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Taylor Swift Themed Bachelorette Party

Trends & Inspo
Planning and Budgeting
October 2, 2023

You don’t have to have tickets to The Eras Tour to celebrate the musical goddess that is Taylor Swift summer 2023. Although if you were able to snag a few, go you. For the bride who has dreamt of her fairytale wedding ever since the very first time she heard Love Story or won’t pass up a chance to crank up Cruel Summer and sing along in the car with her besties, we’re here to help you take your obsession to the next level. 

Follow along in our full-fledged Taylor Swift bachelorette party guide to ensure that you and your fellow Swifties will be dancing like you’re 22 all weekend long.

Set the Date and Guest List

We guarantee that all your bride’s besties are going to have major FOMO if they can’t make it to this Taylor dedicated bachelorette celebration, so make sure to set a date that works for everyone. Have a few friends who, for some crazy reason, don’t listen to Taylor? Invite them anyway. They’re bound to be fans by the end of the bash, we promise. 

Dont't forget to send the invitations! The Batch Plan has a "She Found Her Lover" digital download bundle to help with that!

Venue and Decorations

Let’s face it, you can bring Taylor and her music anywhere. But we recommend a music venue, karaoke bar, a private room with a stage included, or setting up your Airbnb like an award show for this music-filled fiesta.

Decorations are Taylor-centric of course. Consider making signs that have Taylor’s most famous lyrics on them (“Baby just say yes” or “You’re my lover”). These would be SO CUTE to use for photo ops, too!

Turn up the glam with a 'Red Lip Bar' where guests can choose from an array of red lipstick shades to perfect their pout. Elevate your party space with wall hangings or posters featuring Taylor's iconic album covers. For a nostalgic nod to Taylor's 'Speak Now' and 'Fearless' eras, adorn your tables with centerpieces that combine glitters and guitar elements. And to cap off your decor, dangle golden stars from the ceiling, echoing the shimmering allure of Taylor's legendary starry dress

Swiftie Activities and Games

Karaoke is a MUST, but the options are basically endless. Get competitive with “name that tune” or write some trivia questions to see who amongst your friends is the ultimate Swiftie. Whoever loses has to drink, and do their homework, obviously. Can't forget bracelet making!

Food and Drinks

Channel your inner mixologist and whip up a Lavender Haze Martini or a Bad Bloody Mary for your girls. Craft a cocktail named "Teardrops on My Guitar", a delightful blue tequila-based concoction. Pair this with some "Red" wine, reflecting the mood of her "Red" album. You’ll have a blast crafting these cocktails and your guests will admire your creativity! 

Of course, you’ll need food to go along with your Taylor-centric cocktails, so grab some pastel frosting for Lover-era cupcakes. You can even get a lyric written on your bachelorette’s cake — just make sure it’s all about love. This shouldn’t be a problem though. After all, it IS Taylor Swift.

On the snack front, serve star-shaped cookies, cupcakes emblazoned with the number '13' (Taylor's favorite number), and snake-shaped candies tipping a hat to her "Reputation" phase.

Tswift Party Favors and Gifts

Okay, so concert tickets may have been a no-go, but you can still ensure that your guests never forget the best BATCH party ever with Taylor Swift party favors. Start with these fun "Bride To Be" bedazzeled heart sunglasses

Create custom t-shirts commemorating your bride and her love for Taylor, or throw it WAY back by sending your bride off with some Wonderstruck perfume for her wedding day. CDs are a great and cost-friendly option for party favors, and they make great room decor!

For memories that last, set up a photo booth with props inspired by her music videos. Instantly print these photos and let your guests take home Polaroid keepsakes.

What to Wear for you Taylor Swift Bachelorette Party

Tell everyone to come dressed according to a different Taylor era. You’ll be amazed at how into it your guests are! Sentimental for Fearless era Taylor? Get that hair curled, find your sparkliest dress, and pick up some cowboy boots at your local thrift store.

Love Reputation’s gothic vibes? Put on some bold lipstick and search the web for the coolest dark sequined jumpsuit. If you want your bride to stand out, give her her very own era to dress as. Something resembling Taylor’s Speak Now album cover ball gown would be perfect for your guest of honor, but leave this up for her to decide. 

Here are other Taylor Inspired Bachelorette Party Themes:

Lover in Lace Party:

Feel the romance in the air with a pastel-hued bash inspired by Taylor's song "Lover". Dive into a setting of dreamy lace, heart-shaped confetti, and whimsical decor. For the bride squad – think vintage dresses in soft colors, ballroom dancing lessons, and a fun corner to pen down your very own love story.

Enchanted Garden Soiree:

Ready for a night that makes you say, "This night is flawless"? Create an evening surrounded by fairy lights, delicate florals, and midnight-blue and silver accents. Imagine an evening outdoors, with enchanting waltz music, and let's not forget firefly jar centerpieces that truly light up the night.

Blank Space Masquerade:

Drama, elegance, and a hint of mischief - sounds fun, right? Think luxurious mansions, elegant masks, and a black and white aesthetic sprinkled with hints of bold red. And, if your guest list has some unpredictable ex-lovers, just remember: "Boys only want love if it's torture".

Wildest Dreams Safari:

A journey that's straight out of an old movie! Vintage safari meets Hollywood glamour, with khaki color palettes, wild animal motifs, and perhaps a Jeep for those adventurous photo ops.

Folklore Forest Retreat:

For the brides who've dreamt of escaping into the woods with their closest friends, this is it. Envision a cabin setting, lanterns lighting up the night, forest aesthetics, and stories being told by a campfire. Let your squad wear cozy clothes, enjoy indie tunes, and share s'mores while reminiscing old tales.

We know that any true Swiftie will want to put her own little spin on a party with this awesome of a theme, so don’t be afraid to customize everything to fit your bride’s needs! And a rule of thumb: Maybe just avoid pressing play on the T Swift breakup songs (no matter how good they may be).

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