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Dirty Bachelorette Games - Naughty, Exciting, and Playful Fun

Things to Do
August 15, 2023

Bachelorette parties are a fantastic opportunity for the bride-to-be and her closest friends to celebrate the upcoming wedding with laughter, joy, and kinky bingo. Wait, what? That’s right—kinky bingo! For those who like to get a little bit cheeky, dirty bachelorette party games can take the party to the next level—and help you learn some saucy secrets about each other. So we’ve rounded up a handful of titillating games you and the gals can play together to turn up the temp at your bachelorette bash.

Pro tip: Before you go all-in on the naughtiness, make sure everyone is comfortable leaning into the sexy side of things. Outline boundaries as needed, let people skip a turn if they prefer, and don’t pressure anyone to do or say anything they don’t want to. There’s nothing fun about peer pressure and we just really love consent around here.

Dare to be Bold: Naughty Truth or Dare Games

Truth or Dare is a tried-and-true game that can easily have a naughty twist. Just take turns asking each other saucy questions and completing risqué dares. It’s a quick way to take a party from good to absolutely unforgettable.

You can also put the bride in the hot seat and ask her your spicy questions! Focus on her dating history, most hilarious romantic snafus, and the wildest things she’s ever done. It’s her big day, after all, and this keeps her in the spotlight and lets y’all learn a bit more about your girl.

Wanna take it all the way back to middle school? Try playing spin the bottle! You can incorporate flirty dares and silly questions in a way that’ll make you feel like kids again. 

Make things up as you go or use a printable or buy an adult party game

Sip and Strip: Flirtatious Drinking Games

If we’re gonna talk about stripping games (and we are), you gotta start with a classic—strip poker! Or strip go fish, or strip monopoly, or any other game you have on hand and like to play. You could even make a video game a stripping game! Just set the ground rules and get ready to strip to whatever level you’re comfortable with.

Never Have I Ever is another oldie-but-goodie that we never get sick of. Just take turns stating things you’ve never done, and if someone in the group has done that thing, they lose an item or clothing. (Or they can take a drink, if you prefer.)

Provocative Props: Sexy Game Ideas

Here’s a fun one: Take turns blindfolding each other and having each other touch or feel different objects and guess what they are. This can be silly, like having someone put their hand in jello, or sensual, like tickling someone with a feather. Just make sure you have that convo about boundaries first, k?

Naughty Pictionary is one of our all-time faves, and honestly we play it whenever we get the chance. Have each guest submit ideas for funny/sexy things to draw, divide yourselves into teams, and get into the sensual scribbling! 

Kinky Bingo is another popular bachelorette party idea and can be customized a ton of different ways. You could include a series of saucy dares for each other to do or make it like a scavenger hunt while you’re out on the town. 

Tease and Seduce: Flirting and Role-playing Games

Take charades to the next level by giving each other racy scenarios or suggestive situations to act out for each other so everyone can guess what it is. Just be careful with this one: It’s almost too much fun, if such a thing were possible.

Pin the tail on the donkey just got a lot sexier! Hang photos or posters of the bride’s favorite hotties (whether celebrities, models, or her childhood crush), then blindfold each other, slather on some lipstick, and take turns seeing who can put a kiss mark closest to the target, whatever the target may be. (Wink wink!)

A fantasy auction is a unique and highly creative way to get your imaginations cranking in a super-sexy kind of way. Each guest puts together a tantalizing role-play scenario, shares it with the group, and the others can bid to see who wins it. Use party favors or even pennies to bid with and see which babe goes for which steamy sesh.

Spicy Trivia: Adult Edition

Trivia is *always* a good idea, and when it comes to a bachelorette party, you gotta make it naughty! Put together a list of trivia questions featuring your favorite smut books, sensual facts, and enticing movie scenes to see who’s the most well-versed (aka the nastiest) in your group.

Get racy with riddles and limericks for a brain-twisting way to get down and dirty. Pose riddles with lots of innuendo and have teams work together to come up with an answer. You’ll be surprised at the direction some of the conversations will take and you’re guaranteed to laugh your asses off while you try to solve these goofy games.

We love love love games as a way to get rowdy, goofy, and giggly together, and letting things get spicy is an extra-special way to bond and learn about each other. So give any of these games a try and modify the rules as you like to suit your group. As long as you’re respectful of each other’s boundaries, you’re going to have the silliest, funniest, most unforgettable night ever.

If you are looking for more innocent fun for your BATCH, check out our list of clean bachelorette party games!

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