as the melodies that drift through Nashville's streets.

Decor Ideas

  1. Vintage lace tablecloths complemented by mason jar centerpieces filled with fresh magnolias.
  2. Elegant candelabras entwined with wisteria and draped pearls.
  3. Antique birdcages adorned with blooming roses and ivy.
  4. A photo backdrop featuring an aged Southern mansion facade with mossy trees.
  5. Gentle fairy lights hung overhead, creating a soft, dreamy ambiance.

What to Wear

  1. Flowing maxi dresses or southern belle gowns with lace details.
  2. Broad-brimmed hats, accentuated with ribbons and feathers.
  3. Antique jewelry, perhaps heirlooms or vintage pieces with intricate designs.
  4. Elegant gloves and lace parasols for a touch of classic southern refinement.
  5. Soft makeup palettes with rosy cheeks and classic red lipstick.


  1. A sultry southern ball, with a live band playing classics and crooners from the heart of the South.
  2. Tastings of classic southern cocktails, from Mint Juleps to Peach Bellinis.
  3. A "Sirens' Secrets" game where attendees share a little-known story or secret about the bride.
  4. Attend a jazz or blues night, letting the smooth sounds transport the group.
  5. A DIY perfume bar, where attendees can create their own signature "Southern Siren" scent.

Boots, Bachelorettes & Broadway

Broadway isn't just a place—it's an experience, and there's no better backdrop for a bachelorette bash! Embrace the bright lights, magnetic energy, and unbeatable soundtracks of Nashville's iconic Broadway, and treat your bride-to-be to an unforgettable pre-wedding celebration that dances to its own rhythm. Combine the allure of country boots with the glam of the theatre for a bachelorette bash that's as vibrant as Music City itself.

Decor Ideas

  1. Vintage marquee lights or neon signs reading "Bride's Broadway Bash."
  2. Red carpet entry with gold stanchions for that Broadway premiere feel.
  3. Cowboy boots filled with bright flowers.
  4. Vintage Nashville posters.
  5. Mini stages with velvet ropes.

What to Wear

  1. Sequined or fringe dresses paired with classic cowboy boots.
  2. Broadway-themed accessories like masquerade masks or feather boas.
  3. Custom shirts showcasing famous Broadway quotes with a country twist.
  4. Chic hats that blend fedora classiness with country charm.
  5. Gloves, pearls, and bow ties for that added theatrical flair.


  1. Karaoke showdown with a mix of country classics and Broadway hits.
  2. Broadway-style dance lessons, turning everyone into dance floor divas.
  3. Attend a live country music show on the actual Broadway strip.
  4. Host a mini talent show, giving everyone a chance to showcase their unique skills.
  5. Organize a "Broadway and Boots" themed trivia, quizzing guests on their knowledge of Nashville's music scene and iconic theatre moments.

Country Divas

Channel the spirit of iconic country music stars like Loretta Lynn, Dolly Parton, or contemporary sensations like Carrie Underwood. Dress the part and dance the night away at honky tonk bars like Tootsies Orchid Lounge.

  • Decor Ideas: Sequined tablecloths, twinkling fairy lights, and floral arrangements with sunflowers and wildflowers.
  • What to Wear: Country diva outfits, cowboy boots, denim shorts, plaid shirts, or sequined dresses.
  • Activities: Create a playlist of country hits, plan line dancing sessions, and serve Southern cuisine with country-themed cocktails.

Create a playlist, hire live entertainment, serve Southern cuisine and offer country-themed cocktails. Prepare personalized goodie bags with country-themed items and Nashville souvenirs. Enjoy a memorable "Country Divas" bachelorette party in Nashville!

Hot Chicken Hotties

Dive into the spicy world of Nashville's renowned hot chicken. Test your limits with varying spice levels and bond over the shared experience.

  • Decor Ideas: Choose vibrant venues like Hattie B's Hot Chicken, personalized hot sauce party favors
  • What to Wear: Bold attire, preferably in red.
  • Activities: Hot chicken tasting sessions, spicy games, and music to keep the energy high.

Honky Tonk Angels

Celebrate Nashville's Honky Tonk roots by visiting Broadway Street's best bars. Engage in line dancing, live music, and enjoy a classic Southern experience.

  • Decor Ideas: Country-themed elements, perhaps in venues like Tootsies Orchid Lounge.
  • What to Wear: Country attire, complemented by accessories like a Silk Rhinestone Fringe Bandana.
  • Activities: Enjoy live music, line dancing, and Southern comfort food.

BBQ Babes

Relish in the smoky flavors of Nashville's famous BBQ joints. With endless options, embark on a culinary adventure like no other.

  • Decor Ideas: Consider a vibrant barbecue venue like Peg Leg Porker BBQ and add rustic touches.
  • What to Wear: Comfortable attire, ready for a feast.
  • Activities: BBQ-themed games, such as sauce tasting contests, and of course, a feast of smoked meats and traditional sides.

Western Cowgirl Getaway

Embrace the Wild West spirit with a visit to a real Nashville ranch. Engage in horseback riding, line dancing, and enjoy country hits in the heart of Music City.

  • Decor Ideas: Rustic-themed elements, perhaps at venues like AJ's Goodtime Bar.
  • What to Wear: Cowboy hats, flashy boots, and Western attire.
  • Activities: Visit a ranch, enjoy line dancing, and savor hearty Southern dishes.

Whiskey and Wine Weekend

Explore Nashville's whiskey distilleries and wine vineyards, such as the renowned Arrington Vineyards. Dive deep into tastings and immerse yourself in the city's beverage scene.

  • Decor Ideas: Rustic and chic elements, incorporating textures like burlap and wine cork accents.
  • What to Wear: Elegant attire suitable for tastings and tours, whiskey Bachelorette shirts
  • Activities: Wine or whiskey tasting sessions, and pairing the beverages with foods like charcuterie boards.

In the heart of Nashville, with its unique blend of music, history, and vibrant atmosphere, any bachelorette party is bound to be unforgettable. Choose a theme that resonates with the bride-to-be and her crew, and ensure that the celebration is filled with laughter, memories, and a whole lot of Music City magic. Whether you're channeling your inner "Country Diva" or exploring the city on a party bus as "Music City Maidens," the options are limitless and the fun is guaranteed. So, put on those cowboy boots, tune into some country hits, and get ready for a Nashville bachelorette party like no other!

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