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LGBTQ+ Guide to Bachelorette Parties

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October 2, 2023

Honoring love in all its forms means recognizing and respecting how diverse the human experience can be. It’s important that we embrace the unique connections we share with our partners, our family, and our friends. Any tradition can be adapted, so when it comes to planning the perfect LGBTQ+ bachelorette party, BATCH is here to help!

The Evolution of LGBTQ+ Pre-Wedding Celebrations

Every partnership deserves to celebrate love. As society becomes more accepting of LGBTQ+ individuals and relationships, the traditions surrounding pre-wedding celebrations have also evolved. For example, the concept of a "bachelorette party" may feel too old-fashioned. No worries! You can call your celebration anything you want.

Some ideas to consider:

  • Batch Party
  • Bachelorx
  • Wedding Eve
  • One Last Bash
  • Pre-Game Party
  • Anything that sounds fun!

Personalization is key. You want your loved ones to feel special, but it’s also important to respect their journey and identity. One way to do this is by customizing the party to reflect the couple’s personalities. It’s their story, and it deserves to be celebrated!

Party Planning 101: Where to Start

The first step in putting together a pre-wedding bash is to designate the planning committee. Will it be friends or family? Do both partners want to be involved? If you’re feeling stuck, let the BATCH help. Our inclusive planning tools can get you organized quickly. The BATCH app also lets you message each other to keep your ideas stored and strategy on task.

Okay, you’ve got your planning crew. Congrats! Now it’s time to start researching locations. Here’s a shortlist of popular destinations that are known for being LGBTQ+ friendly and offer vibrant and inclusive communities:

Once you know where you’re going, it’s time to locate a venue, accommodations, and activities everyone will enjoy. Let your vendors know the nature of your celebration so they can plan accordingly. We also encourage you to seek recommendations from the LGBTQ+ community to ensure a safe, positive, and inclusive experience for your party.

If you’re still unsure, take this BATCH destination quiz to help solidify your choice! 

Choosing a Joint Celebration vs. Separate Parties

It’s not uncommon these days to combine the pre-wedding festivities into one big bash. The choice depends on the couple. If their friends and family get along well, a solo party could be a great option. However, the increase in party size will require more accommodations and the overall costs could go up. Theme is another consideration. If the couple has differing thoughts on what they want, it might be best to let them have their own bash. What’s most important is that they have the best time possible.

Fill out the Guest List and Invitations

You’ve got your location and venue. Great! Now, who are you going to invite? Check in with the couple or the person of honor and compile a list. Will family be involved, or is this only for close friends? How many people should be invited?

The invitations should set the tone for an inclusive celebration. The card stock and envelopes should also embody the vibe you’re trying to convey. For a less expensive option, you can opt for animated e-vites sent directly to each guest — just make sure to get their email address first!

Think about Theme Ideas

Speaking of vibes, what will your bash’s theme be? If you’re stumped, here are a few ideas from other parties that were planned with BATCH:

  • Rainbow glam” — decorate with vibrant rainbows colors, glitter, and sequins. Encourage your guests to wear colorful attire.
  • Iconic LGBTQ+ Figures” — cover the walls with fun streamers and important people from history, and ask your guests to dress up as their favorite!
  • "Game On, Love On" — Combine the fun of game nights with the joy of love and friendship, hosting a game-filled celebration that's inclusive and pun-tastic.
  • "Brews and 'I Do's" — Cheers to the upcoming wedding with a beer-themed party, enjoying brewery tours, craft beer tastings, and bonding over pints of laughter.
  • "Taco 'Bout Love" — Show some taco love with a fiesta-inspired bash, indulging in delicious tacos and celebrating the love and friendship of all attendees.

Express Your Identity

No matter the theme you choose, encourage your crew to express themselves. It’s important that everyone has a good time, and a fun way to do that is through attire. You can also come up with ideas for coordinating outfits without enforcing gender norms. A simple rule to follow could be: if the theme fits, wear it!

As you put together a party that’s fun for everyone and honors the couple’s wishes, keep communication open. Ask the group if there are any concerns that have not been addressed. The goal is to make sure everyone feels comfortable. The whole event is about have a great time and celebrating the couple. The last thing you want is an awkward interaction.

Find Activities that Celebrate Love and Equality

Make sure that everyone involved feels welcome. Look for activities that are fun, meaningful, and respectful. Avoid clichés by personalizing the experience. 

Here are a few BATCH categories to check out:

Lesbian Bachelorette Party Ideas

1. Dual Bachelorette Party: Combine both brides' bachelorette parties for double the fun. Have each bride pick a few of her favorite activities, and merge them into one epic celebration.

2. Destination Retreat: Choose a location that has significance for the couple or a place they've always wanted to visit. Whether it's a beach resort, mountain cabin, or vibrant city, ensure it's somewhere they can both enjoy.

3. Spa Weekend: Unwind with luxurious spa treatments, facials, massages, and relaxation. Celebrate with champagne in fluffy robes and enjoy some pampering.

4. Adventure Outdoors: If the brides are nature enthusiasts, plan a camping trip, hiking adventure, or water sports day (kayaking, paddleboarding).

5. Themed Party: Choose a theme both brides adore. It could be based on a favorite movie, a decade (like the '80s or '90s), or even a favorite book.

6. DIY Craft Night: If the brides are crafty, host a DIY night where attendees can create something special, like personalized jewelry, pottery, or even a shared scrapbook for the brides.

7. Wine or Craft Beer Tasting: Head to a local vineyard or brewery, or set up a tasting event at home. Pair with cheeses and enjoy a sophisticated evening.

8. Dance the Night Away: Book a dance class (like salsa, tango, or pole dancing) or simply hit the clubs.

9. LGBTQ+ Bar & Club Hop: Visit the best LGBTQ+ bars and clubs in your city or in a nearby city. Some places host special events, drag shows, or live music that can be a highlight.

10. Board Games & Chill: Have a relaxed evening with board games, snacks, and cocktails. Choose games that are fun, engaging, and perhaps even a little naughty!

11. Private Movie Night: Rent a projector and host an outdoor movie night in the backyard. Create a list of favorite romantic movies or iconic LGBTQ+ films to watch.

12. Cooking or Baking Night: Book a cooking class or have a bake-off at home. Everyone can participate in making a meal or dessert, which they can enjoy later.

13. Drag Show: Book tickets to a local drag show. It’s a fun, vibrant, and interactive way to spend the evening.

14. Photoshoot Day: Hire a photographer for a day of glamorous shots. It's a wonderful keepsake and a fun activity for all attendees.

15. Karaoke Night: Rent a private karaoke room or set up a machine at home. Pick favorite tunes and sing the night away.

No matter what you choose, the key is to tailor the activities to the brides' tastes and personalities, ensuring they both feel celebrated and cherished.

Include Symbolic Gestures and Traditions

Another great way to make the event more personal is by honoring the couple and their journey to discover each other. A fun way to do this is by creating a Love Story Timeline. Create a visual timeline of the couple’s relationship and mark significant milestones with photos, anecdotes, and mementos. You can surprise the person of honor and display it as a tribute to their journey.

You can also include a charity component to the event. In addition to gifts, guests can make a donation to an LGBTQ+ nonprofit that the couple supports. This is a great way to both honor the community and can even start a new tradition among your friends — something that could also become part of the couple’s legacy!

Get Ready to Party!

By honoring love, we can create a more accepting and compassionate world, one where everyone is free to express their emotions and be themselves without fear of judgment or rejection. BATCH is here to help everyone celebrate love in all its forms, and the many ways it enriches our lives and connects us to one another.

Oh, and one last thing: don’t forget to have FUN!

We would love to hear about your own LGBTQ+ stories and experiences! Please feel free to reach out and share your unique journey. Let's celebrate love together!

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