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January 20, 2023

Best Bridesmaid Gifts - What Bridesmaids Really Want

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January 20, 2023
January 26, 2021

Last week, we asked y’all for the hands-down best gifts you’d want to receive as a bridesmaid. Hundreds of you responded over the next day. And as the DMs came in droves, we learned that many of your opinions on this topic are, shall we say, impassioned

For example: “Veteran bridesmaid/MOH here. Please do NOT get us a tote with the word bridesmaid on it.”

While we may not all always agree, we love that we can harness the knowledge of this community to help bride-to-be’s with these decisions! Below are the main nuggets of wisdom we gleaned from the Fam’s responses. 

As you’ll see, quality over quantity, and timelessness, are the overarching themes with gift giving. Ideally, you can gift your bridesmaids something they’ll love, and one they can wear/use beyond your wedding!

Oh, and one adamant thing you should definitely not do...

The Cardinal Sin of bridesmaid gifting

Nothing that says bridesmaid or batch party. I’d like something I can use on the regular!

For all of the gift ideas to follow, it’s important we emphasize this one point upfront -- because y’all did. Many, many times. Resolutely. 

Brides: Do not, under any circumstance, brand your gifts with bridal words or slogans. Bridesmaids want gifts they can use for any occasion after the wedding. And every time they do, they’ll think of you ;)

Having their name written on the gift, on the other hand, is a personal touch much of the Fam loves. 

Keep it classic and cozy with a cute pajama set

I’m doing cute PJs to get ready in. Shorts with a button-up shirt! Something they can reuse.

This one is a sure winner. The Fam is obsessed with matching PJs that the bridesmaids can wear on the wedding day (and any other day). 

You’re big fans of other lounge-wear gifts, too. Robes followed close behind pajamas (and many of you fancy a personalized monogram on your robe). Also: slippers, sleep masks, blankets, and fun socks are your favorite, comfy add-ons to a pajama set! 

You can’t go wrong with a tumbler (or anything that makes drinking coffee or alcohol more enjoyable)

Reusable tumblers are always a hit.

YETI and BruMate are far and away the Fam’s drinkware brands of choice. And many of you prefer a tumbler that has your name or initials tastefully labeled on it. 

Honorable mentions in the drinkware category: Hydroflasks, wine glasses, champagne flutes, mugs, water bottles, and insulated koozies for skinny cans (read: koozies for White Claws). 

Treat your bridesmaids to hair and makeup

Pay for their makeup the day of the wedding instead of a trinket they may never use.

If you’re getting your hair and makeup done professionally, this is a super generous gift for your bridesmaids. Being a bridesmaid definitely isn’t cheap when you take into account all the costs: the bachelorette party, the bridesmaid dress, and accommodations for the wedding weekend. This is one gesture for which everyone in your bridal party will be grateful!

Ear-bling for your bridal party 

Love the idea of gifting jewelry the bride wants them to wear on wedding day.

Earrings are the prevailing gems of BATCH bridesmaids, which the crew can wear at the reception. Matching bracelets are a very close second!

Though not quite as popular, necklaces, birthstone rings, and watches each got shout-outs, too. :)

While not technically jewelry, a few of you appreciate a tasteful addition to your shoe collection. 

Shoes. The ones you want them to wear.

Put pen to paper and write a heartfelt letter

Handwritten notes from the bride have always meant the most to me.

This is a lasting memento of your friendship that your bridesmaid will cherish forever. Yes, tumblers, earrings, and monogrammed velvet robes are great, but this gift packs the most meaning. Tell your bridesmaid how important she is to you, and why you’re choosing her to be by your side on your special day. 

Bags on bags on bags

Wow, y’all really love bags! And you don’t discriminate, either. Duffle bags. Makeup bags. Canvas bags. Toiletry bags. Beach bags. Each of these appeared more than once in our inbox. 

Should you monogram the bags or keep them unbranded? The Fam was pretty much 50/50 on customization. When in doubt, ask your bridesmaids what they would prefer (without completely giving away the surprise)! Maybe you can find a clever way to ask using a poll in our app.

Give them the gift of comfort and relaxation

Spa gift card! It was the best MOH gift I ever got.

Being a bridesmaid is hard work -- help your squad de-stress with a day of luxury at a spa! 

If you’re not in the market for gifting a full spa day, you can also buy them spa boxes filled with face masks, bomb baths, and, of course, plenty of alcohol. 

While on the subject of relaxation, we’d be remiss if we didn’t also mention scented candles, tea, chocolate, wine, and a good book. These are all lovely, homey gifts you suggested, ones that’ll help your bridesmaids wind down after the wedding. 

And these are just some of the responses that had us dying 😂

“Stop giving robes. Enough already!”

“NOTHING that says bridesmaids.”

“PJs not robes!!!!!

“To sit next to our significant others at your wedding lol”

“Just nothing with your wedding date is my rule.”

“Omg will you share the answers?! I don’t want to get my girls something useless.”

“I was given a fanny pack, which seemed weird at the time but I use it SO MUCH!”

“Will you share these answers pleaseeee 😬 😬🙏 thank you so much!”




“Not a box full of crap. Personalized anything is cute!”

“Anything is appreciated!!!!”

“Please don’t give me another wine glass, mug, or flute. I don’t need anymore 😂”

Vote in BATCH Fam polls on Instagram to get more great advice from fellow bride-to-be’s and their wedding parties. Follow us for party inspo and original content.

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