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January 24, 2023

Easy Bachelorette Party Food Ideas Anyone Can Make

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January 24, 2023
June 23, 2021

If you want to plan a good party, you gotta bring the snacks 🍟.

A wild weekend with your favorite gals calls for a full menu stocked with your favorite foods. Below, we share plenty of bachelorette party food ideas, from the blissfully simple (thank you, chips ‘n’ guac) to the slightly more labor intensive (hello, boozy cupcakes). And if you simply do not — under any circumstances — trust your skills in the kitchen, we have solutions for that too 💃.

Keep reading for the best apps, finger foods, and treats to keep your BATCH guests fueled throughout the weekend.

20 Bachelorette Party Food Ideas to Power Through the Weekend

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If you want to dance all night (and recover the next morning) the menu should be at the top of your party-planning task list. Below, we share some of our favorite bachelorette party ideas for snacks, appetizers, and brunch options. 

5 No-Cook Appetizers for the Untrained Chef 

You don't need to prepare a Michelin-star dinner to please the bridesmaids and other guests. Here are several apps that require practically zero prep:

  1. Mexican trio: Most grocery stores offer prepared guacamole in their prepared foods and/or produce sections. Place heated-up queso, pico de gallo, and guac in three separate bowls, then lay out bags of tortilla chips or plantain chips for your guests.
  2. Mezze platter: Create a platter of your favorite Mediterranean mezze by purchasing some pre-made hummus, tzatziki, and pita bread. Chop up cherry tomatoes and kalamata olives, serve alongside a block of feta, and garnish with mint and olive oil.
  3. Fruit kabobs🍢: For an easy finger food option, try making fruit kabobs. Simply buy some bamboo sticks and line them with kiwis, pineapple chunks, grapes, watermelon, or other favorite fruits.
  4. DIY charcuterie board: Make your own masterful cheese board by slicing up brie, artisan crackers, fresh and dried fruits, nuts, and meats for a crowd-pleasing appetizer.
  5. Lunch pinwheels: Easily serve a crowd by rolling up lettuce, lunch meat, cheese, and condiments into a wrap, then slice into 1-inch rounds before serving. Have a vegetarian or pescatarian in your group? Serve roll-ups with smoked salmon and cream cheese or shredded cucumbers and veggies instead.

5 Easy Brunch Recipes for a BATCH Bash or Bridal Shower 

If your bachelorette party takes place over the noon hour (or runs throughout the weekend) a boozy brunch is the way to go. Here are a few morning cocktails and other recipe ideas for your bottomless brunch themed party:

  1. Pancake skewers: Why is everything so much cuter when it's served on a skewer? These pancake skewers stack quarter dollar pancakes, chocolate hazelnut spread, peanut butter, and/or strawberries on a stick for a delightful brunch option.
  2. Mimosa bar: Create a DIY mimosa bar filled with different types of juice, champagne, and fresh berries for a morning champagne cocktail. (Pssst: To make things easy on yourself, order this mimosa bar kit from Etsy in advance of the party.) 
  3. Mini quiche: To create mini quiches, simply line a muffin tin with a store-bought pie crust, then pour in the egg filling. For your gluten-free friends, use a second pie tin and omit the crust, making egg muffins instead.
  4. Yogurt parfaits: For an adorable breakfast side dish, fill empty wine glasses with layers of Greek yogurt, granola, and fresh berries. If you're short on time, make a parfait bar instead, allowing guests to choose their own ingredients.
  5. Coffee bar ☕: To take your brunch party theme to the next level, create a glam coffee bar with coffee, creamer, whipped cream, muffins, and donut holes. Want to make your bar a 21+ stop? Add Baileys or other alcoholic mixers so guests can make their own Irish coffees. To complete the experience, purchase these custom printable coffee sleeves with the bride's name.

5 Bachelorette Snack Recipes for the Perfect Party 

Roll up your sleeves, because these recipes require a bit more grunt work than your standard cheese plate. These party appetizers are the perfect crowd pleasers for your bachelorette party: 

  1. Classic bruschetta: This no-bake appetizer requires fresh basil, balsamic, olive oil, tomatoes, and minced garlic — that's it 🍅. Serve with toasted crostinis to complete the dish.
  2. Buffalo chicken dip: All you need is a rotisserie chicken, hot sauce, blue cheese crumbles, and chopped veggies (celery works best) to make buffalo chicken dip. If your guests are dairy-free, try this healthy recipe — which uses hummus in lieu of cream cheese.
  3. Mini taco cups 🌮: To make these adorable (vegan!) taco boats, simply line a muffin tin with corn tortillas, bake, then fill with your favorite taco fixings. Sound a bit too in-depth? Smother a baking sheet with tortilla chips, shredded cheese and black beans, bake, then top with diced onions, bell peppers, cilantro, sour cream, and guac to make your own sheet pan nachos.
  4. Pasta salad: This easy tortellini salad uses fresh bell peppers, herbs, onions, salami, and cooked tortellini pasta for a savory side dish.
  5. Meatball sliders: Sliders are an easy way to feed an entire crowd. These meatball sliders combine marinara, mozzarella cheese, and classic Italian meatballs into one cheesy dish.

5 Boozy Desserts and Cocktails for the Best Party Ever 

For the cherry on top to your bachelorette party, you'll need to have a full lineup of cocktails and sweets 🍸🍰. Here are just a few drink and dessert recipes to serve your best friends: 

  1. Frozen strawberry margarita: You can easily make a pitcher of regular margaritas for your guests. However, if you plan to lay in your bachelorette swimsuits all day, these frozen strawberry margaritas — made with tequila, ice, and fresh strawberries — really hit the spot.
  2. Spiked gummy bears: To give your classic Jell-O shots a fun twist, pre-game with these vodka gummy bears before hitting the bars. Or, you can buy colorful gift bags from Amazon and send guests home with these boozy treats as a fun party favor 🍭.
  3. Red sangria 🍹: You need red wine, brandy, orange juice, and brown sugar to make a refreshing sangria. Fill your pitcher with ice cubes and fresh fruit before serving.
  4. Boozy cupcakes: These recipes for alcoholic cupcakes are the perfect treat for a bachelorette or birthday party. Pro tip: Make the actual cupcakes in advance, instruct each guest to frost her own cupcake, then vote on the best decorating skills as a fun bachelorette party game.
  5. Boozy cherry cheesecake bites: These cherry cheesecake bites are soaked in alcohol before serving. Enjoy as a pre-game treat before taking your bride-to-be on her last night out.

Hire Your Own Personal Chef on the BATCH App

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Don't trust your cooking skills? Don't worry! When all else fails, you can hire your own private chef on the BATCH app. 

The BATCH app is more than a party-planning app for bachelorette parties. Through the BATCH app, you can book one-of-a-kind experiences for your party — like hiring a personal chef.

Your chef will travel to your home, Airbnb, or wherever you host your party. Plus, you can easily split the cost of your chef and vote on your menu directly from the app. 

Through the BATCH app, you spend less time meal planning, grocery shopping, and cooking, and more time celebrating. Download the app for free to start planning your bachelorette weekend.

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