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Top Bachelorette Party Boating Destinations for a Day on the Water

Things to Do
August 15, 2023

From the sunshine to the gentle breeze to the sound of water lapping on the side of the boat, there’s just something special about spending a day on the water. And there’s no shortage of exciting aquatic activities, whether you’re snorkeling in a tropical location, enjoying some high-paced water sports, or just slinging cocktails on a pontoon.

So why not plan your bestie’s bachelorette as an awesome aquatic adventure? We’ve got tons of ideas to help you along, and with the BATCH app, planning and booking the best bachelorette ever has never been so easy.

Miami, Florida

If we’re going to talk about water-based bachelorettes, we HAVE to talk about Miami. Known for its perfect weather year-round, diverse culture, and nonstop nightlife, it’s a total no-brainer for a celebratory weekend. Plus, not only does Miami have the whole d@mn ocean for you to explore, but it’s also rich with an extensive network of waterways, including Biscayne Bay, that all provide ample opportunities for boating and exploring (not to mention insanely gorgeous scenery). 

Miami also offers a bunch of different options for fun on the water to suit all tastes. For the sporty bride, opt for an afternoon of paddleboarding or deep-sea fishing. For the bougie bride, consider a party cruise on a luxury yacht. Wanna go boozy with it? Choose from any number of sandbar parties. And this is just a taste of what Miami has to offer, so go ahead and explore.

Explore Miami water activities

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Destin, Florida

Located in the Florida Panhandle, Destin is a picturesque city known for its stunning white beaches, emerald-green waters, and charming coastal atmosphere. Nestled on the Gulf of Mexico, the city is bursting with marinas, boat rentals, and charter services, so whether you prefer a floating tiki bar, a sunset cruise, or a glamorous sailing yacht, you’re sure to find something that will make the bride squeal with joy. 

Explore Destin water activities

Austin, Texas

Austin might not be on the ocean, but it has no shortage of options for a boating bachelorette! Lake Austin and Lake Travis are two local faves known for their beauty and their vibrant atmosphere, and both are stacked with fun activities from party barge rentals to stand-up paddleboarding to kayak tours to watersports and sooo much more.

Explore Austin water activities

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San Diego, California

OBVIOUSLY San Diego had to be on a list for premier bachelorette destinations! The weather is perfect every day, the coastlines are beautiful beyond belief, and the bride-to-be is all but guaranteed to have the time of her life. Choose from cruises around San Diego Bay, all-inclusive yacht excursions, whale-watching trips, or an afternoon in a sparkly pink boat. (Yeah, you read that right!) 

Explore San Diego Water activities

Tampa, Florida

Tampa has everything you need for a perfect BATCH, from a vibrant city life to beautiful beaches to—you guessed it—tons of fun ways to spend a day out on the water, whether you’re in the calm waters of the bay or adventuring in the Gulf of Mexico. Plus, chances are good you’ll have a dolphin sighting or two—they love to play in these waters too.

Explore Tampa water activities

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Charleston, South Carolina

It’s hard to beat the rich history, gorgeous architecture, and southern charm of Charleston … until you start talking about the *utterly awesome* options for a boating BATCH. With its stunning harbor, scenic waterways, and abundant marine life, Charleston offers an enchanting setting for your big bash. (Hellooo, photo opportunities!) Even better, from luxury harbor tours to private surfing lessons to dolphin-watching experiences, this city provides options for all kinds.

Explore Charleston water activities

Other boating destinations

Lake Tahoe, California/Nevada

Lake Tahoe is a large freshwater lake located in the Sierra Nevada mountains, spanning the border between California and Nevada. It is renowned for its crystal-clear blue waters, breathtaking mountain scenery, and year-round outdoor recreational opportunities. The lake is known for its exceptional beauty, attracting millions of visitors each year—and is a fabulous destination for your BATCH. From boat cruises to stand-up paddleboarding, Lake Tahoe offers something for everyone. And for the boozy bride, forget the bar crawl—and do a beach crawl instead! Just tie up your boat at different beaches throughout the day and enjoy swimming, sunbathing, and cocktailing at all the hottest stops.

The Hamptons, New York

When you really wanna go glam, you gotta go to the Hamptons! Known for upscale amenities and luxury living, this is *definitely* the place to take the trendsetting bride who enjoys the finer things in life. Consider a luxury yacht cruise or a sailboat excursion where you can take in the stunning coastal scenery, enjoy the lifestyle of the rich and famous and (if you’re lucky) maybe even make spot some rich and famous people while you’re at it.

Newport, Rhode Island

For the true maritime bride, check out Newport, Rhode Island as a BATCH destination. Known as the sailing capital of the world, this charming coastal city has a rich nautical history, to-die-for waterfront views, and oodles of options to get out on the water. Take a leisurely harbor cruise at sunset, charter a sailing excursion, or combine your water outing with some mansion tours and spend time exploring the elegant mansions that dot the coastline. There’s just really no way you can go wrong with Newport.

From yachts to kayaks, lake to oceans, there are countless opportunities to take your bestie’s BATCH out onto the water, plus sooo many fun ways to play up the nautical theme. Have a “nauty” party complete with crab cakes, fish tacos, and mermaid mojitos. Invent a “message in a bottle” game to share special memories with the bride-to-be. Wear striped bikinis, hand out gorgeous seashells as party favors, decorate with ropes and buoys. With aquatic parties, the sky is the limit and the great wide ocean is your inspo.

Tell us About your Boating Bash!

Have you done a boating bachelorette? Do you have ideas to share? We want to hear all about them! DM us on Insta @letsbatch Or, if you’re looking for help planning your party on the water, download The Batch app to today!

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