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Camping Bachelorette Party Ideas - Bachelorette Glamping

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September 29, 2021

It's your bestie's last weekend as a single lady, and she has her heart set on getting back to nature. So rather than hit the bars or book tickets to Vegas, why not plan her a camping bachelorette party? 

For this one-of-a-kind BATCH bash, you can do things your way. Rather than roughin' it, you can upgrade your campfire snacks, drinks, and sleeping arrangements to suit your tastes. Below, we share everything you need — and a few things you might want — for an over-the-top camping bachelorette party. 

Setting the Mood for Your Camping Bachelorette Party: 6 Tips for Success 

Woman coming out of Airstream trailer

There are a number of ways to plan your outdoor getaway. If you want to sleep under the stars, go for it. If you want to up the comfort level a bit, here are a few suggestions to get started:

  1. Browse through Airbnb: Airbnb is filled with unique stays from renovated airstreams to tree houses, cabins, and plenty of glamping tents. You might be surprised to find a unique stay within a four-hour drive (or less!) from your home.
  2. Explore unique getaways: While Airbnb is one of the more popular destination travel sites, campers might find their backyard oasis by browsing sites like Hipcamp or Getaway.
  3. Splurge on comfort: Ladies, let's face it — we're not 16 anymore, and sleeping on the hard ground covered by a yoga mat probably isn’t the secret sauce for a successful weekend. Prior to your trip, collect plenty of air mattresses from friends and family members to enjoy a restful night’s sleep. (Note: Test them prior to your trip, ensuring there are no discreet tears that could deflate your mattress). 
  4. Check utilities beforehand: When selecting your campsite, be sure you know if running water, refrigeration, and electricity are available. If either come at a premium, be sure to pack plenty of coolers filled with ice to keep food from spoiling. (Pro tip: Don't let this be a surprise to any guest, and be sure all the girls are onboard. Message guests in the BATCH app about electricity and plumbing beforehand so they can best prepare for your trip.)
  5. Make an epic playlist: Throw it back to the good ol' summer camp days by using a BATCH-themed '90s playlist on Spotify. Be sure to pack a fully charged portable speaker for the trip. 
  6. Get creative with lighting: If you want to set the mood, invest in lighting. Consider stringing up outdoor patio lights, getting some adorable lanterns, or investing in tiki torches for your campsite.


Glamping Bachelorette Party Favors: 6 Gifts for Your Getaway 

For your camping trip, you'll need some festive party favors to offer your gals. To prepare your crew for a weekend in the woods, consider gifting them the following: 

  1. Camping mugs: Rather than splurging on custom bachelorette shirts, create a one-of-a-kind mug instead. Your girls can use the mugs throughout the weekend, brewing coffee by the campfire in the morning, or snuggling up with flannel blankets and hot cocoa at night.
  2. Must-have-fanny packs: A typical bridal shower might offer goodie bags to the bride squad. For your bachelorette weekend, disperse fanny packs filled with bug spray, hand sanitizer, Advil, tissues, cheap sunglasses, matches, a mini flashlight, and other camping necessities.
  3. Durable water bottles: Since you're getting back to nature, do Mother Nature a favor and avoid plastic water bottles or party cups. Instead, gift your bridal party and other besties these stainless steel bride squad water bottles for the weekend.
  4. Bridesmaid flannel shirts: Rather than getting classic print T-shirts for bridesmaid gifts, lean into your glamping theme and get flannel shirts for the crew instead. Order red and black print for the bride squad, and white for the bride-to-be.
  5. Camping coozies: Your group will surely enjoy a few cold ones while sitting around a campfire. Get these "camp Bachelorette" coozies to keep your White Claw cold. 
  6. Matching tote bags: Get each lady in your crew matching tote bags for the weekend, so she can pack her snacks, sunscreen, card games, and other necessities.

Camping Snacks: 6 Recipes to Keep You Fed All Weekend 

What's the best part of camping? The snacks, of course! To ensure your crew doesn't get hangry while in the wilderness, try these snack ideas: 

  1. S'mores kits: S'more kits make an excellent party favor. Otherwise, you can create your own DIY s'more station with these 15 creative recipes.
  2. Breakfast burritos: You're going to need a few hangover-cure recipes to survive your girls weekend. These make-ahead camping breakfast burritos can easily be made over a campfire and will help you bounce back from the night before.
  3. Trail mix: Trail mix is a must-have for any campsite. You can purchase a pre-made mix, or make your own using this recipe.
  4. Campfire tacos: These "tacos in a bag" combine all your favorite taco fixings with a bag of Doritos, making it a no-frills dinner that's perfect for camping.
  5. Campfire nachos: If you pack a cast iron skillet, you can easily make these nachos over your campfire. Simply add guac, jalapeños, sour cream, and other fixings to complete the dish.
  6. Boozy hot cocoa: If you're up telling ghost stories at night, you simply have to whip up a batch of this boozy hot cocoa, made with Baileys.


Camping Bachelorette Party Ideas: 6 Activities for Your Weekend 

Family wearing Snuggies while camping

Looking for activities to fill up your weekend? Get the future bride, maid-of-honor, and other guests together to tackle the following: 

  1. Go tubing: If you're spending your weekend near a body of water, rent tubes and float down the river. Pro tip: Reserve one tube to hold a cooler, so you'll never be without a beverage.
  2. Go on a twilight hike: Down to explore the woods at night? Watch the sunset as you explore the wilderness on foot (don't forget to pack a flashlight, just in case!). 
  3. Make your own photo booth: Order a banner sign from Etsy that says "Mountains, mimosas & mayhem," and strike a pose. Be sure to bring a tripod so the entire wedding party can be in the group shot.  
  4. Recreate your favorite slumber party: Remember all the fun games you played as a teenager? Sit around the campfire and play truth or dare, never have I ever, or two truths and a lie. 
  5. Hang a hammock: Since you retreated to the wilderness and escaped the city lights, don't forget to weave some rest into the weekend. String up some hammocks and enjoy reading, chatting, or taking a quick snooze. 
  6. Outdoor sports: Explore your campsite to see if there are sand volleyball courts, basketball courts, or badminton. Otherwise, buy your own slackline from Amazon and take turns trying to walk your way across.

Plan Your Camping Bachelorette Party on the BATCH App 

Camping bachelorette party GIF

Camping is a wonderful way to escape to nature, put your phone away, and spend quality time with your besties. To organize your epic camping trip, be sure to plan your weekend on the BATCH app. 

With the BATCH app, you can start a poll, book custom experiences, split costs, build a checklist, or even message your entire hen party. That way, you can split the costs of food, drinks, and other necessities, vote on whether to go tubing or hiking, or create a packing checklist for your guests.

Ready for your best camping bachelorette party ever? Get started planning your weekend in the woods with the BATCH app.

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