Planning and Budgeting

Things to do Right Before the Bachelorette Party Weekend

Planning and Budgeting
September 6, 2023

The bachelorette date draws near, and the anticipation and excitement in the air is increasing… Or is that just nerves creeping in? Worry not, as a bridesmaid or party planner, you’ve got this under control. From double-checking the itinerary to coordinating with the attendees, finalizing party supplies, confirming reservations, and even preparing an emergency kit. We’ve thought of it all so you can take a deep breath and dive into the celebration without a worry. 

Double-Check the Itinerary

Before the celebration kicks-off, it is important to review the planned itinerary. Take a moment to go over the schedule of activities and confirm any last-minute changes or additions. And make sure everyone in the party is aware of the plan – A well-informed group is more likely to stay organized and enjoy the full experience! 

A. Review the schedule of activities and reservations 

As the bachelorette party date quickly comes, it’s time to take a look through the scheduled activities and reservations. Take a moment to go over each detail to ensure that nothing has been overlooked or that you didn't overbook. Verify the timing, location, and special requirements needed, like a ride to a certain venue. 

B. Confirm any last-minute changes or additions 

Last-minute changes or additions can be a pain, but flexibility is crucial when planning an event, and last-minute changes or additions are not uncommon. As the date creeps up, reach out to your reservations booked for the celebration to confirm that everything is on track. If any alterations need to be made, stay in touch with the bride to understand her preferences and make adjustments where necessary. Being proactive will be your best friend. 

C. Ensure everyone in the party is aware of the plan

Communication is key when it comes to planning any successful event, and a bachelorette party is no exception. Before the festivities commence, reach out to all the attendees with a chain email or text group chat to confirm they are coming. A friendly reminder will go a long way, you can also provide any necessary additional information in this message! 

Finalize Party Supplies 

A. Purchase any remaining party supplies or decorations 

Take a moment to review the supplies and decorations purchased. Make sure you have all the fun and fabulous decorations, party favors, or themed accessories – if you need to fill any gaps, head to the store or shop online. 

B. Organize and pack the supplies for easy access 

Just like communication, organization is another key factor when it comes to planning a batch party. Arrange the decorations and thoughtfully pack them in a way that makes it easy to access during the fast paced celebrations. An easy way to keep decorations neat and organized is to pack separate kits for each venue or night – this will save time and effort later. 

C. Double-check for the essentials

Although it’s not the fun stuff, it is the necessary stuff. Before you get all caught up in the excitement of the bachelorette party, take a moment to check if there is a supply of plates, cups, napkins, and utensils available. Running out of basic supplies midway through the celebration can be a nightmare. So stock up!

Confirm Reservations and Bookings 

A. Contact the venues or service providers to reconfirm reservations 

Start by reaching out to the venues with a friendly phone call or email. Confirming the reservation will give you peace of mind. Additionally, confirm any special request or arrangements needed to make the party extra special. Next, check the date and time of each reservation to make sure there are no overlapping reservations. 

B. Provide any necessary updates or changes to the arrangements 

Life is full of surprises, and sometimes plans need adjustments. If any changes need to be made, whether it’s an updated headcount for the restaurant, a slight change in the schedule, or any other modifications, inform the venues or service providers to make sure that everyone is on the same page and no bumps in the road will occur. 

Prepare an Emergency Kit 

As a responsible party planner once said, safety first, party later. Okay, maybe they didn't but you should! Being prepared for an emergency is one of the important steps when planning a party. Which is why it is time to put together an emergency kit. Include essential items for various party-related accidents. From blisters from dancing to hard to headache handovers from last night's festivities. 

What to include? — Pack some trusty band-aids to tackle those blisters from dancing the night away, a stash of pain relievers because you know why, some liquidIV, and tissues in case of spills. Pack the kit in an easy-to-carry bag that can be thrown into your purse so it is easily accessible. 

Delegate Responsibilities 

Bridesmaids are the girls behind the scene to create the successful BATCH. Looking to divvy up the tasks and responsibilities to get a little extra help? Here's how: 

A. Assign Responsibilities to Trusted Members of the Party 

Assigning specific tasks to each bridesmaid or member of the batch celebration will not only make the planning process more efficient but also make everyone feel a part of the team. Some tasks may include: 

  • Research and book activities: This might include party buses, boat parties, spa treatments, wine tastings, dance classes, or any other activities that the bride and her friends would enjoy. Explore all bookable BATCH activities!
  • Coordinating transportation: Depending on the location, this could involve booking a limousine, renting a shuttle, or coordinating a carpool.
  • Preparing party favors: This could involve putting together gift bags with small items like personalized candles, chocolates, or other trinkets.

B. Delegate Duties 

Behind every successful team, there’s a shining lineup. Each person has their strengths and interests, delegate the duties accordingly to make a celebration like no other. 

  • Music DJ: Someone who knows how to set the tone and get the party started can be in charge of creating playlists. Maybe you’ll have a playlist for the pregame, dinner, or party bus. 
  • Photographer: If one of the bridesmaids is really into photography, put her in charge to capture those picture-perfect moments throughout the batch celebrations. 
  • Logistics Guru: Someone who will handle the nitty gritty details and ensure the party runs like clockwork. From the transportation to timing. 

For more information on bridesmaid duties, check out

Plan Transportation 

Once activities are booked, determine the transportation requirements. From rideshare services for a small group, limousines, or party buses. 

  • Small group: Options like rideshare services, Ubers, or Lifts are great options to get your crew from point A to point B. Now you can even plan rides in advance on most of the apps. So there is no need to worry about wait time. 
  • Medium/Big Groups: For a touch of glamor, choose a limousine or party bus option. This is a perfect choice for larger groups with their entertainment features and spacious interior. 

To ensure a smooth ride, make sure that everyone knows the pickup and drop-off, including meeting points, timings and any other specific instructions. 

Double-Check Outfits and Accessories 

Let’s make sure that everyone is dressed to impress! Double-checking outfits and accessories to make sure that they go with the vibe and theme. Coordinate fun themes with the bride and attendees to finalize outfit choices and ensure everyone is on the same page to create a camera-ready squad. 

A. Confirm everyone has appropriate attire for the planned activities: 

As people begin to pack for the series of activities, it is important to remind everyone of the different activities so that they pack appropriate attire. From a chic cocktail dress for a fancy dinner to comfortable activewear for a day of outdoor adventures, we want everyone to feel comfortable and confident throughout the celebrations.

B. Ensure any accessories or props are ready to go: 

Accessories are the cherry on top when putting together a perfect outfit. Get your dazzling earrings out, and for any themed activities, make sure those props are ready to go - because who doesn't love a good photo opt? 

Relax and Enjoy

The stage is set and the plans are in motion. Now it’s time to relax and enjoy the special bachelorette celebration. Celebrate the bride-to-be's coming years as a married woman. It's the start of a new chapter filled with love, laughter, and maybe a few embarrassing but hilarious moments!


The final countdown is on, and the bachelorette party is about to begin!  Double-check the itinerary, confirm reservations, and coordinate with the squad on fabulous fits. Now, it’s time to relax and have a blast celebrating the bride-to-be’s coming years as a married woman. 


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Bachelorette party planning made easy.
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