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17 Fun and Cheap Bachelorette Party Ideas

Things to Do
Planning and Budgeting
June 1, 2021

A successful BATCH weekend should be judged by the amount of time spent together — not by the amount of dollars spent 🤑. 

We can all benefit from a little fiscal responsibility. If you and the other bridesmaids are on a budget, there are plenty of ways to throw a memorable bachelorette weekend. Below, we share 17 bachelorette party ideas on a budget, helping you cut unnecessary costs across travel, food, booze, and fun activities for the whole group. 

Cheap Bachelorette Party Ideas 

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Ready for a wallet-friendly, epic girl's night out? Below, we explain how you can throw a budget-friendly bachelorette party to wrack up fun memories — not Venmo requests.

5 Simple Ways to Save on Travel 

The highest-ticket item at a BATCH party isn't your bar tab — it's your travel itinerary. Airline tickets, hotels, and Ubers can easily transform a fun girls weekend into a four-digit credit card bill. To spare yourselves from that queasy feeling when eyeing your next bank statement, consider the following options:

  1. Fly during the off-season: If the bride-to-be has her heart set on a top BATCH destination, be strategic and choose an off-peak month. Fly Vegas or Miami from May to September, or travel to Nashville from October to April to save hundreds per flight. Sign up for Scott's Cheap Flights to get alerts for heavily discounted airfare.
  2. Choose a location within driving distance: An SUV rental split eight ways is far more affordable than purchasing eight separate plane tickets. Research cool (and underrated!) towns within driving distance, and make a road trip on the weekend. Plus, we guarantee you'll spend less on food and drinks at a swanky town pub than at a resort in Miami.
  3. Choose Airbnb over hotels: Many times, you can save money by booking a house or large condo on Airbnb, rather than reserving multiple hotel rooms. Plus, having your own kitchen prevents you from having to dine out for every meal. 
  4. Arrange a staycation: How often do you get to take Friday off work, lounge by the pool, and enjoy time with your girls? There is no rule that says travel — of any distance — is required for a bachelorette party, so organize a staycation and give yourself permission to enjoy it. 
  5. Walk instead of Uber: Throw your heels in your purses, ladies — because walking throughout the weekend can easily save you some cash. Rather than arranging Uber XLs to drive you between every location, see if you can arrange fun activities within walking distance.

6 Ways to Save Money on Food and Drinks 

It only takes a few cringe-worthy brunch and dinner tabs to drive a serious hole in your wallet. If you're planning a budget-friendly bachelorette weekend, skip the expensive bottle service and try these ideas instead: 

  1. Throw a boozy brunch: Bottomless mimosas at a restaurant can easily run $15-$25 per person. Instead, buy your OJ and champagne from Trader Joe’s, and whip up some fun breakfast recipes for the entire group 🍳.
  2. Hit up happy hour: Happy hour always has the best booze deals. Make a list of two or three bars you want to hit during happy hour, then return home for a fun night of bachelorette party games, girl talk, and delivery food (rather than wracking up an enormous bar tab before 2 a.m.). 
  3. Make cooking an activity: Rather than dine out for every single meal, make cooking a meal together part of your weekend itinerary. Have one of your friends take the lead, acting as head chef for the weekend. 
  4. Organize a progressive dinner: Ordering, cooking, and feeding 8-15 party guests is a lot of work. Instead of putting one grand dinner on the shoulders of one person, organize a progressive dinner party for a staycation BATCH. Each member of the bridal party will create one course at their home — apps, cheese course, salads, main course, dessert, and cocktails afterward — and you'll travel to each location throughout the evening.
  5. Take a cooking class: Hire a chef to help you create a to-die-for dinner for the evening. Don't have any Michelin-rated chefs in your hometown? That’s fine! Book a private chef on the BATCH app instead.
  6. Drink before you go out: As a last-ditch effort, apply the old college rule: Drink before you go to the bars 🍹. That way, you can sip one $20 cocktail all night long while still maintaining a happy buzz.

7 Inexpensive Bachelorette Activities for a Fun Weekend

We love a destination bachelorette party to Vegas, but expensive covers, bottle service, and gambling add up, especially when you’re doing your best to keep spending on the DL. For an affordable and fun bachelorette party, consider these super unique activities instead:

  1. Plan an old-school sleepover: We're sorry, but nobody is **ever too old for a slumber party with their besties. Grab your favorite magazines, pack your cutest pair of PJs, blend some spiked milkshakes, roast marshmallows over your gas-range stove, and plan for a fun night with your crew.
  2. Visit a winery trip: Sure, a trip to Napa may be out of your price range, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy a trip to your local winery. Pack a few blankets and stock coolers and picnic baskets full of cheese, charcuterie, olives, and other fixings, then order several bottles for the group.
  3. Enjoy a hike: If you're planning a full bachelorette weekend, you may want to mix in different outdoor activities rather than resort to all-weekend day drinking. Make tasty coffee in the morning, pack a few snacks, then set off on a nature hike to get your bodies moving.
  4. Plan a scavenger hunt: You only have one weekend to explore the city, so make it worth it. Plan a big day full of exploration, print out cards of grownup scavenger clues, and see what your BATCH destination has to offer.
  5. Organize a spa day: Certain spa treatments can easily cost more than $250 per person. For a cheap bachelorette party idea, get group mani-pedis (roughly $40 each by comparison), then return to your hotel rooms to enjoy a DIY spa day of face masks, sipping champagne, and at-home body scrubs.
  6. Take an exercise class: Exercise, when done with a group of your best friends, can be a fun and healthy way to kick off a weekend. Call a local studio or DM one of your favorite instructors on Instagram, asking if they accept private classes. Enjoy yoga in the park, a HIIT class at the local track, or a bodyweight circuit in your own backyard.
  7. Host your own dance party: You don’t need to go to a nightclub to dance the night away with your squad! Create a fire playlist (or use one of ours), grab a quality speaker, maybe even some party lights, and enjoy the night dancing on living room tables.

Find more things to do for your bachelorette party!

Ready for the Best Bachelorette Party Weekend Ever?

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Here's our final tip for planning a bachelorette party on a budget: Split the cost. The hosts (whether it be the maid-of-honor or the bridesmaids) shouldn't have to shoulder the entire bill for the group. Think about it: Handling a $1,000 weekend on your own? No bueno. Splitting the tab ten ways? $100 each feels much more attainable.

To easily split costs with every guest, download the BATCH app to your hone. On the app, you can easily message guests, take polls to make planning decisions, and split the costs with other party goers. That way, the total cost per person is fair and equal between everyone.

Ready for a fun weekend without hurting your wallet? Browse our experiences and download the BATCH app to get planning.

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