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12 Bachelorette Cake Ideas from Fun to Cute to Risqué

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July 1, 2021

Venue? Booked. Invites? Sent. Bride-to-be? Ecstatic. Menu? … A work in progress. A ball-out bachelorette weekend has a precise fun + girls + food = success formula, and picking out the bachelorette cake is next on your to-do list.

Bachelorette cakes have a history of being...well, raunchy. While we can't suppress our giggles when it comes to cake mix shaped into genital form, this approach isn't the only creative use of fondant. 

Below, we're changing the narrative surrounding the X-rated party cake, offering our favorite bachelorette cake ideas to date. We share the frosting-on-top finish to your bachelorette weekend, whether your theme is fun, flashy, cute, or all-around hilarious 🎂. 

12 Bachelorette Cake Ideas We Can't Stop Thinking About 

bachelorette cakes ideas: GIF of a woman eating a cake

To make sure time with your girls is oh-so-sweet, you need a bachelorette party cake to top off the weekend. Below, we share a number of gorgeous (and sometimes outrageous) cake designs for the perfect BATCH bash.

1. Put a Ring On It 

Pop quiz: How many ring selfies can one future bride take? Answer: The limit does not exist. 

Let your bride-to-be bask in the glory of her new bling, creating a cake in the shape of her ring. Use this diamond engagement ring cake mold to DIY your own jeweled cake. Don't trust your baking skills? This tutorial helps you frost your cake like a pro, or you can simply order a dozen cupcakes and finish them with these diamond ring cupcake toppers.

2. Martini Cake 

bachelorette cakes ideas: Martini Cake

Image: Kelly's Cupcake Cupboard 

Whether the future bride is a Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, or Samantha, you need to celebrate with one last single night in the city. For a fun bachelorette party idea, design a cake with all the ingredients for a perfect girl's night: heels, pearls, martinis, and one very sparkly diamond ring. 

This fun party cake features all of the above, making it a fun centerpiece for the festivities. For party favors, give away custom martini glasses engraved with the bride's first name.

3. Pole Dancing Cake 

If you're taking this hen party to Vegas for the weekend, you may be tempted to visit Magic Mike Live or take a private pole dancing class. What better way to commemorate the weekend then by recreating those moves in buttercream form?

Decorate your own batch and bridal shower cake by decorating your own pole dancing cake. This custom cake topper from Amazon includes the future bride's name, along with a tasteful silhouette of her dancing moves.

4. Boob Cake Pops 

If the girl of the hour requests a lingerie shower, then give the lady what she wants. These adorable cake pops take things up a notch, where a pair of pops are decorated as busts in frosting lingerie. 

To make your pops, try this yummy recipe. You'll also need a cake pop (or donut hole) maker and lollipop sticks. Be sure to give the bride a new lingerie wardrobe. Each sexy outfit can double as party decorations.

5. Classy Donut Tower 

There are no hard rules when it comes to bachelorette parties. Therefore, if your girl's top-ranked treat is donuts — not cake — then build a donut tower "cake" for your girls night.

Stack a series of frosted donuts in a tower, then use a fun cake topper to finish off your creation. This adorable topper would be great for a bachelorette or engagement party, displaying the words, "She said yes!" in handwriting across a pink banner.

6. Champagne Flute Cake 

bachelorette cakes ideas: Champagne Flute Cake

Image: Snowdrop & Co. on Minted

Ready to toast to the happy couple? This all-pink boozy cake would be fun as a bachelorette or engagement cake.

While birthday cakes get candles, a BATCH dessert calls for something a bit more 21+ friendly. This adorable cake is covered in (filled!) mini champagne flutes, allowing you to raise your glass to the bride-to-be.

7. Wedding Dress Treats 

If your girl spent months (let’s be honest — years) picking out the perfect wedding dress, then commemorate her wardrobe addition with a gorgeous cake. This wedding dress cake is actually dozens of party cupcakes expertly puzzle-pieced together into a bridal gown shape. 

To recreate this gorgeous confection, you simply need dozens of chocolate cake cupcakes with white frosting. Then, sketch the outline of a bridal gown on a sturdy piece of tagboard, and place the cupcakes inside your design.

8. Happy Ever After Cake 

If the theme of the bachelorette weekend is "Disneyland or bust," you need a cake to complete the weekend. This cake topper represents every Disney princess's dream come true: It says "Happily Ever After" in cursive

You can create a tasteful, simple dessert by decorating your cake in white and Minnie-Mouse pink, then adding some glitter for good measure. Simply add the Disney wedding cake topper before serving.

9. Nostalgic Party Cake

Nostalgic Party Cake

Image: Mayan Rocks 

With wedding planning stress at an all-time high, your future bride may long for the days when things were much simpler. Give her those warm, fuzzy feelings with a few throwbacks from her childhood.

This fun cake represents the bride's favorite TV show from the '90s: Friends. Decorated as Monica's front door and topped with the classic Ross-Rachel line, "He's her lobster," it brings back fond memories from decades past. Snap a few pics posing like the iconic six characters to commemorate the evening. 

10. Six-Pack Abs Cake 

If you want to make your bride blush, you can certainly go with a naughty cake. But if moms (or grandmas!) are in attendance at the bridal shower party, you may need to take things from X-rated to PG-13.

Rather than go for the risqué penis cake, try a tasteful (and tasty) six-pack abs cake instead. This cake decorating tutorial shows you how to make a dessert in the shape of a shirtless man — provocative enough for your BATCH party, yet family-function approved. 

11. Drunk in Love Cake 

Is your favorite party girl ready to walk down the aisle? As your BFF trades her single Saturday nights for staying in with the love of her life, give her a fun party cake for her last hurrah.

This gorgeous cake would work for a bachelorette or Valentine's Day party. Covered in buttercream white roses, it's finished with a glittery gold topper from Etsy that reads, "Drunk in love."

12. Corset Cake 

Corset Cake

Image: Allison Mccarrick on Cakes We Bake 

The groom is certainly a lucky man — his future bride is gorgeous, stunning, and unrestrained. And you and the rest of the bridesmaids won’t let him forget it.

This boudoir corset cake would be perfect for a bachelorette or bachelor party. Refined yet seductive, it's a fun way to represent the future bride. 

Plan Your Delicious Party on the BATCH App 

You decided on your party theme and your bachelorette cake inspo. Now, you need to buy the ingredients (or select a baker, if no one trusts their piping skills). 

On the BATCH app, you can split the costs of ingredients and supplies with the rest of the bridesmaids. Or, if you're torn between a tasteful diamond ring cake or sexy bra cake pops, you can set up a poll to determine the winner. 

Download the BATCH app to take all the stress out of party planning. That way, you can focus on the to-dos that truly matter — like taste testing, for instance.

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