Planning and Budgeting

How to Execute a Bachelorette Party Theme

Planning and Budgeting
October 2, 2023

Being a bridesmaid is a role to take seriously.  And making your BFF’s last bash as a single lady special is just one of the responsibilities. Exciting? Absolutely! Daunting? Perhaps. Selecting a theme that holds special significance for the bride-to-be further enhances the experience and makes it truly unforgettable. We've got you covered with a fail-safe guide on executing the ultimate bachelorette party theme.

Understanding the Bride-to-be

Before you dive into the party planning process, it’s important to understand the bride-to-be’s preferences. Each bride is unique, and tailoring a theme to her likings and interests will make the bachelorette party more enjoyable and memorable. Talk to the bride, her family, and fiancée about her likes, dislikes, hobbies, and interests. Knowing what makes her, her is the trick. 

Selecting the Bachelorette Party Theme

Themes are the secret sauce that elevates a bachelorette party from ordinary to extraordinary. They add an exciting touch and set the tone for the entire celebration! When it comes to choosing a perfect theme, there are essential factors to consider. First and foremost, the budget will play a significant role in determining the scope of activities and location. Consider whether you’re planning a lavish destination or a fun and budget-friendly staycation. Additionally, the number of attendees is also crucial, as some themes may work better with smaller or larger numbers. By weighing in all of these factors, you’ll be on your way to finding the ideal theme for the bride-to-be. Let’s explore some of our favorite and trending themes that are stealing the spotlight right now. 


  • PJs + Prosecco: Throwback to the old times at a slumber party. Nothing sounds sweeter than staying in, rocking your comfiest PJs, and popping open bottles of bubbly Prosecco. Play games, reminisce on memories, and raise a toast to the future ahead. 

Big group: 

  • Drunk in Love: A party-focused bachelorette party theme that involves lots of drinking, dancing, and celebrating the bride-to-be's love for her partner.

Destination Batch: 

  • Coastal Cowgirl: A beachy Western-themed bachelorette party that combines the best of both worlds, with cowboy boots, beach hats, and fun activities like horseback riding or surfing.

Outdoorsy Bride: 

  • Girls Gone Glamping: Explore your wild side. Take a trip to the great outdoors with a glamorous twist. Luxurious tents in a stunning location, where you and your besties can explore nature, hike breathtaking trails, gaze at the stars, and gather around a cozy campfire for unforgettable storytelling (and ice-cold drinks).

To get more inspo, check out our list of the “best bachelorette party themes” for unique and creative ideas. 

Planning and Organizing the Party

Being well-organized will help the process run smoothly. This is your detailed guide on creating a comprehensive to-do list and timeline. 

Choosing the perfect venue

One of the most crucial aspects of the party is choosing the perfect venue that aligns with the bride's preferences. Whether she dreams of a cozy and intimate gathering at a charming countryside retreat, or a lively and glamorous party bus in the heart of the city, finding a venue that suits her style is the key. 

Guest list & Invitations

Once the venue is secured, it is time to prepare that guest list. Crafting invitations that cleverly incorporate the chosen theme will get the girls excited for the event, and get them thinking about their looks.  For instance, if the batch party boasts a fun cowboy theme, incorporate some Wild West slang like “howdy” and playful clipart of cowboy boots or hats into the invitations. Similarly, sending out the invitations in a timely manner will allow the guests to RSVP and ensure that Airbnb can be booked well in advance and gain a headcount for the festivities. 

Spice up the decor 

To fully capitalize on the theme and create an immersive experience, extend the theme beyond just the invitations. Make sure to get your hands on decorations that will transform the venue into a celebratory venue. From banners to centerpieces, the right decorations will set the mood. 

Set a vibe 

No party is complete without a carefully curated playlist and keeps the energy high. Select the perfect mix of tunes that align with the theme and the bride’s favorite songs. 


Allow for an extra dose of excitement and consider booking themed activities that will keep everyone entertained. From at-home dinner parties to a brunch party bus, or a relaxing spa session, tailor the activities to the overall mood of the party. 

Food and Drink 

Of course, with all of the celebrations, people are going to get hungry. Themed food and drink choices are a fun way to enhance the theme. Is it a Mermaid party? There’s a good chance that seafood will make an appearance on the table. PJ’s and Procecco? You bet they’ll be a fridge pull of bubbly to pop!

Executing Themed Decorations

Let’s set the stage together! Each decorative element adds to the overall experience, and will be sure to leave a lasting impression on the bride and the guests. Below are some decoration ideas for the crafty girlies, or the ones who don’t want to worry about a thing– we cover it all. 

DIY Decorations 

For those crafty girls who love a hands-on approach and don’t mind getting a little messy, we have an array of DIY decorations for various themes. The DIY projects will not only add a unique touch but personalized touches of the bride can be incorporated into them!

1. Get creative with crafting paper flowers for a boho-inspired celebration. 

2. Design a customized photo opt with props for a glamorous Hollywood theme. 

3. Arrange mason jar centerpieces for a rustic-chic gathering 

4. Engage in a flower bouquet activity with the girls and use those for your centerpiece. 

Decorations and Decoration Help

If DIY isn't your thing, there are numerous places to find a range of themed decorations to suit the style and budget you’re hoping for. From bachelorette party decorations to stunning banners and more. 

1. Stag & Hen has everything you need to create a Pinterest-worthy bachelorette party pad. Stock up on pretty bachelorette party banners, balloons and garlands that guests (and the bride-to-be) will adore. Book though BATCH: All Bachelorette Party Decorations & Banners 

2. Websites like also offer some wonderful bachelorette decoration options. From cowboy hat disco ball cups, to personalized hangover cure bags. These decorations will take the party up a notch. 

Additionally, explore local party decorative services in each city on the BATCH app or website to find professional assistance in transforming your venue into a captivating themed wonderland: City's explore marketplace!

Planning Themed Activities and Games

Everyone knows that activities and games are the heart and soul of any bachelorette party. So, let’s discuss themed activities to create moments of laughter and camaraderie among the guests. Before choosing the appropriate games and activities consider the bride’s personality and choose activities that align with her comfort level!  

1. Wedding Vow Mad Libs: The classic Mad Libs game but with a twist! Create wedding vow mad libs where guests fill in the blanks to create hilarious and heartwarming vow renditions about the bride.

2. Spa & Sip: Combine relaxation and fun with a spa day followed by a wine or cocktail-tasting session. Add personalized touches and spa-themed favors for a memorable and cherished celebration. 

3. Sip and Strip: If we’re gonna talk about stripping games (and we are), you gotta start with a classic—strip poker! Or strip go fish, or strip monopoly, or any other game you have on hand and like to play. You could even make a video game a stripping game! Just set the ground rules and get ready to strip to whatever level you’re comfortable with.

4. Mixology Challenge: Time to bond and taste the goodness! Either solo or as a group, challenge your guests to create a signature mocktail or cocktail. Then, it’s time to taste, vote, and name the winning concoction. 

If you are looking for more innocent fun for your BATCH, check out our list of clean bachelorette party games! Orrrr if you are looking for spicier games, check out our list of dirty bachelorette party games!

Themed Food and Drinks

Wild West Batch 

Cowboy Caviar Appetizer: Serve Cowboy Caviar for a hearty appetizer before the bar. A flavorful and colorful mix of black beans, corn, diced tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, and avocado, marinated in a zesty vinaigrette. Serve it with tortilla chips for a delightful Tex-Mex twist 

Boyboy Hat Cups: Use cowboy hat disco ball cups on Etsy to serve drinks in. You’ll surely bring the Wild West theme to life. 

Coastal Cowgirl 

Seafood Delights: Serve an array of fresh seafood, such as shrimp cocktails, oysters on the half shell, or book a reservation at the nearby seafood restaurant. 

Coastal Cocktails: Offer beachy-inspired cocktails like a coconut rum daiquiri, or a refreshing blueberry mojito. 

Girls Gone Glamping

Gourmet S’mores: Create a DIY s’mores station using an array of the bride's favorite chocolates, marshmallows, and flavored graham crackers. 

Campfire Cocktails: Mix up some spiked hot cocoa or apple cider to enjoy around the cozy campfire. 

Themed Outfits and Accessories

Dressing the part is almost as important in the theme. Themed outfits and accessories will set the tone. For the wild western cowgirls, think fringed suede vests, denim skirts, cowboy hats and boots. If the theme is coastal beach babes, embrace a breezy maxi dress, beachy sandals, and don’t forget those oversized sandals. For the glamorous glamping divas, channel boho-chic vibes with a jumpsuit, stylish sandals, and comfort for the glamping adventures. Speaking of comfort, no matter the theme, it is essential to find a balance between adherence and comfort. Consider factors like weather, venue, activities planned for the party. Suggestions that you can offer guests will help them find that perfect balance. 

Party Day Execution

The long-awaited party day finally arrives and you want to make sure that everything runs smoothly. This checklist will help you along the way to celebrating the big party. 

1. Confirm the venue details, contact vendors, and reconfirm the guest list and RSVP. 

2. Arrive early at the venue to set up decorations, making sure everything is in place and centered around the bride. Get a little extra help setting up by designating specific tasks to trusted friends or bridesmaids. It’s even okay to ask for help during the party. 

3. Plans may change due to unexpected circumstances or situations. Having contingency plans in place will save the day. Whether that is sightseeing, having backup transportation options, or indoor activities if weather changes. 

4. Keep a close eye on the bride and make sure she is comfortable and enjoying herself. Offering occasional breaks and moments to relax will make sure she knows she is the priority. 

Planning a bachelorette party with a theme is an exciting adventure that will create long-lasting memories. From choosing the perfect venue and crafting themed invitations to decorating the party space and planning exciting activities, every detail contributes to the overall experience. Utilizing the BATCH app can make the process seamless and stress-free, allowing you to focus on creating an extraordinary event for the bride-to-be. Cheers to partying in style!

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