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January 9, 2023

Bachelorette Party Sashes to Accessorize Your Weekend

Trends & Inspo
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January 9, 2023
September 5, 2021

It's your bestie's last weekend as a single woman, and you're pulling out all the stops. The next item to check off your bachelorette party task list? Wardrobe.

Heels? Check. Tiara? Check. BATCH T-shirts? Check. Sashes? Whoa … not checked. But don't worry, that's where we come in.

Below, we're diving into all the various bachelorette party sashes that should make an appearance on the big weekend. From classic satin sashes to those glitzed out in glitter, we have every option to doll up the bride-to-be for her last single weekend.

12 Bachelorette Party Sashes We Can't Stop Gushing Over 

Bachelorette party sashes: Bachelorette Weekend GIF

How often do you get to parade down the street decked out in heels, tiaras, and sashes? Below, we offer the best glitz and glam sashes to outfit your bachelorette party weekend. 

1. Accessorize Your Whole Bride Squad

Bachelorette party sashes: Bride to Be Sash Wedding Bachelorette Party

Why should the bride be the only accessorized member of your crew? This collection of bride-to-be sashes features something special for everyone in your crew — including the maid-of-honor (*cough* dishonor), mother of the bride (the hot mama), and other besties and bridesmaids (the bad influence, designated drunk, and shot queen). The bride's sash is all white with gold foil lettering, while the remaining sashes come in black. Big Beryl, $27.99 (set of seven)

2. Hoist the Sails for Your Nauti Theme

Bachelorette party sashes: Nauti Bride and Crew Sashes

If you're hosting your bachelorette and bridal party at the beach, your parents’ lakehouse, or even your Airbnb's backyard pool, you might go overboard with a nautical theme. These nauti sashes are the perfect anchor to your weekend, with a white bride sash featuring the words "Nauti Bride." The rest of your sash set comes decked out in a sea-worthy navy blue and gold lettering, with the words, "Nauti Crew," written in cursive. Your Party Box, $14 (set of six)

3. Add Rose Gold Touches for a Little Glam

Bachelorette party sashes: Bride To Be Rose Gold Glam

If you're looking for a high-quality sash for the woman of honor, this rose gold bride-to-be sash may be a great fit. With double-layer satin and hidden stitches, this premium sash won't rip or tear when you hit the town (or the dance floor). A glitter pineapple and cursive writing is printed on your choice of white, gold, or pink, creating a gorgeous sash for your girl's last bash. The House of Bachelorette, $14.50 (one sash)

4. Party on at the Last Flamingle

Bachelorette party sashes: Tropical Bride to Be Sash with Pink Flamingo

If you're throwing your girl a flamingo-themed bachelorette — a last flamingle, if you will — then you simply have to go with this tropical sash. Decorated in palm trees and a hot pink flamingo, it's the finishing touch on any seaside bachelorette party. This sash can easily be personalized to suit your tastes, particularly if you want to order team bride sashes for the whole group. Etsy, $17 (one sash)

5. Commemorate "The One Where She Gets Married"

Bachelorette party sashes: FRIENDS Bachelorette Party Bride Sash

If the future Mrs. is a bit nostalgic for the '90s, throw her a "Friends"-themed bridal shower and bachelorette party. For party accessories, order these fun bridal sashes scribbled in the "Friends" font. Personalize the sash with the words "The One Where I'm the Bride," commemorating the final episode in your bestie's single life. Etsy, $19.99 (one sash)

6. Throw a Final Fiesta

Bachelorette party sashes: Custom Final Fiesta Serape Sash

If your girls' night out consists of margarita pitchers, queso, and piles of chips ‘n' guac, you simply have to order this final fiesta bridal party sash. With bright, bold colors and cursive fonts, it's a fun sash that's one-of-a-kind. Customize the lettering with the bride-to-be's name, or simply write "Future Mrs." across the front. Sprinkled With Pink Shop, $14.99 (one sash) 

7. Get Rustic Chic With This Burlap Sash

Burlap Bride to Be Sash

If the bachelorette party is aiming for a rustic-chic vibe, consider accessorizing your bride in this burlap sash. It trades in the typical rhinestones and sparkle for burlap and white flowers, which would pair perfectly with sundresses and cowboy boots. If your bachelorette getaway includes a trip to Nashville or Savannah, this sash may make the top of your list. Your Party Box, $12 (one sash)

8. Prepare for a Trip to Disney

Disney Bride to be Sash

Is your I-do crew headed to the most magical place on Earth? If you're planning on a Disney-themed bachelorette party, you simply have to order these gold glitter sashes for the whole group. At just $9.99 per item, you can create a Disney-themed bachelorette sash set for your whole group. ​Etsy, $9.99 (one sash)

9. Doll Up Your Team Bride

Team Bride Sash

The best part of a bachelorette weekend is getting all your besties together. Ensure the entire wedding party is dressed to the nines with these cute bridesmaid sashes. Choose from a variety of colors and confetti-style lettering, with the words "Team Bride" scribbled on the front. Twisted Hangers, $15 (one sash)

10. Flip Your Single Fins

Mermaid Bachelorette Party Sash Set

If your best gal is trading her tail for a veil in a mermaid-themed bridal shower party, set your eyes on this bachelorette sash set. The bridesmaids and maid-of-honor sashes contain the words "Mermaid Squad" to commemorate the weekend. Combine with some mermaid-themed bachelorette party decorations and party games, and you're going to throw the perfect last splash for your girl. Etsy, $18.99 (set of six)

11. Throw the Ultimate Hen Party

Bridal Shower Bridal Party Sash Set

OK ladies, hold up — before your jaw drops at the price, understand that this bachelorette party set contains a whopping 15 sashes (each sash comes out to less than $8!). With a pink background and stunning rose gold lettering, these bachelorette party favors don't leave anyone out. In fact, in this complete set you'll find one sash each for the bride, maid of honor, mother of the bride, and mother of the groom, plus five bridesmaid sashes and an additional six team bride sashes. If you don't want anyone feeling left out, this may be the most practical choice. Shimmer and Confetti, $117 (set of 15)

12. Trade in Your Last Name

Personalized Future Mrs Sash

If you want a classic theme for your girl's last single bash, you have to check out this future Mrs. sash. Each aspect of the sash can be personalized, including the font color, background color, and even the wording. Customize the lettering with your bestie's future last name to commemorate her rapidly approaching wedding day. Etsy, $17.45 (one sash)

Plan All Your Bachelorette Party Accessories Through the BATCH App

Carpool Karaoke Car GIF

Picking out a bachelorette party sash is fun, but it's just one small check mark in a long list of bachelorette to-dos. To make planning, ordering, and divvying up costs for various bachelorette party supplies easy, be sure to download the BATCH app to your phone. 

With the BATCH app, you can cast votes, message the bride squad, and even split costs with everyone in attendance. Send a poll on whether to order a headband or tiara, message the bridesmaids to see which shot glasses to order, and split the costs of shower gifts with your other friends (no one should have to shoulder that cost alone!). And lastly, you can collaborate on whether to order one sash for the future bride, or a set of sashes for the whole crew.

Ready to see how fun bachelorette party planning is with the BATCH app? Download the app for free today to get started.

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