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Throwing a Joint BATCH Party to Remember

Things to Do
August 18, 2020

Since the spring, we’ve recommended different ways of thinking about the BATCH party experience given the very strange times we’re living through. 

From postponing your BATCH to throwing a virtual party to making significant tweaks to have your party this summer or fall, y’all definitely have options. 

But one new option we want to put on your radar is the idea of a joint BATCH party for the happy couple. It’s been a fairly odd and lousy last five months. A shared celebration with all of your friends in one place together might be just what the people need!

First: The perks of throwing a joint BATCH party

It’s not the traditional BATCH party experience. And this option isn’t for everyone. It’s for couples who have a somewhat intimate group of shared friends who love spending time together. 

In light of COVID-19, there are also a couple more timely reasons why brides and grooms and same-sex couples might consider a joint BATCH party these days:

  1. The couple can’t celebrate with everyone at their modified wedding

Because of the pandemic, many weddings this summer and fall are becoming much more intimate (just immediate family). The wedding celebration will still be beautiful, no doubt, but we know it’s not the storybook wedding many people dream of. 

If you’re having your smaller wedding now, you can think about your joint BATCH weekend as the celebratory capper to that event! A weekend-long extension of the after party you didn’t get to experience with all your best friends. 

By this point, the hard work’s over with. You’ve said your vows, cut the cake, and entertained a twenty minute conversation with your bird-watching enthusiast Uncle Mike. Now it’s time to cut loose and celebrate for real with all your crew. 

Important note on invitation etiquette: We think it’s best that all the BATCH party invitees can bring their significant others for this scenario. The more the merrier in this case (and, also, the fewer disgruntled partners). 

  1. You’re postponing your wedding, or still waiting to set a date 

You’re not sure when you’ll be able to have your dream (read: carefree and maskless) wedding. The pandemic has really thrown you for a loop. 

So instead of stressing about the wedding logistics and COVID-19 vendor clauses, you want to get all your closest friends together for an early, no-headache celebration! 

Think about this as a much-deserved celebration before the official nuptials, a way to decompress, if you will, before wedding planning. If you plan on doing this sooner than later, be sure to read below for joint BATCH trip ideas. 

What to do for your joint BATCH 

A joint BATCH is a whole ‘nother animal from your standard BATCH. It requires activities that everyone can enjoy together. 

We strongly advocate for the BATCH Fam to have a lot of fun, but also to be COVID-conscious while partying. To take measures to keep everyone safe, including the members of the community you’re visiting. 

Here are the BATCH Team’s favorite joint party ideas during COVID-19:

Book an epic rental house with a big ole yard and a pool

We love the idea of a self-sufficient party during the pandemic. This will help you all contain the party to just one location, where you can hold all of the weekend shenanigans and festivities! 

Feel free to give this BATCH destination an adult summer camp vibe, with activities scheduled throughout the day. Most important thing? Definitely come ready with all the essential supplies for day-long outdoor fun. 

Not sure what to bring? Consult this essential checklist: 

  • Cornhole
  • Horse shoes
  • Spikeball
  • Volleyball net
  • Jenga set
  • Frisbees
  • Yahtzee set (hey, some of us have come to love this game during quarantine)
  • KanJam
  • Bocce Ball Set
  • Grilling supplies
  • Food and alcohol -- lots of it!
  • Lots and lots of cards for drinking games

Schedule-wise, be sure to leave plenty of room for folks to do their own thing during the day, too: hiking, surfing, boating, kayaking, canoeing, fishing, and exploring the destination. This is a much-needed getaway and should feel like a vacation for everyone!

Go camping (or, ya know, glamping) together!

Camping is an amazing way to get everyone together in one socially-distant area. Best part about it? You’ll basically be outside the whole time. The great outdoors is your venue, so you can fill your days with hikes and outdoor drinking games -- and end your nights, of course, with s'mores enjoyed by the campfire. 

Finding a camping destination with plenty of space for your BATCH weekend activities should be fairly easy. You can also do it on the relative cheap -- or even for free -- at most local campgrounds and state parks. 

Be sure to bring your own tent and all the food and camping supplies you need. For some, this might be their first time camping -- in which case, there are online retailers where you can either buy or rent camping supplies for the weekend. Or, you can always impromptu #VanLife it and set up a mattress inside your Toyota Landcruiser. Your call 🚐

And for all the glampers out there...

You like a posh vacay and you don’t care who knows it. 

On Airbnb or VRBO, you can rent a glampy tent, yurt, tree house, hut, or a dozen small, cozy, wooded cabins for your crew. This will cost more, but will make sure everyone is comfortable and gets a good (hungover) night’s sleep, while still enjoying all the other wonderful aspects of camping. 

This option also comes with the invaluable perk of peace of mind for your crew, in case the weather turns...or, you know, bears... 

Host a BATCH Party Olympics

Have a seriously competitive crew? Dividing your group into several two-person teams and hosting a BATCH Party Olympics might be the way to go. 

This works best if you rent a house with a huge backyard and pool where you can play all the games, while listening to your favorite music. 

Here are some of our favorite BATCH Party Olympic Events:

  • Flip Cup
  • KanJam
  • Cornhole
  • Dizzy Bat
  • Beer Pong (or giant beer pong)
  • Water Balloon Toss
  • Egg-and-Spoon Race
  • Bocce Ball
  • Spikeball (round robin tournament)
  • How well do you know the bride/groom? (Questions crafted by the official judge of the BATCH Party Olympics)
  • Flicking Chicken (basically cornhole, but you toss rubber chickens at a target; it’s great)

Book socially-distant, outdoor classes

Staying at a rental with your group but still want to book some fun outdoor activities? Perfect! Depending on where you are —a beach town, the lake, the mountains, or the country—you’ll have different options. 

These are some of the top outdoor classes and rentals the BATCH Fam loves:

  • Stand-up Paddleboard Yoga (yes, it’s a thing, and it’s amazing!)
  • Channeling your inner Claude Monet at an outdoor paint and sip class
  • Learning how to surf (stand up long enough for someone to snap a picture before falling) as a crew
  • Taking a tour of your city on an open-air tour bus
  • Renting bikes or kayaks and exploring your vacation destination
  • Hiring a private chef to cook dinner for you or to teach a socially-distant cooking class

Download our app to book these experiences for your group in our top destinations like Nashville, Austin, Miami, Scottsdale, New Orleans, and more.

Don’t be afraid to go your own way, for an hour or two

Still want your BATCH weekend to have elements of the more traditional bachelorette and bachelor party mixed throughout?  (Read: pin the kiss on Jesse Williams/Ryan Gosling, or drink countless White Claws and Bud Lights while quoting Will Ferrell and inevitably chanting the chords to “Seven Nation Army” by The White Stripes for some reason). 

You can always part ways for the morning or afternoon and regroup in the evening.  You can have the best of both worlds -- so long as you make it home in time for cocktail hour!

Make it special for the two of them

If you’re throwing a joint BATCH party, it’s because you’re a very close-knit group of friends who want to celebrate two of your most favorite people in the world at the same time.

It’s possible this BATCH celebration is happening after a much smaller official wedding, given COVID-19 restrictions. Or maybe the couple has decided to postpone wedding planning until the future becomes more predictable. 

Regardless, be sure to make it feel special for the two of them. Come prepared with fun games to celebrate them. Orchestrate a surprise cocktail hour. Order a tent and strobe lights and play their favorite songs and then dance the night away. Tell them how happy you are for the love they’ve found -- maybe even go around the dinner table and have everyone make a little toast. 

Ultimately, this weekend is about celebrating friendship and love in a less formal, more carefree environment with your favorite people. Enjoy it and keep everyone safe!


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