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February 1, 2021

What we’ve learned about the BATCH Fam through Instagram polls - BATCH

Must Haves
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February 1, 2021
June 22, 2020

What’s up, BATCH Fam?!

As we approach the one-year mark of helping the BATCH community plan your parties on the BATCH app, we wanted to look back and celebrate you! Here are some of the funny, quirky, and heartwarming insights we’ve learned about you awesome people in the last year. Hope you enjoy!

Wedding Etiquette

Main Takeaway: The Fam isn’t afraid to break with tradition and walk down the aisle to the beat of your own drum.

69% of you love to mix it up with mismatched bridesmaids dresses. And when it comes to the first dance, an overwhelming 87% of you prefer to keep it natural and authentic rather than choreographed. The song needn’t be played by a band, either. In fact, 75% of y’all are partial to dancing the night away with a wedding DJ rather than a traditional band. 

Flower girl or no flower girl? While most of you probably find the flower girl ridiculously adorable, 90% said having one in a wedding isn’t the end all be all. 

Thinking of throwing your BATCH party after the wedding? Good news: 82% of the Fam would absolutely support you in re-scheduling the festivities after getting married. Party when you can!

Oh, and lastly: the majority of you appreciated a newer take on wedding desserts, with 65% voting for cookies over a cake for the groom. 

Wedding Attire 

Main takeaway:
While the Fam has a pretty progressive, modern take on weddings, you tend to like it when the bride and (especially) the groom keep their wardrobe simple, tasteful, and classic. 

69% of you prefer a groom dressed in a traditional suit (no khakis and, please, no Harley Davidson biker jacket), instead of wearing something that makes a statement. Additionally, suits won out over tuxes with 64%. 

For wedding dresses, you’re all about the long game. 91% of you said you favor a classically long and elegant wedding dress over a short dress. 

By the same token, bridal veil vigilantes won big with 80%, of the vote, and 68% of you prefer high heels for the wedding day over a fresh pair of kicks.

Two outfit changes for the bride throughout the night is the Fam’s consensus. 

Bride Brain

Main Takeaway
: It’s not just about creating a unique, memorable moment for you. In fact, you think it’s mostly about everyone at the wedding celebrating together and having a helluva good time!

86% of you agree with the above statement. 

BATCH Party Philosophy

Main Takeaway: You’re team players, master logisticians, and no bullshit besties to the bride. 

While you have no problem keeping your activities boozy and casual, 64% of you like a tidy plan of action for the weekend, rather than winging it. An airtight plan means all you have to worry about is having an amazing time (and keeping track of your wallet, keys, cell phone, and Amanda…). 

Teamwork makes the dream work for the BATCH Fam. Communal living at an Airbnb takes the cake over hotels with 88% of the vote. Interestingly, this used to hover around 50/50 before coronavirus, but the pandemic has only brought you closer. 

When asked if the Maid of Honor should pay for most of the bachelorette party, 91% of the Fam resoundingly said hell nah—you want even splits. 

And if the bride wants to plan her own BATCH party, 83% of you say go ahead and do your thing, girl. Who knows the bride better?

BATCH Party activities

Main Takeaway: You’re laid-back, unpretentious, down-to-earth -- and you love a good laugh over (several) drinks. 

62% of you would rather drink and watch a comedy show than attend a fancy Broadway play. And 70% of you voted for a cocktail class over a pole dancing tutorial.  I think we’re starting to see a theme here...🍸🍹

We also learned that 79% of you are veritable swim fans, happy to float down the Colorado river in Austin versus going on a city mural tour for your BATCH party. Related: 79% of y’all would also rather drink on a boat or by/in the pool than stumble through the streets on a pub crawl. 

Lastly -- and we obviously knew this already, but your responses confirmed it: you’re the songbirds of this generation (after 5 to 10 White Claws). 68% of you prefer late-night karaoke over roller skating. Featured artists during karaoke would be sure to include Lizzo, Beyonce, and Taylor Swift (in that order). 

BATCH Budget

Main Takeaway: 
You like to have fun and you’re comfortable spending money, but you know there’s a way to create a fun and special experience for the bride while still being wallet-friendly.

You think around $300 is a fair price-range for what to expect to spend during a BATCH weekend (not including flights).

BATCH Heroes and Villains

Main Takeaway: The Fam is fiercely loyal to the bride and always watches out for number one...even if that means ruffling some feathers along the way. 

As if this even needed clarification from an Instagram poll:  no boys allowed on the bachelorette weekend! 98% said absolutely not to the hypothetical bridesmaid who asked if she could bring her hypothetical boyfriend to the hypothetical BATCH party.  (For real, though, was that a serious question?)

You know some things don’t need to be dredged up again (and other things just can’t be forgiven).  89% said the bride’s ex should NOT be invited to the wedding. 

You don’t suffer procrastinators gladly. In a very specific (and realistic) hypothetical, we asked if you were the MOH and had asked the bride’s sis for the location of the bridal shower for 4 months...if you would keep waiting. 81% of you said no shot. You’d commandeer that sh*t and orchestrate the shower from start to finish like a resourceful, industrious boss.  

(Also, speaking of villains, 93% of you think Carol Baskin fed that guy to tigers, they snackin’ 🐅🐅🐅). 

Booze for your BATCH

Main Takeaway: You love booze, especially when it’s free, and we love ya for it. 

Open bar at the wedding reception? F*ck yes, said 87% of you. And what about for the morning after brunch bev: bloody marys or mimosas? For 79%, mimosas were your morning mainstays. 

Speaking of free booze, we've given away over $5,000 in free booze to you BATCHes since we launched our Instagram account. You guys are thirsty!

Re-scheduling Weddings

Main Takeaway:
You put in so much work the first time around. You’ve made a few updates, but generally aren’t stressing too much over the small stuff!

Should you get completely different designed invites for the new wedding day or keep the old design? 72% say save yourself the hassle and keep the old ones. That said, 61% think you should send new formal invites for the rescheduled wedding date. 

Plan on having a small wedding this year before your bigger reception in 2021? 64% say the bride can absolutely wear the dress twice. 


Biggest Takeway:
You’re a loyal, fun, progressive, badass bunch. We’re so lucky to be a small part of your BATCH experiences and we can’t wait for all of the celebrations to come!

Be sure to keep up with BATCH trends and participate in the polls by following our Instagram Stories. Be a part of the Fam! 

Be well. 



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