Clean and Fun Bachelorette Party Games: Unleash the Laughter and Bonding

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August 16, 2023

When you think of bachelorette parties, your mind probably goes to wild nights and questionable behavior. But not all parties have to be wild and risqué. Clean and fun games can bring out the same (or more) laughs while making everyone feel totally comfy and included. 

So, if you’re up for adding a splash of excitement to this upcoming bash, that’s sure to get your sides hurting and camaraderie flowing, we’ve got some ideas for you. From ice-breakers that’ll get the convo flowing to hilarious activities, we’ve got the lineup to make this party a hit! Here’s to creating some awesome memories.

Getting to Know You: Ice Breaker Games

Bachelorette parties pull together peeps from all different phases of the bride’s life, right? That’s where icebreaker games come in clutch. They’re the ultimate connector, making sure everyone has fun and bonds whether they’re childhood besties or college roomies. Here are our top picks: 

  • Two Truths and a Lie: This game is a total hit! Each person shares three deets about themselves, two true and one false, and others guess the lie. 
  • Bride Trivia: Put your memories to the test! Get ready to rehash old memories as you get quizzed about your bride's dislikes, crazy experiences, and more.
  • Human Bingo: Talk about mingling madness! Hand out bingo cards with different traits or experiences, like “Has 4 dogs and 3 cats” or “Can’t cook.” The guest's mission? Find matches for all your descriptions and win! 

Picture Perfect: Photo Booth Games 

What’s a bachelorette party isn’t complete without some lit photo booth opps. Capture those memories and laughter! Here’s the scoop on how to spice up your photo game:  

  • DIY Photo Booth: Classic, bust still fire! Set up a backdrop, throw in some props, and a designated area for fun photo opps. 
  • Costume Relay: Bring on the dress-up shenanigans! Split the squad into teams, throw out a box of wild costumes and props, and see who can strike the most epic pose.
  • Scavenger Hunt: Talk about an unforgettable photo collection! Hand out epic photo prompts that guests can search for, pose, and capture all night long. 

Love and Laughter: Wedding-Themed Games 

There’s no better way to get ready for a wedding than some laugh-inducing wedding-themed games. Here are some of our favorites: 

  • Wedding Mad Libs: Get ready for some major LOLs with this classic kids game with a wedding twist. Write up a wedding-themed story with some well-timed blanks and have the guests take turns yelling out funny, unexpected, and outrageous words. Finally, read the narrative once the blanks are all filled and get ready for some laughs! 
  • Wedding Pictionary: It’s time to turn those doodles into joy. Split the crew into teams and let the artistic chaos unfold. See if your teammates can guess what wedding-related phrase you’re sketching!
  • Bridal Trivia: Get the convos flowing and brains popping. This one’s all about wedding-themed facts and trivia. Test guests' knowledge of wedding traditions, juicy celebrity weddings, and romantic movies in a friendly competition.

Culinary Delights: Food and Drink Games 

For any foodie brides-to-be, food and drink games are a must-add to your BATCH bash. These games are a feast for the senses with a healthy side of laughter and bonding. See which of these you can savor: 

  • Recipe Exchange: This one’s a keeper for sure! Ask guests to bring a fave recipe and share the story behind it. By the end, you’ll have a mouthwatering collection of culinary memories. 
  • Blindfolded Taste Test: If you would rather add in some hilarious moments, the blindfolded taste test is your game. Blindfold your guests and have them guess the ingredients or flavors of different dishes, snacks, or cocktails. Get ready for some wild and wacky guesses!
  • Mixology Challenge: Time to bond and taste the goodness! Either solo or as a group, challenge your guests to create a signature mocktail or cocktail. Then, it’s time to taste, vote, and name the winning concoction. 

Memories and Wishes: Sentimental Games 

Spread that love with some heartwarming touches for the bride. Add a touch of beauty and camaraderie with these games: 

  • Bridal Bucket List: The “before I do” adventure list. Have guests jot down some adventurous or fun activities for the bride to experience before her big day. This bucket list will become her go-to inspo for creating lifelong memories. 
  • Advice Jar: Marriage doesn’t come with a how-to guide, right? So have each guest drop a little piece of advice or well-wishes into a jar. These heartfelt messages will be a constant reminder of all the love and support the bride has from her squad.  
  • Guess the Love Song: Bring on the nostalgia and joy! Play short snippets of romantic love songs, and have guests guess the song title or artist. A lovely musical trip down memory lane!

Dance and Move: Active Games 

Bring the energy with some active games that’ll have you laughing non-stop. Get your crew movin’ and groovin’ with these ideas:

  • Bachelorette Charades: A hilarious and entertaining wedding twist on the original charades game. Act out those hilarious wedding-related words or phrases (think “bridezilla”) without saying a word. See who is vibing with you and can guess what you’re trying to say. 
  • Wedding Freeze Dance: Time to get that dance party started! Play some fun and upbeat wedding-themed jams, and have the guests dance around like there’s no tomorrow. But, when the music stops, freeze in whatever silly or creative pose you’ve gotten yourself into.
  • Bride and Seek: Enjoy the thrill of the hunt with a twist on hide-and-seek. Designate an area for guests to hide and have the bride search them out.

Ready to turn up the fun factor at your bachelorette bash? Let the games begin with our unique "Minute to Win It" challenges that are sure to bring out the playful and competitive side of everyone in attendance. From popping champagne corks with precision to crafting the perfect cocktail in a hurry, these games are designed to add a dash of delightful chaos and lots of laughter to your celebration, all while racing against the clock.

  1. Ring Toss:Players must toss a certain number of rings onto a champagne bottle within a minute.
  2. Wedding Word Scramble: Players must unscramble a list of wedding-related words within one minute.
  3. Lipstick Challenge: Blindfolded players must apply lipstick as neatly as possible within one minute, and the best application wins.
  4. Shake it Off: Players have a minute to shake out all of the ping pong balls from a tissue box tied to their waist.
  5. Cup Stack: Players must stack a set of plastic cups into a pyramid and then unstack them within one minute.
  6. The Gown Race: Players must create a “wedding gown” using rolls of toilet paper within one minute. The most creative gown wins!
  7. Balloon Pop: Players must pop a certain number of balloons using only their hips within one minute.
  8. Bouquet Toss: Players must toss a small bouquet of flowers into a bucket or a hoop from a set distance, aiming to get as many in as possible within one minute.
  9. Veil Head Catch: Players wear a headband (the "veil") with a sticky surface and must catch as many small, light objects (like paper balls or marshmallows) thrown by another player within one minute.
  10. Cocktail Mix: Players have one minute to mix a list of ingredients to create a cocktail. The best mix as judged by the bride-to-be wins!
  11. Diamond Hunt: Hide ‘diamond’ (plastic or crystal gems) around the room. Players have one minute to find as many as they can.
  12. Champagne Cork Pop: Players have one minute to pop a bottle of champagne and attempt to hit a target with the cork.
  13. Blindfolded Bouquet Design: With a blindfold on, players have one minute to create a bouquet using a set of given flowers and accessories. The most beautiful bouquet, judged by the bride, wins.

No matter what your bride-to-be is into, one the is certain: clean and inclusive games are the key to making a BATCH party a hit for everyone. No matter where you’re coming from or what you’re into, these games got you covered. They’re the secret ingredient that allows everyone to feel comfy and able to participate while still being filled with epic moments that will have you rolling with laughter. Get ready to unleash the fun and bond like never before, because your party is going to be one for the books and if you are looking for spicier games, check out our list of dirty bachelorette party games!

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