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8 Unique Bachelorette Party Favor Ideas Your Guests Will Love

Must Haves
Trends & Inspo
August 8, 2023

Party favors might seem like a small thing—a fun trinket, a novelty item, an ornamental bauble. And while some favors may indeed be small in size, these little extra details can actually pack a huge punch in terms of throwing the Best Bachelorette Party Ever (or BBPE).

Why do we love party favors so much? They’re a fun and creative way to pull your BATCH theme together. They’re good conversation starters, especially if you have a couple groups of girls coming together for the first time. They are *so fun* for photo ops. It’s a way of saying thank-you to your guests for helping throw the BBPE. And, of course, a quality party favor doubles as a valued keepsake you and your posse can use and enjoy for years to come. 

But that all depends on making sure you have the best party favors in all of human history—which is easy enough, considering we’ve rounded them all up for you right here.

Personalized mini champagne bottles

Mini champagne bottles are, first of all, extremely adorable. Second—and perhaps most importantly—they contain champagne. Third, small businesses like this one and this one make it easy to buy custom labels you can add to the bottle yourself. Just choose a label you like, provide a few details (like the bride’s name and the bottle size), and voila! You’ve got a beautiful (and boozy) gift for the girlies. 

Bride-to-be not so into bubbly? You could also do bottles of whiskey, tequila, wine, or anything else that suits the theme.

custom bachelorette mini champagne bottles

Monogrammed beach towels

The boating bachelorette is HUGE right now, which means personalized beach towels are basically a must. And the options are legit so expansive the only trouble you’ll have is choosing whether to stick with something super classy, do some mixing and matching, or go hardcore vibey. Plus, this is a gift they’re sure to use again and again. We love.

Customized tote bags

If you’re a human being who lives on the planet Earth right now, chances are like 100000% that you own at least one tote bag. At least. Point being, everyone uses them, everyone loves them, and everyone can always use another one. Especially when they’re customized and as freaking adorable as these boho totes or these personalized straw handbags or these jelly beach bags.

custom bachelorette party tote bags with party favors in them

Bonus: totes can be dressed up even more when you stuff them with even more cute favors! Think little bottles of sunscreen, lip balm, sunglasses, bandanas, snacks, drink mixes—the options are literally endless.

DIY Spa Kits

Look. Everyone loves a little pampering now and then. (Or, if you’re like us, a lot of pampering all the time.) Treating your guests to some much-deserved self-care is the perfect way to wrap up any BBPE, and it’s easy to do it the DIY way by curating a spa kit with indulgent goodies like:

  • Bath bombs
  • Body butter
  • Exfoliating gloves
  • Candles
  • Lip balm or a lip mask
  • Face masks
  • Jade rollers
  • Sleep masks
  • A headband or a scrunchie

There’s basically no limit to how many fun treats you could pile into your spa kit. And if you’re crunched for time, you can find a business that will sell you all the items you need to put together the perfect pamper kit.

Custom bachelorette party T-shirts

A bachelorette T-shirt is a classic—and for good reason. They’re cute, fun to wear, and announce to everyone that you’re a bada$$ babe who knows how to *party.* And hi, how about the group photos in matching tees? Priceless! We love these bachelorette t-shirts for their fun designs and array of options, but your imagination is the only limit here. 

Fanny packs

Fanny packs made their comeback a while ago, but we’re still not done being totally thrilled about it. And that’s why we love it as an option for a party favor. You can stuff them full of more little gifts. They’re super convenient for making sure you don’t lose anything important while you’re *ahem* under the influence. And—you guessed it—you can customize them any which way you like! You can go with classic options like this or this where you get to choose the color and font. Or you can go goofy with it and get even more personal.

multicolored initial fanny packs custom for bachelorette party

Mini cocktail kits

When it comes to party favors, mini cocktail kits are a huge win. Just combine a cocktail shaker, a jigger, a recipe card, and the ingredients for the drink, stir to combine, and you’ve got yourself a tremendously tasty party favor! Customize it for each person by giving them their fave beverage, or go with one of the bride’s personal favorites. You can also buy premade kits to make it even easier on yourself, like these peach bellini and margarita kits.

Hangover kits

Where’s a bachelorette party, there’s likely to be a hangover or three. But when it’s the BBPE, there will also be hangover kits to make sure everyone can bounce back speedily. After all, there’s more drinking to do, right?

The best hangover kits will include things like:

  • liquid iv
  • pain relief meds: tylenol/ibuprofen
  • gas relief meds
  • mints
  • makeup wipes
  • bandaids
  • hair ties
  • hand sanitizer

You can easily grab all these lifesaving items with a quick trip to your local drugstore and then pack them into a cute lil carrier, like this mini suitcase or this holo bag. Or get all the goods at a one-stop shop that can customize the kits, like these bottles or these cute makeup bags. Pro tip: Hangover kits are also a great idea for the day after the wedding.

A thoughtful, quality party favor is truly a beautiful way to honor and commemorate the time spent together celebrating the bride and her upcoming big day. They’re fun to make, fun to use, and since you’re planning the BBPE, they’ll serve as keepsakes everyone will cherish long into the future. 

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